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  1. Thank you @ryan for your work on the export/import feature. Besides the great module I am really looking forward to learn how to import JSON trough the API. In my case JSON from a different source other than ProcessWire saved into a JSON file located on the server. Maybe somebody has already played around with the PagesExportImport class and would like to share an example.
  2. Hello @ryanC, you can also use the shorter version <?=$urls->templates?> since PW 3.0.50. Regards, Andreas
  3. Hello @Peter Knight, as long as you don't mix both versions in your internal links or XML sitemap, I don't think it is bad. Here is what Google writes to this topic: Or could you please explain a little further or provide an link, why it would be "obviously bad"? I am no SEO expert, so that would interest me. I have never changed the default setting for URLs and never experienced an downside from it. Also search engines maybe indexing both versions both show only the version with slash as results. Regards, Andreas Edit: I have missed, that your URLs do not redirect.
  4. Ah okey, I should have read more carefully. Do you want for example four random images, even if they are from the same album? You could try to achieve this by an selector: Or if you don't want the case of four random images from the same album to happen, you could use further: <?php foreach ($page->repeater_gallery->getRandom(4) as $item) { $randomImage = $item->album_images->getRandom(); echo "<img src='{$randomImage->url}'>"; }
  5. Welcome @jothanne, you could use getRandom for this task: <?php foreach ($page->repeater_gallery->getRandom(4) as $item) { // Your output } Regards, Andreas
  6. Yes, I only viewed it on Safari so far.
  7. Great site and nice feedback by your client. There is not much to say except, that the usage of responsive images could improve the experience on retina displays. Also could the logo be replaced with an SVG in my opinion. Maybe it is just me, but could it be that the team images are a little bit stretched? I only watched the site on mobile so far. Regards, Andreas
  8. Thank you, I used your solution and it its working great.
  9. There is a thread by you, were this was mentioned before.
  10. I am currently working with comments and wish there would be an API function to quickly get all comments with an selector, like for example: <?php $pages->findComments("sort=-created, limit=5"); That way it would be easy to display for example the newest comments on a page. I have read, that this is currently possible using an SQL query, but I don't have much experience with SQL.
  11. Hello @MilenKo, first of all I noticed that you search for a pageName value in a title field. When you want to search a pageName I think you should search in the name value: name=$name Second you are talking about the template category-list and searching for categories-list. I hope this is just a typo, but if not you should correct this. I would suggest you to dump everything step by step for example with TracyDebugger to get to the collection of pages you are looking for. Regards, Andreas
  12. Hello @valan, maybe this could be helpful for you: New: selectors as associative arrays New: selectors as regular arrays This way you have more freedom, what you want to pass as selector. Regards, Andreas
  13. @Christophe Thank you for your solution, it works well. Just a small typo:
  14. Really beautiful sites. Congratulations.
  15. Glad you found the solution, but you are right that it is a little bit confusing. Honestly I have never read the description and always install all languages modules when I am planing to translate a website.