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  1. Hello @buster808, you seem to have empty links inside your slider without any purpose. Maybe you should remove them. In my opinion it is good, that the slider doesn't have a adaptive height. Because then the slider navigation and content flow would be disrupted on every slider change. You could always choose a different component for your quotes than a slider on mobile. Just create two components with the same content and hide/show them on different viewports with the visibility component. And don't worry about search engines, because this is not considered duplicate content as far as I know. Regards, Andreas
  2. I meant the browser based Visual Studio Online, mentioned at the end of the article, that will be coming in the future. Although it might be not be for you, that was the real news.
  3. Microsoft announced Visual Studio Online: https://devblogs.microsoft.com/visualstudio/intelligent-productivity-and-collaboration-from-anywhere/ @bernhard Could be what you are looking for.
  4. Just wanted to add, that using one highly compressed WebP image as source image also would be bad for using responsive images, which is highly recommended to use, because of all those different devices with different screen resolutions. For responsive images you need generated variations of a uncompressed source image.
  5. Thank you @Noboru, I will try this out. I am wondering: Can you even open WebP files in apps other than browsers without having the codec installed? As far as I know you cannot simply open a .webp file. After all it is meant for browers. But I haven't tried it much. In my opinion I would not serve WebP content in a .jpg or .png file. I would serve only WebP in a .webp file for browsers that support it.
  6. IMagick Image Sizer has priority 1. I think that is the default value.
  7. Thank you, I have downloaded your new commit and now I don't get an error anymore. Unfortunately it seems, that the GD library and Imagick by MAMP doesn't support WebP yet. I found an tutorial how to recompile PHP for MAMP with WebP, but I rather wait for an update. I noticed that the forceEngine option doesn't change the engine for me. I first had to uninstall the core module IMagick Image Sizer, so that the GD library would be used. Could that be a bug or have I done something wrong? It seems, that for now I will have to wait for more WebP support by MAMP and my hoster. But at least ProcessWire will be ready.
  8. Thank you for the hint, that seems to be it. Here is a screenshot of my local ImageMagick installed with Homebrew on MacOS: But even when I uninstall the core module IMagick Image Sizer, I cannot create a WebP image with ImageSizerEngineGD. Our hoster doesn't seem to support WebP either unfortunately. Not so easy to use WepP at the moment.
  9. Hello @horst, thank you for your efforts to bring WebP to ProcessWire. I can't wait till it is implemented in the core and want to try it out, but have some problems getting it to work. I hope you can help me: I have downloaded your modified ProcessWire from your pull request and replaced the wire folder with your wire folder, because I don't want to mess up the Git development branch of my project. Maybe I don't understand the concept of pull requests right. Following files have changed: wire/config.php wire/core/ImageSizerEngine.php wire/core/ImageSizerEngineGD.php wire/core/Pageimage.php wire/modules/Image/ImageSizerEngineIMagick/ImageSizerEngineIMagick.module Now if I have understood correctly, I should be able to generate a WebP of an image with: <?php $options = [ "webpAdd" => true, "webpQuality"=> 90 ]; page()->image->size(800, 600, $options); Now I get the error: Am I missing something or has it to do with my local MAMP? Regards, Andreas
  10. It is fine, because my year of support is expired and I should renew my license. But unless ProDrafts will be developed further, I don't want renew it right now.
  11. Sorry for hijacking this topic, but I don't have access to the ProDrafts VIP support board at the moment: It seems that the automatic save (normal) doesn't play well with image fields inside a Repeater Matrix. The images get lost on upload. For now I have excluded the image fields inside the Repeater Matrix from automatic save (normal). Automatic save (relaxed) seems to work. Regards, Andreas
  12. Thank you for your answers @BitPoet and @7Studio. I was using the core module System Notifications for a long time and didn't knew, that this feature came from this module. I stopped using it, because it didn't look nice with AdminThemeUIkit (the badge) and AdminThemeUIkit offers grouped notifications. I have tried the Page Edit Soft Lock module and this one looks good.
  13. Hello, this maybe a simple question, but it bothers me for a while now: There used to be a warning, if two or more user try to edit the same page. But ever since AdminThemeUIkit I haven't seen it any more. Is this a bug or are there special circumstances under which the warning will be displayed? If I am logged-in in the same browser with one default and one privat window, I don't see this warning. But also different browsers on different machines in the same network don't see this warning. I was looking for the blog post on which this feature was announced, but couldn't find it anymore. We had the case, that two people were writing a text for the same page, but after person A saved the page first, the text of the person B was lost. I know we could have used ProDrafts for this case, but it shouldn't happen in the first place. I would appreciate some feedback. Regards, Andreas
  14. Hello @Tom., do you use the core module IMagick Image Sizer and have you disabled sharpening in the module settings? I usually disable it. Maybe that could be the reason. Regards, Andreas
  15. Hello @kkalgidim, if you already use jQuery, I also can recommend jQuery Typeahead by Running Coder. I wrote a tutorial for a autocomplete search function with this plugin: It is basically the same like the code by @dragan, with a little more information. Of course you could use any typeahead plugin or service you want and build a nice search function with ProcesWire. All you have to do is prepare the search results in the required format of the plugin or service, f.e. JSON. Regards, Andreas
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