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  1. How results are sorted if you don't specify a "sort" in your selector In $page->children() and $page->siblings() the results are automatically sorted by the page's default sort field that you specify in the admin. If not specified in the admin, the pages will be sorted by the order they are placed in the admin. This behavior can be overridden by specifying your own "sort=[property]". With $pages->find() and $page->find(), if you don't specify your own "sort=[property]", the results are sorted according to MySQL's text searching relevance. If no text searches are performed in your find(), the results are unsorted. As a result, it is generally a good idea to include a "sort=[property]" when using $pages->find(), especially if you care about the order and your find() operation is not text/relevance related.
  2. @zaib What is the fieldtype of the "tags" field? Page Reference or Select Options Fieldtype?
  3. Hi @rst You can find a lot of recommendations from Ryan how to optimize such cases https://processwire.com/blog/posts/optimizing-404s-in-processwire/
  4. @Macrura Very cool! What about image field? Is there support for this type of field?
  5. Have you seen this https://ide.atom.io/ ?
  6. Hi @heldercervantes You can use getForPage method.
  7. Hi! Is there some helper method that can extract fields values to an array like it do WireArray::explode()? $data = $page->explode(["title", "desc", "name"]); /// [ "title" => "value", "desc" => "value", "name" => "value", ]
  8. Hi @kongondo I have this setup: MenuItem1 Submenuitem_01( allowed children) SubmenuItem_02 ( allowed children) MenuItem2 Submenuitem_03 ( allowed children) SubmenuItem_02 ( allowed children) I'm using getMenuItems for building my menu, but the issue is that I get children of Submenuitem_02 as children only of the last Submenuitem_02 ( parent_id = id of the last Submenuitem_02 ), but I expected that I will get duplications of children pages with right parent_id for every Submenuitem_02 Of course, I can get children in my custom function but I think that in this case, getMenuItems doesn't work as expected and could be improved. What do you think about it? Thanks, Eugene.
  9. Hi @MrSnoozles Have you seen this thread
  10. Hi @abdus Thank you for explanation and example. I have read your thread about dependencies but forgot it)))
  11. Hi. I have found very useful to store some data like translations and some global settings inside $wire object by $wire->set("custom", $custom); What are pros and cons of using it? And there is the thing in the docs that I can't understand: Injection of dependencies to Wire derived objects: $this->wire($widgets); Can somebody explain what are dependencies in this case? Thanks, Eugene.
  12. One more example from @Robin S
  13. Did you declare namespace in your file? <?php namespace Processwire;
  14. Hi @Robin S Have not tried this module yet, but I'm curious is it possible to restrict matrix types per template basis?
  15. @flydev I also would like to participate in testing if needed