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  1. Of course you are right. I should have looked closer at your code.
  2. Thanks @abdus and @adrian, I was able to grab the clear password with the Password:setPass hook and saved it into a session variable to pass it between my module functions. Of course I clear the session variable afterwards.
  3. Hello, can somebody tell me, if it is possible to get the clear password of an InputfieldPassword inside a module, before it is encrypted? I have made a custom module which sets the password of an Auth0User after the hook publishReady with a random generated password. When I try to get a clear password from a InputfieldPassword in this hook, it is of course already encrypted (which is of course good). But is there a hook before the encryption, so I could get it one time to send it to Auth0? If there is not such thing, could be another possibility to add a jQuery script to get the value directly from the DOM and save it somewhere temporarily? I know this might be an unusual question, but I would appreciate any feedback. Regards, Andreas
  4. That is the expected behavior of the session API variable. It would be best not to use the user variable, because it is a reserved variable. Better would be to just name it something like for example $name. If you get the post value of the input field by the same name after submitting the form, the value should only be outputted for only one page load.
  5. Sorry if I may disappoint you, but by syncing with Sequel Pro I just meant: Export the local database and import it on the remote server. Nothing intelligent and of course it doesn't work on live sites where users made changes in the meantime. In that case I think the core import/export module would be the best option, but I haven't used it really yet.
  6. I also would recommend to develop locally. I would go crazy if I had to wait a few seconds after every change. My deploying workflow is currently: Track all files inside site/templates with Git and push/pull them on the remote server via SSH. Sync all files inside site/modules and site/assets/files via Sublime SFTP or Transmit. Sync the database with Sequel Pro. But maybe some time I will try something fancy like a automated shell script.
  7. @Peter Knight Personally I prefer CodeKit, but I would recommend you to use npm to compile the files of UIkit used inside the AdminThemeUIkit as described in the README. This is the recommended way to compile UIkit. As @fbg13 mentioned I also added my stylings in the pw.less. It is really easy to override the variables of UIkit to make it look unique.
  8. Hello @louisstephens, first of all great that you are giving UIkit a chance. I am coming from Bootstrap as well but UIkit is now my favorite framework so far. Here are a few points you mixed up: If you only have one item in a container you don't need a grid and instead can just use the uk-width-* classes. The class uk-grid-match is used for cards and makes your image stretched. Also it is not necessary if you only have one item. You should remove it. If you have a grid you should either define uk-child-width-* classes or assign uk-width-* classes to the items. Doing both is not very clean. If you care about validation, you should use data-uk-grid instead of uk-grid. Without the data attribute you get an error in the validation. Considering your logo: Even resized it will be very small on mobile devices. You should either think about a more compact logo or work with the picture element to show optimized versions. Regards, Andreas
  9. Ok, I understand now what you mean.
  10. It is completly optional. Only if you want to take advantage of the full screen including the corners, you can use the tweaks mentioned in the post.
  11. Here is an official post about designing websites for iPhone X. It should be mentioned, that this is optional.
  12. I never tried GitLab and am not a heavy Git user, collaborative wise. But just wanted to mention, that if you need a private repository for free, there is also Bitbucket. I am using it for my private project and can't complain.
  13. Hello @bernhard, it seems like there is a global limit for attachments of 50 MB per user. You can see your space under Profile => My Attachments. For example I have currently 40 MB left. Maybe the limit could be set higher by @Pete or maybe it is the default of IP.board. I am not sure. Regards, Andreas
  14. Those guidlines are for app developers. As a web developer I don't think this screen will be an issue. But I haven't seen yet a good screenshot of f.e. Safari on the new iPhone X.
  15. Hello @SoccerGuy3, have you added a second language under "Setup => Languages" or have you just installed the language pack in the default language? You need to create a second language to use multilanguage. Regards, Andreas