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  1. Hi @surffun I think that it is not correct to compare Processwire with Joomla or Wordpress because in their blank installation you can't find all these features, flexibility and power that you can find in PW. To make Joomla as flexible as PW you have to use some CCK as Seblod or Cobalt, but they also have limited functionality which can be expanded by premium plugins. So with PW, for free you get a lot of features which are available only in premium plugins in other CMS. I think that the right CMS to compare with PW is Craft CMS. Yes, it is free for personal sites but with a lot of restrictions which you don't have for free in PW. Let's take "Client" version of it, the price is $199 per site or "Pro" with $299 per site. So Craft Pro $299 (per site) = Processwire + ProFields $129 ( unlimited use ).
  2. Hi $templates->find("contentType=json"); text/html = html text/plain = txt application/json = json application/xml = xml
  3. Hi @adrianmak When you make redirect from your form to "thank you" page, you can add some get parameter to the link like: thank-you/?submit=success and then in "thank you" page template check if there this get parameter, if not - redirect to homepage.
  4. Hi @Peter Knight I didn't add image field to langauge template, but I have added several custom text fields in every install, so there is no problem to add your custom fields. Just set "Show system templates" in tempalate manager filter, I think you are aware about it. As an alternative you can put your flags to some template/assets/images/flags/ and name it like default.png, english.png etc. and then use $language->name in your foreach loop.
  5. You can use Facebook URL Debugger to refresh the data.
  6. Okey, so it works as expected in Firefox, Opera and even in Edge, but not in Chrome.
  7. Module

    Hi @adrian Thank you for your efforts in this module. I faced a problem with js in CUN on 67 line data[i]['enabledPages'] = $(this).find('input[id=enabledPages'+i+']').val().split(","); bit if I uncomment the previous line it works if($(this).find('input[id=enabledPages'+i+']').length !== 0) data[i]['enabledPages'] = $(this).find('input[id=enabledPages'+i+']').val().split(","); Variant with if statement looks more logical for me, but I'm curious is there any reason why you have commented it?
  8. @titanium What browser do you use?
  9. @Christophe Hmm.. In my case it works in this way: I click "clone this item", then "Ok" and I get cloned item, but if I click "Ok" again or "Cancel" nothing happens. I don't have any errors or warning in console. Could somebody check it?
  10. Hi @Peter Knight 1. You can use MarkupSEO, just change type of needed field to multilanguage text/textarea ( seo_title, seo_description etc.) 2. I think yes. Can't remember if I had some issues. 3. All of my sites are multilingual and I never had a need to use a separate tree for every language. You can switch off multilanguage support on template level (Advanced tab) and there is module that lets you control whether multi-language support is enabled at the page / branch level. 4. Yes. You should read about hreflang. Also, there is "What should happen when this field's value is blank?" option in field settings. Usually, I don't inherit values from default language, because in that way I can get duplicated content ( not good for SEO ). Image and files fields are multilingual through language-alternate values
  11. Hi. Just curious is it normal behavior of "clone this item" in repeater field? As you can see this small popup doesn't close after cloning of item. I have to save a page to have the ability to work with content.
  12. Have you declared namespaces in your templates files?
  13. @cosmicsafari Could you share your code which produced this warning?
  14. I not sure and even didn't test it, but you can try to use $field->set('parent_id', '1084'); $field->set('template_ids', '[74]'); $field->set('findPagesSelect', 'test=somevalue'); $field->set('findPagesSelector', 'modified_users_id=40, status=hidden');
  15. @Pixrael nice done!