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  1. Thank you for pointing me to the right direction. 🙂 I don't often use hooks, but here is my current hook wich works for me: <?php $forms->addHookAfter('InputfieldFormBuilderRecaptcha::renderScript', function($event) { $url = "https://www.google.com/recaptcha/api.js"; $value = "<script class='require-consent' type='text/plain' data-type='text/javascript' data-src='$url' data-category='functional'></script>"; $event->return = $value; });
  2. It works with PrivacyWire if I edit the InputfieldFormBuilderRecaptcha.module on line 109 like this: <?php /** * Render Google reCAPTCHA script * * @return string * */ public function ___renderScript() { $url = $this->getScriptUrl(); return "<script class='require-consent' type='text/plain' data-type='text/javascript' data-src='$url' data-category='functional'></script>"; } But I don't think I can hook the ___renderScript function. Has anybody a suggestion how I can hook into the output of the script? Currently I don't have access to the FormBuilder support board, but I will renew our license soon, so I will ask there.
  3. Thank you, next time I will try to use the format options. ☺️ Just FYI I had selected None and had the default values in the options textarea of the module settings. Regards, Andreas
  4. Hi @adrian, thanks you for your response. You are right. When I developed the website I wanted a special phone number format, so I choose under Phone Output Format "None" and build my own format like this: <a href="tel:<?=$person->phone->unformattedNumberNoExt?>"> <?php if ($person->phone->area_code) { echo $person->phone->area_code; } else { echo "07723"; } ?> <?php if ($person->phone->number) echo "/{$person->phone->number}"; ?> <?php if ($person->phone->extension) echo "-{$person->phone->extension}"; ?> </a> Probably because I didn't understand the syntax of the Phone Output Format at the time. 😊 If you have to choose a Phone Output format, wouldn't it be better to remove the option "None"?
  5. Hello @ryan and @joshua, I am using the InputfieldFormBuilderRecaptcha on many sites and it is working great. But it came to my attention, that the InputfieldFormBuilderRecaptcha maybe isn't GDPR compliant, because it sets a cookie and communicates with Google without user interaction. Would it be possible to couple the reCAPTCHA with for example PrivacyWire, so that you first have to confirm the cookie consent, before you can see the reCAPTCHA? I think you could also use the render hooks of Form Builder. I will try this, but don't often use hooks. Regards, Andreas
  6. Hello @adrian, thank you for this module. I am using it on one of our websites and get following warning with PHP 8.2.0 in TracyDebugger: Could you please update your module to remove this warning? 🙂 Regards, Andreas
  7. LocomotiveCMS is also similar to ProcessWire. But I only have little experience with it. What turned me off was the need for Ruby and long responding time to questions.
  8. I have already mentioned it a few times, but I can recommend Kirby CMS as alternative to ProcessWire. It is very similar to ProcessWire in the structure and API, but needs no database because it is file based. Also they have a nice website, documentation and marketing including detailed changelogs. It is not as feature rich as ProcessWire and not free, you have to pay a license for commercial use, but the marketing and presentation is better in my opinion.
  9. Sorry, I should have read the question more carefully and not made a typo in my example. I just wanted to give some solutions, based on litte information, but was in a hurry. Ignore my code and use the other examples.
  10. Freut mich zu hören, dass es funktioniert hat. Ohne mehr Informationen, kann ich leider nichts zu dem Zähler sagen. Ist der Zähler ein Feld vom Typ Nummer in einem Template? Ist der Zähler die Gesamtzahl aller Seiten mit dem Template „Authlogs“? Die Seiten mit dem Template „Authlogs“ sollten im Papierkorb sein und je nach Selector, können diese immer noch gefunden und für eine Gesamtzahl dazu gezählt werden.
  11. Hallo @Frank Schneider, du könntest die Seiten per API $pages->delete() löschen: // Alle Seiten mit dem Template authlogs nacheinander $authlogs = $pages->find('template=authlogs'); foreach ($authologs as $authlogPage) { $pages->delete($authlogPage); } // Alle Seiten der Elternseite mit dem Titel Authlogs rekursiv $authlogsParent = $pages->get("title=Authlogs"); $pages->delete($authlogsParent, true); Einfach irgendwo in einem Template einfügen und die Seite mit dem Template aufrufen. Ansonsten können glaube ich Module wie der ListerPro oder Batch Child Editor Stappelbearbeitung von Seiten. Gruß, Andreas
  12. Hello @MoritzLost, I had a similar issue with a selector a few weeks ago containing not equal to (!=) and an or-condition. My issue was fixed, but maybe this could be related: https://github.com/processwire/processwire-issues/issues/1802 Regards, Andreas
  13. Thanks for your feedback. I usually also upgrade, whenever there needs to be something done on the website. From a security perspective I also don't think there is a need for auto upgrades, because there are never security risks, that need to be fixed. Auto upgrades would be nice mainly for convenience. 😄
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