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  1. HI, In Seo Maestro Plugin - There is no provision to add twitter:url, twitter:title, twitter:description, twitter:image values.PFA Please suggest.
  2. Hi, Please suggest do we have plugins to scan malware/vulnerable scripts in ProcessWire source (similar to WOrdFence WordPress plugin) Thanks
  3. HI We like to show the PDF in the document viewer in our website. So,please suggest any module/plugin or options for document viewer.
  4. HI Thanks for the reply. Please find below screenshot and suggest Editor Login page:
  5. Hi Team, How to provide access to editor or non-admin users for adding or editing the values in the field. Please suggest.
  6. Could you please suggest on the below Do we have any good SEO plugin compatible with both PHP 5.6 and PHP 7 Also do we have export and import feature in SeoMaestro Thanks
  7. Hi, We are in the process of upgrading our website. Our current PHP version is 5.6. Do we have SeoMaestro version compatible with PHP 5.6. If yes could you please share the download link After upgrade we will make use of the latest version of SeoMaestro Thanks
  8. Hi We are having a checkbox as below. 1=Career Guidance 2=Admission Alert 4=Facilitation Classes We are having a requirement like to get id from title. For example: 'Career Guidance' will be passed in query string. $param_service=""; if (!empty($input->get->service)) $param_service = $input->get->service; // By using the value of $param_service we would like to get the id value that is 1 Please suggest how can we do that Thanks
  9. I am using CKeditor for text area. How can I add bootstrap tabular data here. Thanks
  10. Hi teppo, I am able to get the SESSION variable's value in header Here I am trying to provide access to the logged in users to some of the PW's pages. But the user will be logging in from another system. In PW I am just checking the session alone. Thanks
  11. Do I have the possibility to convert $_SESSION["user_id"] to $sesssion->userid;
  12. I have configured the procsswire in a sub folder like https://www.example.com/pw/. Here www.example.com is a non processwire website. In 'pw' folder I have configured processwire. In www.example.com users will be logging in and I am trying to referrer that session variable inside processwire website. If I create test page in 'pw' folder like https://www.example.com/pw/test.php and if I refer the logged in session variable this is working test.php - is as below session_start(); echo "User ID".$_SESSION["user_id"]; But if I include the above code in head.inc.php this is not working Please suggest how can I refer a PHP session that is created out side of PW inside PW My requirement is as below Some pages in ttps://www.example.com/pw/ should be available only to the logged in users. Users will be login using https://www.example.com/. So I am trying to refer that session inside PW Thanks
  13. Thanks. Hope I can access the configured repeater items inside process wire in my core PHP file. I will check the references
  14. Hi, If we create a 'Page' inside processwire we can use the code like '$alertspage=$pages->get(id);' to get the page id etc. But if I create a core php page inside the processwire source (without using PW template), do I have the possibility to access the processwire code like this. If yes, then could you please suggest how. Thanks
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