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  1. AndZyk

    Here is another example of a nice homepage feature switcher with good screenshots for inspiration.
  2. AndZyk

    My bad, thank you for the clarification.
  3. AndZyk

    Just wanted to mention, that the blue is the default primary background color of UIkit. Probably it will change and it wasn‘t chosen on purpose.
  4. AndZyk

    First of all @ryan thank you for your work on the new website. It is already looking promising. You have already much feedback, but I wanted to give also some first suggestions: Container As @Robin S already mentioned, for very large screens (for example 27 inch iMacs) it would be better in my opinion to limit the container width to uk-container-large. Section Right now every sections is either default or primary. You are are aware of this, but the section component also offers secondary or muted sections. I think it would be nicer to spice things up with more different sections. For example the footer could be first be muted (twitter, forum and news) and then secondary (copyright), Blog I also don't like the current blog overview. In my opinion it would be nicer with cards. Navigation The search should be in my opinion be the last item in the navigation. Although the new search is now really powerful, searching should be the last thing a visitor has to do after all contents are discovered. That was it for now and keep up the great work. Regards, Andreas
  5. AndZyk

    With around 3,400 employees worldwide, IMS Gear develops and produces specific drive solutions for international customers. In addition to the focus on the automotive industry, the focus is on applications for industry and e-mobility concepts. Finding new employees is important for the day-to-day business of IMS Gear. For this reason our agency designconcepts developed a job portal, where potential employees can easily inform themselves about the company, the application process and find the job they are looking for. The website was build with help of the framework UIkit. Features: Job finder Job offer PDF Newsletter Fly-in information pages Job finder Core of the website is the job exchange with the job finder. Here you get a list of all available jobs which you can filter by three main areas (categories, task areas and locations). Or you can type in anything in the search field and filter by various keys (for example ID, title, country and hidden tags). The job finder was build with jQuery Typeahead, which was really helpful in building this complex logic. If you want to know which job is the closest to you, you can sort them by distance. Job offer PDF Every job offer has a printable PDF version for newspapers or other job platforms. The job offer PDF can be created by checking a checkbox in the back-end and saving the page. The PDF will then be created with all needed fields of that page and DocRaptor. This workflow is really easy for editors and guarantees a consistent layout for all created PDFs. Newsletter If there is no job for you available at the moment, you can subscribe to a newsletter with your areas of interest. Then you will be notified daily if a job is available with your interests. Instead of using a separate newsletter tool, the nice module Newsletter Subscription was used to manage subscribers. The newsletter will be send via a shell script executed by a daily cron job. Modules used: Continents and Countries Front-End Page Editor Functional Fields Markup Sitemap XML Newsletter Subscription ProCache Repeater Matrix Tracy Debugger Upgrades Wire Mail SMTP Regards, Andreas
  6. AndZyk

    Thank you for the feedback. Sorry, but I am not sure, if I can share that information in public.
  7. AndZyk

    S. Siedle & Söhne Telefon- und Telegrafenwerke OHG is one of the leading manufacturers of building communications technology in Germany and Europe. For a company of this size it is important to have a solid brand communication. For this reason our agency designconcepts developed a portal where the employees of the company as well as others who work with or have interest in their brand can find everything that is important for the brand Siedle. The website introduces the brand, provides informations for different topics (for example logos, typography, colors etc.) and has a large Media-Center with images, videos and documents. The website was build with the framework UIkit. Features: Repeater Matrix Protected Content Media-Center Cart Auotcomplete Search Repeater Matrix The information pages are build with a Repeater Matrix field and have a two columns layout. To be even more flexible, a section is a content element containing two Repeater Matrix fields for each column. This maybe sound crazy at first but was no problem and made complex layouts possible. Protected Content Not all of the informations are meant for guests, so we made it possible to protect each page, section and content element with a checkbox. If this checkbox is checked, the content will only be visible for logged-in users. Media-Center The core of the brand portal is the Media-Center. The Media-Center is actually a mirror of a separate digital assets management database where the client can manage images, videos and documents with a nice interface in a protected environment. All new assets will be synced via a shell script containing PHP and curl commands calling the API of the database. This script will be executed every 15 minutes via cron job. This way all of the assets are saved as pages in ProcessWire and we can expand them with our own logic and fields. Also for the unlikely case that the database is not available, the Media-Center would still work. Cart Inside the Media-Center you can add assets to your cart. This cart is for downloading selected assets or sharing them with others. A cart will be accessible for 30 days. Modules used: Admin Custom Files Continents and Countries Email Obfuscation (EMO) Front-End Page Editor Functional Fields Markup Sitemap XML ProCache Repeater Matrix Tracy Debugger Upgrades Regards, Andreas
  8. Hello @LAPS, you could change the user language. Regards, Andreas
  9. The Katharinenhöhe is a rehabilitation clinic in the Black Forest (Germany) for teenagers, young adults and families with children who suffer from cancer. Our agency designconcepts was lucky to relaunch their website. Our goal was to unify the previous separated areas (families and teenagers/young adults) and provide a clear structure for potential patients. Also we wanted to show that the clinic is a nice place to live, despite the circumstances. We rebuild the website from scratch with the framework UIkit and used large images as well as videos. Features: Repeater Matrix Tour Contrast Theme Glossary Autocomplete Search Facebook Repeater Matrix Most of the pages use a basic page template which have one Repeater Matrix field. This field has around 15 different content elements, so it is easy to build a page with different elements in various amounts. Tour On the site tour we build a image map with markers showing interesting places of the clinic. For this task the nice module Image Marker and the Marker component of UIkit came in handy. The tour is available on every page containing a marker. Contrast Theme For a better reading experience you can switch to a more contrasting theme of the website by clicking the theme switcher (on the top right). This is a separate stylesheet with darker color variables. The choice will be saved in a session variable and stays as long as the browser is opened. Glossary To explain complicated medical terms better, we highlight a set of terms in every textarea they occur and explain them with a tooltip. For this task we wrote a simple Textformatter module which looks for the terms in a page and replaces the terms with the tooltip. This tutorial by @benbyf helped me. Thank you! Modules used: Color Email Obfuscation (EMO) Front-End Page Editor Functional Fields Image Marker Markup Sitemap XML Phone ProCache Repeater Matrix Tracy Debugger Upgrades Regards, Andreas
  10. AndZyk

    If you are looking for a example you could look here: This website is build with Vue.js and has also a dynamic language switcher without page reload, but has no specific language URL, which is as mentioned bad for SEO. You could add the language URL on switch with for example pushState, but in my opinion the language URL should be available without making a switch first.
  11. AndZyk

    Hello @spacemonkey95, sorry for not being helpful, but you could build your own logic with: Language API Multi-Language Field Values However I would recommend you not to do this. Having a translated website with no different URLs is bad for SEO and in my opinion a bad user experience, because the user always would have to switch first for having the right language. If you really want to do this, maybe someone else has experience with this. Regards, Andreas
  12. AndZyk

    Hello @felted, the translated name should show up, if you are on the translated page: $dataProtection = $pages->get("/datenschutz/"); // German on the default page echo $dataProtection->name; // danteschutz // English on the translated page echo $dataProtection->name; // data_protection If that doesn't work somehow, you could force this as mentioned with localName: // German echo $dataProection->localName("default"); // datenschutz // English echo $dataProtection->localName("english"); // data_protection Or you could try Multi-Language Field Values: $page->of(false); // turn off outputFormatting (if it's not already) // German echo $dataProtection->name->getLanguageValue("default"); // datenschutz // German echo $dataProtection->name->getLanguageValue("default"); // data_protection Important is to pass the language you are looking for. Regards, Andreas
  13. AndZyk

    Just a wild guess, but maybe you could try this: $page->matches(["name=" => "ueber-uns"]);
  14. AndZyk

    The latest version. But now I have noticed that with Material Theme that known HTML tags are highlighted red and custom HTML tags with a different red.
  15. AndZyk

    I can recommend the Material Theme extension. Never noticed this issue with this theme.