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Found 8 results

  1. I have created a custom admin page which uses InputfieldPageListSelect. It works very nicely (see image), especially with a bit of css to modify the appearance within a MarkupAdminDataTable and some js with AJAX to interactively update each row. However, I would also like to be able to "view" the selected tariffs. When using a normal InputfieldPageListSelect in the admin, you can set "Enable view/edit links on selected pages" (and "Enable link to create new pages"). I can't see how to pass a parameter for that in the API. Any ideas?
  2. collapsedNoLocked field not showing Hi all, ☺️ I'm a 21 years old 👨‍🦱, danish 🇩🇰, hobby-designer-and-web-stuff-maker and very excited and eager processwire beginner, or "noob" 🐣 if you wish. So far I've been fascinated by the very satisfyingly simple and yet powerfull magic ✨ of PW (once you get the hang of it) and the awesome feeling of the strong PW community 🦄🌈☀️❤️! The huge work done by @ryan and all of the other amazing PW people is just so inspiring! I actually really have a hard time understanding why Processwire isn't the most used CMS in the world... or at least just a
  3. In page-edit view: If I wanted to display the total count of selections, is there an in-built PW method for this? e.g. let's say the default view is collapsed for a page reference field. I see the label "Services" but would like to see "Services (3)". I would know that three items are selected without opening the inputfield. And ideally after every change, the number gets updated (without page-reload). Did someone once built something similar?
  4. Hi Guys I'am trying to add a csv-import for our mailchimp module in processwire. So I added a new InputfieldFieldset["Import Mailchimp-Members via CSV File"] to the InputfieldWrapper["List Members"] which is also added final to the InputfieldForm. Inside the Inputfieldset I added a InputfieldFile with this configuration: $fieldsetImport = $this->modules->get("InputfieldFieldset"); $fieldsetImport->label = "Import Mailchimp-Members via CSV File"; $fieldsetImport->collapsed = Inputfield::collapsedYes; $field = $this->modules->get("Inputfield
  5. Hi Guys At first my created Inputfields InputfieldSelect - label: "Email List", name: "list_id" InputfieldSelect - label: "Field Parameter", name: "fieldParam" InputfieldAsmSelect - label: "Interests Parameter", name: "interestParam" I have a problem with the showIf Option for my interestParam field. I have multiple "fieldParam" Selects because of the "list_id" Select. Everytime i select a Email List it displays me the right "fieldParam" Select because of the showIf option I defined in "fieldParam": $field->showIf = "list_id=$list_id, method_recipient=groupSegment"; Since the "list
  6. Hi Guys How can i set markup inside a Inputfieldradio Option Label? I am using unicode emoticons as labels at the moment, but this emoticons dont work well in some browsers(especially IE). Now i decided to use images, but it isn't possible to add html for label. I think I can alter the behavior of the InputfieldRadios::render function with hooks? To achieve what I want. But I don't know how to do this. // Unicode Smiley Types$smile_1 = '
  7. I added some input fields to the Textarea input tab with a hook: $this->addHookAfter('InputfieldTextarea::getConfigInputfields', function(HookEvent $event) { // field generation here }); The fields are rendered perfectly, all fine here: When I hit "save" the new config values are saved to the database. This is what I see in the field's config in the fields table, all fine, great: {"textformatters":["TextformatterParsedownExtra"],"inputfieldClass":"InputfieldTextarea","collapsed":2,"rows":16,"contentType":0,"trackChangesInterval":777,"cssTheme":"theme-solarized-dark"} But when
  8. I've posted a question in another forum thread, because I initially didn't want to create a new forum thread for this. Since there were no replies, I'm trying it here. I'd like to set input field labels for each language via API. I have approx. 50 input fields and four languages. Doing it "manually", i.e. via GUI, would take ages, as you can imagine. Is there an API method I can use? a) get/define field, b) set language-specific field label To clarify: This is not meant to run inside a template, but just once, i.e. // Bootstrap ProcessWire include('./index.php'); // Assign API variabl
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