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Found 69 results

  1. JFn

    Anyone have an idea what could be the cause of a Page Reference-Page Auto Complete field to fail with a javascript error JqueryCore.js?v=1550490665:2 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined at (JqueryCore.js?v=1550490665:2) at Object.success (InputfieldPageAutocomplete.min.js?v=112-1550487061:1) at l (JqueryCore.js?v=1550490665:2) at Object.fireWith [as resolveWith] (JqueryCore.js?v=1550490665:2) at T (JqueryCore.js?v=1550490665:2) at XMLHttpRequest.r (JqueryCore.js?v=1550490665:2) Even when making a new auto complete field, default settings with a simple template selector, and new page with just that field in it. Running PW 3.0.125 (and 126, same result). Tested it on another 3.0.126, and there everything works fine, so it's probably not related to the core jQuery. Edit, never mind, the admin > pages > search was disabled. Making the autocomplete search, well, not functioning.
  2. Hi all, Hope that there is a quick tip that someone already know... Is it possible to search in multilanguage fields only in the current language values without to search in the default language as fallback? See the quote below. In other words.. I would like to search only in the current language (Dutch), no matter if some of the Dutch language values are empty. Is it possible? Thanks
  3. I'm doing an artist site and they want to be able to upload a large .tiff to their portfolio. I need to keep to a copy of the original file in the server for the art distributers, and of course serve jpg in the web front end. I had the idea of extending the file or image upload input so that if the image is tiff, keep it, and also convert it to jpg, so I could access through something like $image->originalUrl or $image->size(100, 100)->url I was wondering if you thought this a good idea, or if i'm over-engineering something that could be done simply. Also, I've never extended an input, so any examples are welcome. Thanks!
  4. In the page reference field, one can create new pages if they enable that option. However, the "new" page only gets the title field filled out. Q: Is there a way to expand on this so a user can fill in more fields from the new page? Either in-line or via modal?
  5. I have a page with a good amount of fields on it, I have many other pages in the same template that have no issue, but one particular page just doesn't save changes to any of the fields. I installed the clone page module, cloned the page, and everything cloned fine... but still when i try to make changes to the clone nothing saves either (just like the original page). I expect some kind of notification to show up saying it saved, or not, but i get nothing as if the page reloaded fresh. The failure is silent, and there's nothing in the logs to direct me. This is a real head scratcher and I'm not sure how I should go about troubleshooting it further. Can someone help? Thank you kindly.
  6. I want to show the field "Bilder Französisch" in the admin only if the french title field is filled out. So I entered in the "show this field only if" section on the field title_fr!="" but this doesn't work. How can I achieve this?
  7. Please could someone explain how to mark a topic as solved. This does not appear to be covered by the guidelines.
  8. gerritvanaaken

    Hi there! I need to gather a list of all comments, regardless of the parent page of each comment. Is there a global $comments object, which can do this? Something like: foreach($comments->find('sort=-created') as $comment) { // show comment } I did not find anything similar in the forums. Can someone help me?
  9. Just wondering why the custom format is not applied to select options for page reference fields. Is there an easy way to hook and make it possible? Here are the appropriate (offending) template fields:
  10. I want to add a tab to an edit page in the admin via API. I found a code from @kixe here that basically does this, but I can´t get it to work correctly (see screenshot). As you can see the Tab has a weird name and the submit button appears before the fieldset. Also the tab should appear as second, directly after "Inhalt (content)". Maybe I did something wrong when adding the tab to the form? Here is the code that I used: public function ready() { $this->addHookAfter('ProcessPageEdit::buildForm', $this, 'addButtons'); } public function addButtons($event) { $page = $event->object->getPage(); if ($page->template == "bewerbung") { $form = $event->return; $inputfields = new InputfieldWrapper(); $tab = new InputfieldWrapper(); $tab->attr('title', 'Settings'); $tab->attr('class', 'WireTab'); $markup = $this->modules->get('InputfieldMarkup'); $markup->label = 'Settings'; $markup->value = '<p>Just a placeholder for some inputfields.</p>'; $tab->add($markup); $inputfields->add($tab); $form->add($inputfields); } }
  11. HI guys, I am wondering if I am to focused on the problem, so that I don´t see an obvious solution, or that there is no elegant solution... ;-) Ok, here is the usecase: I am building a template with only one image-field that collects all needed images for that page. Also there are several repeater matrix fields: One for each section of the page. In each repeater matrix there is the possibility to choose one of the pages images for displaying it as "fullwidth section image" on frontend. At the moment I am doing this with a textarea, which is prone to errors, due to wrong user input. Is there another possibility to store an image reference as a textarea?
  12. If I try to upload the same file (an image) to the "files" field AND to the "image" field (for thumbnail generation) on a page. But if I do that I get an error which says: How can I tackle this problem? Is it somehow possible? Because I need the image for a thumbnail and the file from the files field can be downloaded.
  13. VirtuallyCreative

    Hello! I was working on my website on Friday with what appears everything to be fine, and I come back today and now I can't access any page, I just get a white page with no information and no logs are logging what the issue is and I'm quite stumped frankly as to the cause. Going to just brings up a blank page and no error logs and it's driving me crazy trying to troubleshoot. If you go to any other non-processwire page it works fine, like the php info page: At first I thought it was an .htaccess issue (UTF-8 BOM info being parsed by Apache2 a the head of the file) but in re-uploading it that didn't solve it. Then I thought it was a php error from the index page being loaded but no PHP errors appear anywhere that I can see with a timestamp near to today, nor does the Processwire log update. It hasn't updated since the 10th and I'm not sure why. After 10 years of WordPress development, I'm pretty decent at troubleshooting server issues but this just has me for a loop, I'm not sure what's going on here so if anyone has any insight or wouldn't mind taking a look to troubleshoot I can provide you with root access to the server (it's a Ubuntu 16 LTS droplet on Digital Ocean). I've included dumps of my most recent logs, maybe I'm missing a detail? Any insight would be appreciated! Regards, Virtually(Creative) errors.txt access.log error.log
  14. hi I have observed that processwire always cache my page even if i have disable cache from template, my problem is that trying to style the page and to be able to see my changes i have to clear the cache either by save the page again or delete the assets/cache/* or inside module page render . i have try processwire v 3.0.39, 3.042, 3.051 thanks
  15. Hi guys I need an estimate for the following task: I developed a job candidate application in ProcessWire and need an extension to a Lister Pro Page. My customer wants to display a summary table of the filtered data like in the attached screenshot. When you filtered the view, that summary should show how many candidates have which status according to the actual filtered view. If you change the filter, the summary table has to be updated also. Who can accomplish this task and what would it cost? I first need an estimate to tell it to my customer. If he says the price is ok I will provide you with FTP Data to a dev server version of that tool. Thank you in advance.
  16. statestreet

    Often, the pages I find myself referencing in a page field (whether through asmSelect or otherwise) are very simple. They might be categories, tags, or something along those lines, but they only contain a single text field. In cases like these, it would be great to be able to add new ones from the page that contains the referencing field. So if, for instance, I were adding a new page to a site, and had a "topics" field that selected pages from /topics/, and I realized that topic didn't exist yet, I could add it from the page without having to go back to the page tree, navigate to /topics/, create a new topics page, publish, then return to my unpublished new content page. I suppose the most straightforward plan of attack would be to create a new inputfield module, but ideally, this could be applied to any of the existing ones, whether checkboxes, asmSelect, or auto complete. Can a module extend other modules in that way?
  17. I am working on a simple photo gallery site where I have level one: Home, Galleries, Statement level two: Set 1, Set 2, Set 3 etc. (under Galleries) level three: a template that cycles through the child photos of Set 1, Set 2 or Set 3 set by using this code: if ($page->prev->id) { echo "<a href='{$page->prev->url}'></a>"; } else { $lastpage = $page->siblings->last(); echo "<a href='$lastpage->url'></a>"; } echo "<a href='{$page->parent->url}'></a>"; if ($page->next->id) { echo "<a href='{$page->next->url}'></a>"; } else { $firstpage = $page->siblings->first(); echo "<a href='$firstpage->url'></a>"; } echo "<img class='centered' src ='{$page->images->first()->url}'"; The level one and two navigation menus show the the active links as "on" and highlighted according to my CSS declarations at level two. For example: Home Galleries Statement [set One] [set Two] [set Three] [Thumbnail 1] [Thumnail 2] [Thumbnail 3] But clicking on the Thumnail 2 and cycling through turns off the Set Two link: Home Galleries Statement [set One] [set Two] [set Three] <prev [image detail] next> What do I need to add or change to make the second level navigation show as being "on"? This is the code I am using in the header included in all templates at level 1, 2, and 3: <div id="primary-menu"> <?php // Create the top navigation list by listing the children of the homepage. // If the section we are in is the current (identified by $page->rootParent) // then note it with <a class='on'> so we can style it differently in our CSS. // In this case we also want the homepage to be part of our top navigation, // so we prepend it to the pages we cycle through: $homepage = $pages->get("/"); $children = $homepage->children; $children->prepend($homepage); foreach($children as $child) { $class = $child === $page->rootParent ? " class='on'" : ''; echo "<a$class href='{$child->url}'>{$child->title}</a>"; echo " "; } ?> </div> <div id="secondary-menu"> <?php echo "<hr>"; // Output subnavigation // // Below we check to see that we're not on the homepage, and that // there are at least one or more pages in this section. // // Note $page->rootParent is always the top level section the page is in, // or to word differently: the first parent page that isn't the homepage. if($page->path != '/' && $page->rootParent->numChildren > 0) { // We have determined that we're not on the homepage // and that this section has child pages, so make navigation: foreach($page->rootParent->children as $child) { $class = $page === $child ? " class='on'" : ''; echo "<a$class href='{$child->url}'>{$child->title}</a>"; echo " "; } echo "<hr>"; } ?>
  18. I'm having a problem with incorrect "created" dates. "created" dates are showing one day ahead. I don't think it's the server because I did a echo date("Y") and it shows the correct date. I'm doing this echo date("Y m d", $page->created); to show the page/article date. The timezone is set to New York time, which is fine as it's close enough. I'm wondering if this problem is coming up because it's a leap year. I didn't want to fish around the core to find out how "created" was set after looking around and not being able to find it. Anyone have any thoughts on this, or how to fix it?
  19. robrainfall

    How could i accomplish this? I would like to have in the admin a second page navigation and I would like to able to move some elements from the default page navigation to the other one. The element and their children. Any ideas on this?
  20. Martijn Geerts

    Somehow content editors love the <br> tag. On a 'random' base, the're putting in a line break. The cases of double <br> is easy to solve, but the single ones are just a pain in the *ss, as they could be intended. Think 80% of the <br /> makes me <grrrr />. For other elements I can use some pseudo elements to foo-doo visualize when they are used. For br thats not possible without some javascript I think. I even think: Disallow br tags at all.<br> How do you guys solve this.? Putting this in the the CSS, will visualize the BR. p br { content: "*"; display: block; margin-bottom: 0; line-height: 1; } p br:after { content: "<br>"; display: inline; background: red; color: #FFF; font-size: 12px; border-radius: 2px; margin-right: 2px; padding: 0 4px; float: left; }
  21. Lance O.

    I've seen references to the page title, but where in ProcessWire can I set the site title, and how do I include it in my templates? My total experience with ProcessWire is about two hours, but it looks very promising. I develop primarily in WordPress, but the "post" structure has proved itself to be limiting.
  22. Is there a way to hide the publish button for a user? I've had a look around the forums and I can't see that this has come up before, but what I'd like to do is have it so that certain user groups can add pages, edit and save them but not publish them. The idea is that the new pages then have to be approved by someone with higher permissions before the page appears on the site. Linked into this, I'd also like the ability for the user not to be able to edit a page once it's published if that makes sense? So they can add a page (article in this case) tweak it and edit it, let someone with higher perms check over it and publish it, and then at that point the author wouldn't be able to edit the page. I feel like this should be reasonably easy to accomplish with a module but just need a friendly shove in the right direction Something completely different that crossed my mind but would be useful in my situation (and maybe others?) would be the ability to hide a field depending on the user group and set a default value instead. The scenario for this is articles again - I've been using an autocomplete field to tag authors to articles (very occasionally it will have multiple authors), but for users of a certain group I'd like this field to be hidden instead and default the value to their user ID - not sure if that's actually possible? It's not 100% necessary, but again if there's a way to do it with a module I'd happily give it a shot Just as an extra, yet not entirely relevant, piece of information, I was also considering adding a checkbox to the end of the Article temlpate so that the author could then tick the box to say it's ready for review by an editor, and then have a list of articles ready for review on the admin homepage. That might be of interest to someone else working on some sort of approval-based site section, so I'll happily share the code
  23. Hello, Somehow I can't seem to get a new user role to publish new pages -- only create and save unpublished. I created a new role called "editor" with view, edit, delete, and move permissions. I also allowed access management on the appropriate template. Still nothing. What am I missing? I'm using PW 2.2. Knowing how this goes, I'll probably figure this out in a second or two...! Tempting fate, -e.
  24. I first asked this question on Twitter but I guess the forum is a better place to get a good answer. The following code is taken from the file of the default PW theme: // Create the top navigation list by listing the children of the homepage. // If the section we are in is the current (identified by $page->rootParent) // then note it with <a class='on'> so we can style it differently in our CSS. // In this case we also want the homepage to be part of our top navigation, // so we prepend it to the pages we cycle through: $homepage = $pages->get("/"); $children = $homepage->children; $children->prepend($homepage); foreach($children as $child) { $class = $child === $page->rootParent ? " class='on'" : ''; echo "<li><a$class href='{$child->url}'>{$child->title}</a></li>"; } The definition of $page->rootParent from the cheatsheet: I understand, that if you have the following page structure … Home About ProjectsProject ASubproject 1 Project B … and calling $page->rootParent->title on »Subproject 1« outputs »Projects«. But why can I also check with it that a page is the »current« one like written in the above code ($child === $page->rootParent)? I guess the problem I have with this is that one method implies two different semantics (which confuses me). Just wanted to share my thoughts about this as I’m trying to truly »learn« PW form the inside out.