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  1. AndZyk

    Just a guess, because I have no virtual machine available, but maybe it has to do with the before the actual image. This and the div without classes before seem to have no use or am I missing something? I think you could remove them and see if this helps. Edit: It seems to be an issue with flex box.
  2. AndZyk

    Hello @justb3a, first of thank you for this and your other modules. I wanted to ask if it is possible for subscribers to let them change their preferences after the initial subscription? In my use-case I want to build a website, where subscribers can choose different newsletter channels via checkboxes (page field) on the initial subscription. This part is working fine, but after the subscription it is only possible for subscribers to change their preferences, if they unsubscribe and then re-subscribe. Could I provide a link with the ID or token and maybe a timestamp in the subscription email to a custom front-end form, where they can change and save their settings? It should be a verified and save address, so that no other user could guess the url and change settings of other users. I would be happy about some inspiration. Regards, Andreas
  3. AndZyk

    Hello @wbmnfktr, maybe I will give Structured Data another chance. I haven't tried anymore than I wrote in my initial post. You seem to be really experienced with Structured Data. If you have some examples or code snippets you would like to share, I think many people would appreciate it. Regards, Andreas
  4. AndZyk

    Hello @MarcoPLY, I am glad this post helped you. JSON-LD is the recommended format for structured data. JSON-LD is JSON for Linked Data. Adding structured data with JSON-LD inside <body> is still valid, but usually it is placed inside <head> for better separation. Most of search engine specific code goes inside <head>. You could try the jsonld.js preprocessor, but I think it would be easier just to use PHP, since that is the easiest way to get data from ProcessWire. As far as I know is Google Tag Manager a different tool. Google Tag Manager is great for example online shops, where you want to track the customer experience. It seems to be an analytics tool for internal analytics, but has probably no effect on search results. But I have never used Google tag manager, just watched a few videos, so I could be wrong. Hello @dragan, Breadrcumbs has worked for me, although it is not very useful on websites with only one parent-page. Searchbox, Organization and Article hasn't worked for me. I don't think they will neglect structured data, but the support seems to be lacking. On Google I/O 2017 for example they announced upgrades to the Structured Data Testing Tool, but the upgrade doesn't seem to be available yet. In my opinion I am not that convinced of structured data compared to the time I have wrote this post. The extra effort is not that time consuming, but the results are a little bit disappointing. So I can totally understand if you don't want to bother with it. Regards, Andreas
  5. AndZyk

    In our use case we needed to import thousands of CSV entries automatically per cronjob. So we ended up with a little shell script using the CSV package by the League of Extraordinary Packages and custom logic to import the CSV entries as pages. This wasn't that difficult thanks to the Composer integration of ProcessWire. Regards, Andreas
  6. AndZyk

    That one bothers me also always and would be such a easy thing to solve. Disabling source maps in the developer tools is also no option for me, because I use source maps in my projects.
  7. AndZyk

    Hello, this module is great and I was wondering: Is it possible to use this module inside a template via API functions? Is it possible to set a cron job to automate the import? Or would you recommend for this job to install an package via composer and to write your own logic? I am looking forward for your suggestions. Regards, Andreas
  8. AndZyk

    Flickity is my favorite slider at the moment, but if you use a framework like UIkit, there usually is slideshow component.
  9. AndZyk

    You are a mind reader. Now the error is gone, thank you.
  10. AndZyk

    Maybe it has been asked before, but when I have TracyDebugger disabled I get this error in the console of my developer tools: Could this be avoided by a try-catch block? It is not too important, but it would be great to not have this error. And I cannot mention enough how great your module is. It helped me a lot of times.
  11. AndZyk

    As mentioned in the documentation of Slick, you need to add your scripts (jQuery and Slick) at the end of your closing body tag: Right now you add your scripts before. Usually it shouldn't matter, but it seems to be in this case.
  12. Hello @suntrop, have you considered using the fieldtype Map Marker for storing your coordinates? Maybe you already have your reasons why you choose the ProField Textareas. I am just curious. This fieldtype would be a better fit for your need. Also in case you have an active license, you could ask in the dedicated ProFields Textareas thread this question. As far as I know, language packs don't change any output on the front-end. Regards, Andreas
  13. AndZyk

    Hello @ROLAND_JUNO As mentioned, just put your Google Analytics Tracking-Code before the closing </head> inside your template files. Depending on your template strategy it could be either in an include or a _main.php, so you don't have to put it in every template file. Regards, Andreas
  14. AndZyk

    Just my opinion, but I don't quite understand whats the benefit to get rid of one dependency to immediately replace it with another dependency. I have no experience with VueJS or Angular yet, but as far as I can see, you would be completely dependent on one of those frameworks. In this case I'm maybe a little bit old school, but I like jQuery and also don't understand, why everybody wants to get rid of it as fast as possible. Also the comparison of ProcessWires API with jQuery was on of the first things, that got me interested. Luckily it is not our decision to decide.
  15. AndZyk

    Hello @mike62, I haven't used Slick yet, but on the website it says: You are using jQuery 1.2.6. So maybe you should try an newer version of jQuery, because 1.2.6 is really old. Regards, Andreas