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  1. Since Updating to the latest Processwire Version 3.0.210 I get the following error. I've have this website running since processwire 2.2. Has anyone else experienced this or an idea what the problem might be? Thanks! Peter Fatal Error: Uncaught Error: Undefined constant "languages" in site/templates/admin.php:39 #0 wire/core/WireHooks.php (1051): TemplateFile->{closure}() #1 wire/core/Wire.php (484): WireHooks->runHooks() #2 wire/core/PagesEditor.php (787): Wire->__call() #3 wire/core/PagesEditor.php (478): PagesEditor->savePageFinish() #4 wire/core/Pages.php (840): PagesEditor->save() #5 wire/core/Wire.php (419): Pages->___save() #6 wire/core/WireHooks.php (952): Wire->_callMethod() #7 wire/core/Wire.php (484): WireHooks->runHooks() #8 wire/core/PagesEditor.php (1235): Wire->__call() #9 wire/core/Pages.php (1017): PagesEditor->_clone() #10 wire/core/Wire.php (422): Pages->___clone() #11 wire/core/WireHooks.php (952): Wire->_callMethod() #12 wire/core/Wire.php (484): WireHooks->runHooks() #13 wire/modules/Process/ProcessPageClone.module (363): Wire->__call() #14 wire/core/Wire.php (413): ProcessPageClone->___process() #15 wire/core/WireHooks.php (952): Wire->_callMethod() #16 wire/core/Wire.php (484): WireHooks->runHooks() #17 wire/modules/Process/ProcessPageClone.module (130): Wire->__call() #18 wire/core/Wire.php (413): ProcessPageClone->___execute() #19 wire/core/WireHooks.php (952): Wire->_callMethod() #20 wire/core/Wire.php (484): WireHooks->runHooks() #21 wire/core/ProcessController.php (350): Wire->__call() #22 wire/core/Wire.php (413): ProcessController->___execute() #23 wire/core/WireHooks.php (952): Wire->_callMethod() #24 wire/core/Wire.php (484): WireHooks->runHooks() #25 wire/core/admin.php (160): Wire->__call() #26 wire/modules/AdminTheme/AdminThemeDefault/controller.php (13): require('...') #27 site/templates/admin.php (101): require('...') #28 wire/core/TemplateFile.php (328): require('...') #29 wire/core/Wire.php (413): TemplateFile->___render() #30 wire/core/WireHooks.php (952): Wire->_callMethod() #31 wire/core/Wire.php (484): WireHooks->runHooks() #32 wire/modules/PageRender.module (575): Wire->__call() #33 wire/core/Wire.php (416): PageRender->___renderPage() #34 wire/core/WireHooks.php (952): Wire->_callMethod() #35 wire/core/Wire.php (484): WireHooks->runHooks() #36 wire/core/WireHooks.php (1060): Wire->__call() #37 wire/core/Wire.php (484): WireHooks->runHooks() #38 wire/modules/Process/ProcessPageView.module (184): Wire->__call() #39 wire/modules/Process/ProcessPageView.module (114): ProcessPageView->renderPage() #40 wire/core/Wire.php (416): ProcessPageView->___execute() #41 wire/core/WireHooks.php (952): Wire->_callMethod() #42 wire/core/Wire.php (484): WireHooks->runHooks() #43 index.php (55): Wire->__call() #44 {main} thrown (line 39 of site/templates/admin.php)
  2. Hi ? I was wondering whether it is possible to change displayed name of the 'name'-field that is used as login-name for users? I'm using an ID as the login-name and would like to have it displayed as 'ID-db' instead of 'name' in the dropdowns etc. When opening the 'users'-View, can I change the default columns that are displayed? atm it uses fields that are not very helpful, and changing them every time I open it (Access->Users) is very tedious. Thank you, any help is appreciated! ? - Peter
  3. Well, I have this in the sidebar: <?php $aktuelles = $pages->find('template=blog-post, limit=4'); foreach($aktuelles as $aktuell) { $aktuell_body = $aktuell->get('summary|body'); $aktuell_title = $aktuell->title; $aktuell_url = $aktuell->url; $cat = $pages->get('/'.$pages->get('id='.$aktuell->categories[0])->name.'/'); echo '<div> <div class="post"> <p class="date">'.$aktuell_title.'</p> <div class="text">'; $aktuell_body = strip_tags($aktuell_body, '<a><strong><em><i>'); echo truncate_words($aktuell_body, 22); echo '</div> </div>'; if($aktuell->categories!='') echo '<a href="'.$cat->url.'">'.__('Weitere Informationen unter ').$cat->title.'</a>'; echo '</div>'; } ?> and this is the main content with the pagination: <?php $children = $page->children('limit=3'); foreach($children as $child) { $title = $child->title; $url = $child->url; echo '<h2><a href="'.$url.'">'.$title.'</a></h2>'; $grandchildren = $child->children(); foreach($grandchildren as $grandchild) { $grandchild_title = $grandchild->title; $grandchild_body = $grandchild->body; $grandchild_date = $grandchild->date_freeform; echo '<section class="mitteilung veranstaltung"> <h3>'.$grandchild_title.'</h3> <p class="date"><em>'.$grandchild_date.'</em></p> <p>'.$grandchild_body.'</p> </section>'; } } ?> <?php echo $children->renderPager(); ?>
  4. Hello Community ? Has anyone ever tried having multiple elements on one page that get their info with $pages->find('selector, limit=n') and tried using pagination on one of these elements without effecting the other? I have a slider on a page where I display content with pagination. But when I go to page two, the slider content also goes to page two, which I don't want it to do ? Any tips are greatly appreciated! Thanks! -Peter
  5. Couldn't find out what the problem was, so I don't use uikit anymore ?
  6. ok, I also removed the start=0, and now it works. Now I only have to find out, why it doesn't work when I use ukBlogPosts(pages()->get('/aktuelles/')->children, 1 ) and $children->renderPager(); on the same page ?
  7. When I keep the uikit file, but remove the usage of uikit (I've had two instances af ukBlogPosts(pages()->get('/aktuelles/')->children, 1) included in the page), the redirect doesn't happen anymore either. The content still doesn't change ?
  8. I found out that, if I remove uikit from my site, the page is not redirected, but stays on ' .parent-page/page2/ '. It doesn't show the content from page 2 though. It still shows page 1 content. This is the complete template page. <?php namespace ProcessWire; ?> <div id="body_text"> <?php $children = $page->children('start=0, limit=2'); foreach($children as $child) { $title = $child->title; $body = $child->body; $file = $child->file; $file_url = $file['url']; $image = $child->single_images; if ($file=='') $file='#'; ?> <section class="mitteilung"> <?php echo '<h2><a href="'.$file_url.'">'.$child->title.'</a></h2> <p>'.$body.'</p></section>'; } ?> <?php echo $children->renderPager(); ?> </div> In the init file I add the uikit file.
  9. Thanks for your reply! I have 32 child pages, and it generates the navigation correctly with multiple pages. I added a start, but that didn't change it. URL settings are set to blank for the default and pt for the second language. I tried changing the default to de, just in case but the problem still exists. debug is already enabled. No errors are logged. I only have menubuilder and the login/register plugin for sitewide modules installed. Could it have anything to do with PagePathHistory?
  10. Hello ? I have set up pagination on a mulitlanguage site. I've done this before, but this time I have a problem I can't solve. Pagination is activated on 'parent-template' and 'child-template' just to be sure ? This is my code: $children = $page->children('limit=1'); foreach($children as $child) { $title = $child->title; echo $title; } echo $children->renderPager(); The navigation is output correctly and the link look correct as well 'parent-page/page2/'. But when I click the link, the site seems to redirect back to 'parent-page/ Any help would be greatly appreciated ? - Peter
  11. Thank you for your help. That was not the problem, but it pointed me in the right direction. The problem was my stupidity ? I hat $config->sessionAllow = true; set in config. And while it didn't make a problem in 2.6., but it did make on locally in the upgraded version. ?
  12. Thanks for your ideas. I tried it after deleting sessions and file compiler, but I still have the same problem. User salt is identical on both sites.
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