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  1. Welcome @Cody Connor, SVG upload into an image field should work fine, I did it several times. Could it may be your SVG, that you try to upload, that is causing a problem? Could you try this SVG out for example? SVG_logo.svg Also you could take at look at your developer tools console while uploading if it throws any script error. Regards, Andreas
  2. Hello @franciccio-ITALIANO, you could start by renaming the HTML files inside your templates folder from .html to .php and add them as templates. But those template files would be still static HTML. So you would have to define some fields for your dynamic content and add them to your templates. Next step would be to output those fields with PHP between the HTML. But this has been already explained more better here: (Must read) Regards, Andreas
  3. There is no cheat sheet for UIkit available, but autocomplete for editors.
  4. What is the line 6 in your header.php file? This line obviously causes the error. The include works, because if it wouldn't, there would be no error. Have you tried to add the namespace in the first line of your header.php? I think you need it to use the new functions API.
  5. Hi @ridgedale, it is recommended to include your files like this: include("./header.php"); Like mentioned here. But I prefer to make an extra folder "includes" and use the wireFileInclude function: wireIncludeFile("./includes/header"); Cool thing about this function is: PHP file ending is assumped You can pass variables as array: wireIncludeFile("./includes/header", array( 'homepage' => $homepage )); Regards, Andreas
  6. The most important CMS-updates in April by t3n:
  7. Thank you all for your feedback. @rick The translations will follow over the next days. Thank you, I have corrected this. @Robin S You both are right. I drilled it down a bit and removed the largest variation for desktops. @szabesz I have forgotten to run the logo through SVGO. Now it is smaller. @tpr I know it is really subtle, for now I want to leave it in there, because it adds a nice touch. But I get your point.
  8. Sorry to here that. I never noticed a major slow down. I think this is probably hardware related. Could you please share your specs (OS, Browser, Display size), so I could look into that? I wouldn't like to remove this effect.
  9. Thank you for the kind words. I totally forgot about http/2. I will look if it is possible to enable http/2 on the server.
  10. The CDS Group is an established service partner of leading manufacturers and trading partners in the IT and high-tech sector. We relaunched their service website using the latest ProcessWire. Building this website was fun, especially because of the latest additions to ProcessWire, like the recently introduced markup regions and AdminThemeUIkit. It is really easy to brand the new admin theme with a few lines of code, in my case 7 (see a glimpse in the screenshot below). Besides that, this website makes heavy use of the Repeater Matrix, to be as flexibel as possible. The front-end was build with Bootstrap 3 and the icons used are an custom icon font generated with the IcoMoon App. For a better usability, every textarea can be edited in the front-end. Modules used: AdminThemeUIkit Front-End Page Editor Repeater Matrix ProCache Markup Sitemap XML Email Obfuscation (EMO) Database Backups Jumplinks Tracy Debugger Regards, Andreas
  11. I meant no coverage since the release of version 3. Meanwhile Mike from @cmscritic answered on my question via the contact form with this: I was always under the assumption, that this website contains only articles from selected authors. It seems that I could write him an article, but I think there are more capable members in this forum to write an article. Also is english not my native language. But first, they should fix their register page which currently cannot be found. Maybe @Jonathan Lahijani can fix this? Regards, Andreas
  12. After my initial question via the contact form of the CMSCritic site in October 2016 was ignored, I asked @cmscritic again and will ask here too: Why doesn't @cmscritic cover ProcessWire 3 at all? Neither the first release of version 3 nor the latest stable version 3.0.61? For a site that calls itself: ... I find this really sad. I don't want to bash them, I would like just to know an explanation.
  13. ProcessWire is mentioned in the repository Awesome UIkit:
  14. I recently made a project with Kirby, because we needed a file based CMS and while working with it, I really enjoyed their cheatsheet and search function. I think the new redesign of the website could benefit a lot of such a build in cheatsheet and seach function. Besides that the first visual impression was also state of the art. Just to be clear, I don't want to talk about those CMSs, just want to give some examples.
  15. Hello @opalepatrick, I don't have any experience with CSP, but there was already a little discussion about this topic in this thread: From what I understand is, that you could use CSP in your front end with PHP if you like. But for the back end it is not possible, as you already have experienced. Regards, Andreas