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  1. Peter Troeger

    I have not been able to solve this properly. I cheated in order to stop losing images. I added a DB update and changed the file "last-edited"-Date in the module file (InputfieldSlider.module). Now everytime a slider is saved, it updates all temp image files to permanent files. Not a very clean way to do it, but it saves me from losing data for now This is what I added: $sql = 'SELECT `pages_id`,`data` FROM field_images WHERE created LIKE "1970-01-01 01:00:10"'; $query = $this->database->prepare($sql); $query->execute(); $rows = $query->fetchAll(PDO::FETCH_CLASS); $query->closeCursor(); foreach($rows as $row) { $path = $_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"].'/site/assets/files/'.$row->pages_id.'/'.$row->data; touch($path); } $sql = 'UPDATE field_images SET created=modified WHERE created LIKE "1970-01-01 01:00:10"'; $query = $this->database->prepare($sql); $query->execute();
  2. Peter Troeger

    So, I compared this file with /wire/modules/Inputfield/InputfieldCKEditor/plugins/pwimage/plugin.js and couldn't find any discrepancies. So maybe the problem lies within a different file? It seems to call just an iframe, so I'm not sure why it would be different for ckeditor and te module...
  3. Hi I'm using a lightly modified Version of ProcessSlider on my PW page (3.0.42). But I'm having a problem with the file upload. It's using Ajax File upload to upload images, which is working fine at first, but the images are only uploaded temporarily (creation date 01.01.1970) when an image is uploaded and saved. When pressing the "save"-Button, this does not change. I'm guessing it's due to changes from PW 2 to 3? This is the js that is calling the iframe upload, I think I don't know what to do to amke it save correctly. Anybody who can give me a hint? /** * ProcessWire iFrameImagePicker plugin * * Light verision of InputfieldCKEditor/plugins/pwimage/plugin.js * * @return callback(src, width, height) * */ function loadIframeImagePicker(page_id, callback) { var page_id = page_id;//$("#Inputfield_id").val(); var edit_page_id = page_id; var file = ''; var imgWidth = 0; var imgHeight = 0; var imgDescription = ''; var imgLink = ''; var hidpi = false; var modalUri = config.urls.admin + 'page/image/'; var queryString = '?id=' + page_id + '&edit_page_id=' + edit_page_id + '&modal=1'; if(file.length) queryString += "&file=" + file; if(imgWidth) queryString += "&width=" + imgWidth; if(imgHeight) queryString += "&height=" + imgHeight; queryString += '&hidpi=' + (hidpi ? '1' : '0'); if(imgDescription && imgDescription.length) { queryString += "&description=" + encodeURIComponent(imgDescription); } if(imgLink && imgLink.length) queryString += "&link=" + encodeURIComponent(imgLink); queryString += ("&winwidth=" + ($(window).width() - 30)); // create iframe dialog box var modalSettings = { title: "<i class='fa fa-fw fa-folder-open'></i> " + "Select Image", open: function() { } }; var $iframe = pwModalWindow(modalUri + queryString, modalSettings, 'large'); $iframe.load(function() { // when iframe loads, pull the contents into $i var $i = $iframe.contents(); if($i.find("#selected_image").size() > 0) { // if there is a #selected_image element on the page... var buttons = [ { html: "<i class='fa fa-camera'></i> " + "Insert This Image", click: function() { var $i = $iframe.contents(); var $img = $("#selected_image", $i); $iframe.dialog("disable"); $iframe.setTitle("<i class='fa fa-fw fa-spin fa-spinner'></i> " + "Saving Image"); $img.removeClass("resized"); var width = $img.attr('width'); if(!width) width = $img.width(); var height = $img.attr('height'); if(!height) height = $img.height(); var file = $img.attr('src'); var page_id = $("#page_id", $i).val(); var hidpi = $("#selected_image_hidpi", $i).is(":checked") ? 1 : 0; var rotate = parseInt($("#selected_image_rotate", $i).val()); file = file.substring(file.lastIndexOf('/')+1); var resizeURL = modalUri + 'resize?id=' + page_id + '&file=' + file + '&width=' + width + '&height=' + height + '&hidpi=' + hidpi; if(rotate) resizeURL += '&rotate=' + rotate; if($img.hasClass('flip_horizontal')) resizeURL += '&flip=h'; else if($img.hasClass('flip_vertical')) resizeURL += '&flip=v'; $.get(resizeURL, function(data) { var $div = $("<div></div>").html(data); var src = $div.find('#selected_image').attr('src'); callback(src, width, height); $iframe.dialog("close"); }); } }, { html: "<i class='fa fa-folder-open'></i> " + "Select Another Image", 'class': 'ui-priority-secondary', click: function() { var $i = $iframe.contents(); var page_id = $("#page_id", $i).val(); $iframe.attr('src', modalUri + '?id=' + page_id + '&modal=1'); $iframe.setButtons({}); } }, { html: "<i class='fa fa-times-circle'></i> " + "Cancel", 'class': 'ui-priority-secondary', click: function() { $iframe.dialog("close"); } } ]; $iframe.setButtons(buttons); $iframe.setTitle("<i class='fa fa-fw fa-picture-o'></i> " + $i.find('title').html()); } else { var buttons = []; $(", button[type=submit]:visible", $i).each(function() { var $button = $(this); var button = { html: $button.html(), click: function() { $; } } buttons.push(button); if(!$button.hasClass('pw-modal-button-visible')) $button.hide(); }); var cancelButton = { html: "<i class='fa fa-times-circle'></i> " + "Cancel", 'class': "ui-priority-secondary", click: function() { $iframe.dialog("close"); } }; buttons.push(cancelButton); $iframe.setButtons(buttons); } }); }
  4. Peter Troeger

    Awesome, thank you ver much! It's working now.
  5. Peter Troeger

    I'm using lineheight,horizontalrule,dialogadvtab,tabletools,tableresize,colordialog,magicline,showborders,showblocks I'm not sure what you mean with : Field Input tab, "Remove Plugins", delete magicline. I don't really want to delete ist
  6. Peter Troeger

    Has anyone ever tried implementing MagicLine into CKEditor on processwire? I have quite afew extra plugins running very well, but I can't seem to get magicline to work. Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks! -Peter
  7. Peter Troeger

    Thank you, here as well
  8. Peter Troeger

    Could you explain how I can do that or point me in the right direction? It'd be for a maximum of 500 entries, so it would be ok if it doesn't scale Thanks! Peter
  9. Hi I'm using form builder pro and saving email-adresses to the databse. I only want people to be able to sign up once. Is there a way to check if an email-adress is already in the database and send an error? Thanks for any help! Peter
  10. Peter Troeger

    The error disappeared with the namespaces, but now my site doesn't display correctly (no header and footer and no styling etc.). I'll have to take a closer look next week and try again. Thanks for the help for now. I'll report back next week
  11. Peter Troeger

    Hi Sam, thanks for your good thoughts 1) This happend after my upgrade from PW 2.7 to PW 3. I cleared the cache completely. Not sure if I can turn off the cache now. Is there some code i can add? 2) and 4) when I delete stripTags, it just gives me an error that the next function in is redefined. 3) Functions is ony required_once in the When I remove it from there I get an error because of undefined functions that can't be called I don't understand why this worked in PW 2.7 but not in PW 3. But it kind of looks like a cache problem. But I deleted all cache files and they are rpopulated when I open the website.
  12. Hello My last problem after upgrading to PW 3 was just solves and already do I have a new one :/ My site doesn't load corrctly and I get the error Fatal error: Cannot redeclare stripTags() (previously declared in /site/assets/cache/FileCompiler/site/templates/ in /site/templates/ on line 32 I looks almost like it's loading the functions file twice. Once the one in my template folder and once the one in the cache folder. I tried deleting all folder in cache und deleting wire completely and reuploading it. I still get the same error. Anyone any hints for me? Thanks a lot! Peter
  13. Peter Troeger

    thank you, that was it!
  14. Hi After upgrading to PW 3.0.34 from 2.7.2 I get the following eror: Fatal error: Class 'ModuleJS' not found in /wire/modules/Jquery/JqueryFancybox/JqueryFancybox.module on line 3 Anyone any ideas why that might be? Or has someone maybe encountered the same error? Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank! Peter
  15. Peter Troeger

    Thanks kongondo! I think that post is exactly what I need to look at.