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  1. Hi Guys We are looking for an alternative to MailChimp for managing Newsletters, Subscribers, Campaigns, Lists etc... While searching for a new Tool I discovered Sendy. It looks like a decent Webapp/Newsletter-Tool to manage Newsletters, Lists, Subscribers, Campaigns etc... The Mails are sended with Amazon SES and it is way cheaper than Mailchimp. And it is also a self hosted Tool. Has someone some Experience and Opinions on Sendy in general and also in combination with ProcessWire (Module, Integration etc...)? Do you also know other Solutions / Alternatives rather than Mailchimp? Kind regards Orkun
  2. Orkun

    Nice site. Really like the minimalism.
  3. Orkun

    Hi @kongondo I previously encountered an error in the media manager because of a javascript section in ProcessMediaManager.js. This Code closeDialog = function(s=1000) { setTimeout(function() { //$('div.ui-dialog-titlebar button.ui-dialog-titlebar-close').click(); parent.jQuery('iframe.ui-dialog-content').dialog('close'); }, s); } cause this error on IE and older Safari Versions (9.1.2, It worked though in newer versions -> 11.1) for me: Because of this error the Media Manager doesn't worked correctly anymore (JS didn't function right like mm_top_panel was hidden etc...). I fixed it with changing it to this: closeDialog = function(s) { /*temporary fix*/ if(s === undefined){ s = 1000; } setTimeout(function() { //$('div.ui-dialog-titlebar button.ui-dialog-titlebar-close').click(); parent.jQuery('iframe.ui-dialog-content').dialog('close'); }, s); } Just wanted to draw attention to it since other people could also have this problem. I am using an older Media Manager Version (9.0) so please don't mind if this problem is already fixed in the newer versions of the module. Kind regards Nukro
  4. Hi Guys It would be awesome when all the resource about processwire (tutorials, docs, cheatsheet, recipes, videos, api, faq etc...) would be unified on one documentation website called "docs.processwire.com". The new site would gather infos & data from these resources: https://processwire-recipes.com/ http://processwire.tv/ https://www.pwtuts.com/ https://processwire.com/docs/ http://cheatsheet.processwire.com/ and would unified it on the final site https://docs.processwire.com. I think It is far more better to have one endpoint for all the processwire resources & wisdom then mutliple sites. This way it is far more easier to get into the processwire world and choosing processwire as the next main cms for further projects. The Documentation Site could perhaps look like this (it is just a mockup, so don't expect to much from me ):
  5. Orkun

    Perhaps bootstrapping Processwire inside the Slider Script. https://processwire.com/api/include/
  6. - Are you trying to learn something new (programming language, framework etc...)? - Are you trying to refactor code from past projects where you have written "bad/not so good" code? - Are you asking other employees for work or if you can help at something?
  7. Interesting Conference / Talk from Rasmus Lerdorf, creator of PHP.
  8. Orkun

    @tpr On plainjs.com are many pure js sliders. Your Tiny Slider is also there: https://plainjs.com/javascript/search/?q=slider
  9. Hi Guys Since I nearly always needed a Slider for my websites, I've searched for a Slider which I could use for every Project or better said for different scenarios. So It had to be a rich-feature, responsive and customizable Slider which could be adapted/changed hassle-free to different needs of customers. In the end I found this nice jQuery Slider Plugin called "Slider Pro" (don't worry, it is MIT licensed ) which I think fulfills all expectations above and it also works very well for me. Perhaps it is also useful for you. Github Link: https://github.com/bqworks/slider-pro/ PS: What kind of Sliders are you using for your projects? Do you build your Sliders from scratch? Greetings Nukro
  10. Orkun

    Wow @bernhard what an impressive work! The developer heart is blooming.
  11. I had tried and it looks like it's not supported. There is no Detail Tab / Textarea or something where you can add the PHP Code. I came up with a workaround using InputfieldMarkup and Hanna Code Tags. But still, thank you for your Support @kongondo. Greetings Nukro
  12. Hi @kongondo Very Nice Module you have created here! I have a question, would it be possible to use this module inside the Formbuilder somehow. Is it even supported by the Formbuilder? Greetings Nukro
  13. You could also try something like that: $styles = array("class1", "class2", "class3"); $recipes = $pages->find('your-selector'); foreach($recipes as $key => $recipe){ $class = (isset($styles[$key])) ? $styles[$key] : "default-class"; echo "<div class='$class'><img src='{$recipe->images->first->url}'></div>"; }
  14. Orkun

    Hi @kongondo Have you found some spare time to implement this feature? Greetings Nukro
  15. I tried to make a function, which I can fetch translations from a page by it's name field. Features of the function: Fetches translations from page title (multilanguage). Outputs an edit link to the Translation Page (doesn't output it when 2nd argument is false) When the translation page you are referencing is not found, it outputs an error and also the absolute path to the php file were the function was executed by using debug_backtrace function of PHP. Benefits of this approach: You have full access to the ProcessWire API in terms of manipulating the translation data Translations of single Strings in different languages are side by side (tabs) Searching of single Translations is easy with Listers (I know search of site translation files is supported in PW3 but not in PW2, and I am using PW 2.7.3) Usability is far better since the users doesn't have to fiddle around in the system languages itself. Possible disadvantages: Little overhead when using the function, since it always loads a page behind the scenes when the function is used. (I had used 8-13 function calls inside a template file and doesn't had noticed any performance issues (bless processwire)). function _gt($key, $edit = TRUE){ $link = ""; $tracemessage = ""; $string = ""; $translationPage = wire('pages')->get("template=translation, name=$key"); if($translationPage->id){ if($edit && wire('user')->isLoggedin()){ if(wire('user')->isSuperuser()){ $editlink = " <a style='color:green;' target='_blank' href='".$translationPage->editUrl()."'>[Edit]</a>"; } } $string = $translationPage->title.$editlink; }else{ if(wire('user')->isLoggedin()){ $trace = debug_backtrace(); $tracemessage = "(".$trace[0]["file"].")"; } $string = "<span style='color:white;background-color:red;padding:5px;'>[Not Found: '".$key."'] $tracemessage</span>"; } return $string; } Example: echo _gt("akkreditierung"); echo _gt("fachgebiete-doctor"); And when it fails to find the translation page: