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  1. Hi @nabo You can use http://modules.processwire.com/modules/process-admin-actions/ By default, it includes Page Active Languages Batcher that lets you enable or disable active status of multiple languages on multiple pages at once.
  2. Hi @theo There is ProDraft module in the store which may suit your needs.
  3. Also, there is more API-styled way to get flat array of id => name $pages->find('id=' . join('|', $userids))->explode("name", ["key" => "id"]);
  4. Could you please share your tree view for these pages.
  5. Are you sure about namespaces? Do you declare them in _header.inc.php?
  6. @Pixrael Do you have _init.php or similar that set in ? $config->prependTemplateFile = '_init.php'; Could you try to include your _func.php there?
  7. $morep = $featured = $page->siblings("template=partner, limit=3, sort=random", false); if($morep->count() < 3) { $morep->import($page->closest("template=category)->children("template=partner, id!=$page->id, limit=3, sort=random") }
  8. if($page->matches("has_parent=/blog/posts/")) { }
  9. Okey, I see. From sanitizer docs: * Modules may also add methods to the Sanitizer as needed i.e. $this->sanitizer->addHook('myMethod', $myClass, 'myMethod'); So you can add custom sanitizer method and then hook __construct method of InputfieldName and set your custom method for some pages https://github.com/processwire/processwire/blob/master/wire/modules/Inputfield/InputfieldName.module#L19
  10. @bmacnaughton Not sure, but maybe you are looking for allowDoubledReplacement (bool): Whether to allow two of the same replacement chars [-_] next to each other (default=false). See options argument https://processwire.com/api/ref/sanitizer/name/
  11. @MilenKo $recipesCategoriesSelector = $page->recipe_categories->implode("|"); $related = $pages->find("template=recipe, recipe_categories={$recipesCategoriesSelector}, sort=random, limit=4);
  12. @Marcel Stäheli Actually I checked whether I get value from $page->localName($user->langauge); I checked it in three languages and even with activating/deactivating it in page settings. So even if a page is not active for the current language I still got language specific name. Second: Why not use $tagName = $sanitizer->name($tag) if($pages->get("/tags/{$tagName}"}->id) { ... } If I'm not mistaken it looks for in all languages.
  13. Hi @Marcel Stäheli For the first question: Just tested and it works as expected in my installation. For the second: What is the purpose of this kind of check?
  14. Hi @MilenKo Maybe you can rely on some additional field like "ingredients" when a recipe belongs to multiple categories?
  15. Hi @xfroggy mostly depends on your needs. I was thinking that you need separate domain or subdomains for every site/user. If so, I think that multisite module is the way to go. I didn't use it by myself, but read that it is possible. As another variant, you can create additional separate page for every user ( do it in register step ), and then put all users specific pages under its page. So you can create next url structure of your site: site.com/xfroggy site.com/xfroggy/about/ site.com/xfroggy/blog/ site.com/xfroggy/blog/article/ site.com/xfroggy/contacts/ site.com/zeka/ site.com/zeka/about/ ...