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  1. Thank you, these new search operators sound great. 😀 What combination would you recommend for a classic website search form? I use until now %= (contains text like). Maybe I could improve my search form with a combination like ~|%= or so. I use for my search form also this: FieldtypeText.extends%= But this is not supported by the new search operators yet? Regards, Andreas
  2. Thank you. 👍 Of course I haven't looked there. 🙄
  3. I just wanted to try out a barDumpBig. But I get an undefined function error: <?php barDumpBig($largeObject); bdb($largeObject); Am I missing something? I have never used it before. 😀 Regards, Andreas
  4. This solves the error in my RequestInfoPanel, thank you. 😀
  5. Hello, my RequestInfoPanel shows this error on all of my projects: I have ProcessWire 3.0.161 dev and Tracy Debugger 4.21.17. I am on macOS with MAMP PRO 5.7. Has anybody an idea what causes this error? Thank you @adrian again for your great work with this module. 😀👍 Regards, Andreas
  6. Thank you for this update. 😀 The "Remember this computer?" function is really handy for someone like me, who logs in daily into 10+ websites. Password managers like 1Password make this easy, but you always have to make an extra click. I would support adding the TFA modules to the core, because in my opinion there are an essential security feature and I always install the TfaTotp module on every new website. I have noticed a small bug: If you have the TFA reminder enabled for superusers in the ProcessLogin module and remember this computer, the notification is displayed, even if you already have TFA enabled. Regards, Andreas
  7. Hello @elabx, I haven't but adding it makes no difference. I reproduced it on a fresh installation and either I am misunderstanding the concept or this a bug. 😉 I have created an issue on GitHub to be sure. Regards, Andreas
  8. Hello, I have a user role employee with the permission page-edit-created. This user role has access to add new pages to the template posts with the template post. The template posts should have children with the template post. The template post should have the parent with the template posts. Now every time I try to add a new page with the template post, an exception throws: You don't have access to the template required to add pages here Is this a bug in this permission or have I not configured the permissions correct? Is there a hook to allow to add pages to the template posts for the role employee? I would appreciate some help. 😀 Regards, Andreas
  9. The import/export module sounds amazing and it works fine with regular pages. But has somebody tested it with a Repeater Matrix in a multilanguage site? If I try this, i get the error: Call to a member function setLanguageValue() on array I know that the Repeater Matrix is a special field, but I think it should work in theory. 😀 Regards, Andreas Edit: Nevermind, I had an old version of the Repeater Matrix. With version 0.0.5 it works as expected. 🙂
  10. Thank you for the updates. 😀 But I think there is a small bug with the image field. I cannot search image descriptions like this anymore: <?php pages()->find("content>0, content=[image.description%=$q, include=all]"); Content is a repeater matrix and $q a search term of a search function. Can somebody reproduce this? Regards, Andreas
  11. My solution for textareas with CKEditor is now a simple Textformatter module. 😉 <?php class TextformatterReplaceLinks extends Textformatter implements Module { public static function getModuleInfo() { return array( "title" => "Replace Links", "version" => "1.0.0", "summary" => "Find and replace links of domain.", "author" => "AndZyk", "singular" => true, "requires" => "ProcessWire>=2.6", "icon" => "link" ); } /** * Find and replace the input string * * @param string $str The block of text to parse * * The incoming string is replaced with the formatted version of itself. * */ public function format(&$str) { $str = preg_replace("/(http|https):\/\/example.com/", "file://example.com", $str); } } Regards, Andreas
  12. Thank you @ryan. I did not know how to just modify the comment text. 😀 Personally I like markdown, but in my case I just want to replace links, so I modified this snippet to just replace links with html links: $wire->addHookBefore("CommentList::renderItem", function($event) { $comment = $event->arguments(0); /** @var Comment $comment */ $text = $comment->getFormatted("text"); $textOriginal = $text; // look for link $regex = '@(http)?(s)?(://)?(([a-zA-Z])([-\w]+\.)+([^\s\.]+[^\s]*)+[^,.\s])@'; $link = '<a href="$0" rel="noopener noreferrer nofollow" target="_blank">$0</a>'; $text = preg_replace($regex, $link, $text); // populate changed comment text if ($text !== $textOriginal) { $comment->set("textFormatted", $text); } }); Regards, Andreas Edit: The regex I copied from Stack Overflow else doesn't seem to be that correct. Regex is always a big question mark for me. I have to look further. 😀
  13. Hello, I don't want to hijack this topic, but since this topic is about the comments field I just wanted to ask this short question, because a client just asked me about this: Is there an easy way to convert links inside comments to clickable HTML-links? I know that HTML tags aren't allowed in the comments field and for a good reason, because that would be unsafe. But our client has a blog and wants to link to an internal blog post inside a comment. I could use preg_replace with a pattern to find links and add markup to them, but this way I would have to recreate the whole markup of: $comments->render() I would appreciate some help and I can create a new topic if this is not the right place. 😉 Regards, Andreas
  14. Just wanted to add, that if you want to create a real newsletter, services like MailChimp or Campaign Monitor offer more tools for editing, sending and statistics. 😉 In my case I used this module for an automatically daily newsletter of job offers from a pages, which was enough for this module.
  15. Thank you @louisstephens for the hint. I tried it out, but the link still gets stripped out, even with disabled ACF. Do you have configured extra allowed content? Maybe a RewriteRule in the .htaccess file would be the easiest solution. 🤔
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