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  1. Hi We are having a checkbox as below. 1=Career Guidance 2=Admission Alert 4=Facilitation Classes We are having a requirement like to get id from title. For example: 'Career Guidance' will be passed in query string. $param_service=""; if (!empty($input->get->service)) $param_service = $input->get->service; // By using the value of $param_service we would like to get the id value that is 1 Please suggest how can we do that Thanks
  2. I am using CKeditor for text area. How can I add bootstrap tabular data here. Thanks
  3. Hi teppo, I am able to get the SESSION variable's value in header Here I am trying to provide access to the logged in users to some of the PW's pages. But the user will be logging in from another system. In PW I am just checking the session alone. Thanks
  4. Do I have the possibility to convert $_SESSION["user_id"] to $sesssion->userid;
  5. I have configured the procsswire in a sub folder like https://www.example.com/pw/. Here www.example.com is a non processwire website. In 'pw' folder I have configured processwire. In www.example.com users will be logging in and I am trying to referrer that session variable inside processwire website. If I create test page in 'pw' folder like https://www.example.com/pw/test.php and if I refer the logged in session variable this is working test.php - is as below session_start(); echo "User ID".$_SESSION["user_id"]; But if I include the above code in head.inc.php this is not working Please suggest how can I refer a PHP session that is created out side of PW inside PW My requirement is as below Some pages in ttps://www.example.com/pw/ should be available only to the logged in users. Users will be login using https://www.example.com/. So I am trying to refer that session inside PW Thanks
  6. Thanks. Hope I can access the configured repeater items inside process wire in my core PHP file. I will check the references
  7. Hi, If we create a 'Page' inside processwire we can use the code like '$alertspage=$pages->get(id);' to get the page id etc. But if I create a core php page inside the processwire source (without using PW template), do I have the possibility to access the processwire code like this. If yes, then could you please suggest how. Thanks
  8. Hi, I would like to display all repeater items in a listing page and would like to navigate to the corresponding detail page page based on the selected repeater item I am passing the id of repeater_item like '?id=<?php echo $Admission_Alert->id?>' from the listing page. Then I am fetching the details as below. But this is not working. Please suggest. if (isset($_GET["id"]) and $_GET["id"]!="") $id=$_GET["id"]; $alertspage=$pages->get(id); //var_dump($alertspage) is working echo $alertspage->title //This is not working Thanks
  9. Hi, I have more than 500 repeater items. How can I search a item in admin interface. If I need to edit a item among the 500, the search will be helpful. Thanks
  10. Hi, I found out the solution. The solution is: Need to disable automatic perpend and automatic append in Edit template -> Files
  11. Hi, I am using a custom template to configure home page. I would like to remove the 'topnav' and 'form.search input'. Please suggest how can I do this. Thanks
  12. Thanks. I uploaded in templates folder. How can I give relative path
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