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  1. Zeka

    @Nvim x-power-by-header probably is the most accurate method to detect PW. For WP you can just search by image path 'wp-content/uploads' https://publicwww.com/websites/wp-content%2Fuploads/ - 1000000 of results and I think that it is maximum for publicwww. https://publicwww.com/top/wordpress/
  2. Zeka

    @Robin S So in @celfred's first example first call of find method performs find on DB level and the second one on memory, right?
  3. Zeka

    Actually, I don't think that your IP got changed. This type of error is shown when PW cannot verify session for some reason and goes from this line https://github.com/processwire/processwire/blob/341342dc5b1c58012ae7cb26cffe2c57cd915552/wire/core/Session.php#L704
  4. @elabx Thanks, but I'm looking for docs in module config page for superuser. @bernhard
  5. In some of the PW modules I have seen nice built-in docs, but unfortunately, I can't remember in which one. As far as I know, 'InputfieldMarkup' is often used for that, maybe there are some other approaches?
  6. @kongondo Happy to hear that a lot of work has been done already. How do you see real terms of initial release? 3-5 month?
  7. Zeka

  8. @titanium Have you tried $page->setAndSave('parent_id', 3); ?
  9. Zeka

    @Robin S Wow, so fast! Thanks.
  10. Zeka

    @Robin S As far as I see the module doesn't update connected fields when pages with "connected" fields are cloned via ProcessPageClone. Do you think is it possible to handle this scenario? P.S. Obviously, in this scenario "owner" operator is more suitable.
  11. Zeka

    @quickjeff You can exclude some unneeded parents by using selectors like $breadcrumbs = page()->parents('template=catalog_category|home')->append(page()); @Robin S Wow, thanks for the hint. Didn't know about it.
  12. Zeka

    By default in CKeditor: Enter = p, Ctrl + Enter = br. Have you actually tried something like https://ckeditor.com/old/forums/Support/trying-use-br-instead-p ?
  13. Zeka

  14. Zeka

    function visitorgroup($which = null) { $ip = wire('session')->getIP(); $int = ip2long($ip); $group = ($int % 2) ? 'a' : 'b'; if(is_null($which)) return $group; return $group == $which; } if($page->id == 1 && $page->page2use4homepage) { if(visitorgroup('a')): $page = $page->page2use4homepageoption1; elseif: $page = $page->page2use4homepageoption2;