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  1. Does anybody get it working with Gmail SMTP? I always get could not connect to the host "smtp.gmail.com": Connection refused I have tried all possible combinations of settings and ports and double check my credentials. The same thing on localhost and remote hosts. Is it something with Gmail? -------------------- Get it working on the remote host, ports were closed. But what can be wrong with the local setup?
  2. I have posted this link in some other thread, but as this thread also relevant leave it here Search by "X-Powered-By" header - 8599 https://publicwww.com/websites/"X-Powered-By%3A+ProcessWire"/ Seach by "site/assets/files" - 17384 https://publicwww.com/websites/"%2Fsite%2Fassets%2Ffiles%2F"/
  3. @MarcoPLY You still posting to PHP file. Instead, you can create a template, for example 'ajax'. Create a template file for this template. Now you have endpoint URL for your requests. site.com/ajax/ Then in your template file, you can do something like if($config->ajax) { if($input->post->email) { do something } } else { // $session->redirect("/"); // or //throw new Wire404Exception(); } Furthermore, you can enable URL segments for 'ajax' template and then you will be able to make requests to URLs like 'ajax/form/', 'ajax/cta/' etc. if($input->urlSegment2) throw new Wire404Exception(); if(!$config->ajax) throw new Wire404Exception(); if($input->urlSegment1 && $input->urlSegment1 == 'form') { do something } Hope you got the main idea.
  4. Hi @ngrmm I don't use this module, so it hard to say why exactly it stopped to work, but there is a branch of news from FB. https://newsroom.fb.com/news/2018/04/restricting-data-access/
  5. @PWaddict Here is very useful site http://youmightnotneedjquery.com/ that you want to visit when you try to convert jQuery to vanilla.
  6. Just tried it one more time and I see the same behavior as yours, that's strange. Tried to find something similar in the issues list, with no luck, so just open the new one.
  7. Hi @Klenkes I can't reproduce it with https://ckeditor.com/ckeditor-4/ and Firefox Quantum. Maybe it worth to raise an issue here https://github.com/ckeditor/ckeditor-dev
  8. @taoguang It depends on your Page Refference field settings. If you have set 'Multiple pages', so to output author names foreach($page->authors as $author) { echo $author->title; } If 'Single page' echo $page->author->title;
  9. Hi @taoguang Lest assume that you have this structure Books ( template: books ) - Book ( template: book ) - Book 1 ( template: book ) Authors ( template: authors ) - Author ( template: author) - Author 1 ( template: author) So to link author page to its books you have to create two page-reference fields: books and authors. The 'books' fields should use 'book' template as the selector and 'authors' field should use 'author' template as the selector. Then add 'books' field to 'author' template and 'authors' field to 'book' template'. Also, you can use this module https://modules.processwire.com/modules/connect-page-fields/ You can find why it would be helpful for your purpose by reading the description on its page.
  10. @Sergio Thanks, I have tried all from that thread, but it also doesn't work. $this->wire("user")->language->name always returns 'default', but in ready.php or ready modules method it works as expected, so it seems that user language is determined and set on ready stage here. The issue that I'm trying to solve: I'm using Padloper and by accessing 'padloper/ajaxViewCart/' I can get the view of the cart for ajax requests. It works as expected for default language, but not for non-default languages. So, I was trying to find a way how to get current language, but now I assume that it's not going to help as on init stage there is no page object and I actually can't get non-default lang values of fields. Here the code which responsible for that. public function init() { ..... $this->addHookBefore('ProcessPageView::execute', $this, 'runPadloper'); .... } public function runPadloper($event) { $it = isset($_GET['it']) ? $_GET['it'] : ""; if (substr($it, 0, 1) === '/') $it = ltrim($it, "/"); // We only allow urls like /padloper/ and /d/ here if(strpos($it, "padloper/") !== false || strpos($it, "d/") !== false) { // Do nothing } else { return; } switch ($it) { ..... case 'padloper/ajaxViewCart/': echo $this->modules->get("PadRender")->viewCart(); exit(); break;
  11. @Sergio Thanks, but not in templates/_init.php, but site/init.php
  12. Hi! Just curious is it possible to get current language in init.php or init method of modules?
  13. @bernhard Have you seen this https://www.ag-grid.com/javascript-grid-reference-overview/#listening-to-events?