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  1. @Christophe Thank you for your solution, it works well. Just a small typo:
  2. Really beautiful sites. Congratulations.
  3. Glad you found the solution, but you are right that it is a little bit confusing. Honestly I have never read the description and always install all languages modules when I am planing to translate a website.
  4. Sorry, please forget the last post. According to the video this is not necessary. I only used language alternate fields so far in combination with translated pages via PageTitleLanguage. I would recommend you to do the same, but in your case it maybe something else. Are you using AdminOnSteroids? I noticed in your screenshot you have the page pathe displayed under the label.
  5. You have at least to change your PageTitle field into PageTitleLanguage or else you are not able to translate your pages. The PageTitleLanguage is necessary for the title and name translation of your pages.
  6. I mean the labels of the languages under Setup => Languages. Those will be displayed under the field label. I have just tested it quick with PW 3.0.63 and AdminThemeUIkit and its working fine. But the version or AdminTheme should not matter.
  7. Hello @szabesz, have you translated the titles of your two languages in both languages? That is the only reason I could think of. Nevermind, you have at least the title for the default language. So this one should at least be displayed. Regards, Andreas
  8. Ok, so I have this issue only in Safari (10.1.11) so far. I guess it is related to this: .eco_hover_effect img { min-height: 100%; } In general, you should also give your images an width and height attribute. Also I wouldn't give all images an width of 100% (I don't think this rule is from Bootstrap).
  9. Ah ok, I can see what you mean now. I have tested one of my websites with Google PageSpeed Insights and when I test http://example.tld/, I also get this warning. But I don't think it is really an issue, because if Google etc. have listed the right version of your website with https://www.example.tld/, those visitors wouldn't be redirected at all. You can always tell which is the right version via the search console. Of course if there is a better solution for this case, I am interested.
  10. Sorry, if I am not helpful, but I just want to add that I always used the following solution on different hosters and never had issues with Google: Maybe your hoster had a different sever configuration, but this solution is the recommended one.
  11. Very detailed write-up and nice site. Just wanted to mention that you should check the images on mobile. For me they are streched and not responsive.
  12. I don't quite understand what you mean, because smooth scrolling of of a browser has nothing to do with this effect and its lag, but I don't want to start an discussion about parallax effects again. If you want to talk off topic you can write me an PM.
  13. Thank you. I switched the parallax effect now to animate the background-position instead of position top. Hopefully it is smoother now.
  14. Thanks for the hint. I still like jQuery and Isotope, but good to know some alternatives.
  15. This is a minimalistic website for the german architecture office Weissenrieder Architekten BDA. The front-end uses UIkit 2 and Isotope for the projects overview. Every project category can be accessed in the overview with an URL segment. ProFields Table was used for the project detail view. Modules used: AdminThemeUIkit Table ProCache Markup Sitemap XML Email Obfuscation (EMO) Jumplinks Tracy Debugger Regards, Andreas