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  1. Hi, I played around with my Mysql-database and because I did not remember that database-password, I entered a new one. After that my website throws an 'Internal server error'. Any help?
  2. @BillH Hi BillH, now your script does exactly what it is made for. Everything works fine, and I have learned more about PHP. Thanks a lot!
  3. @BillH Sorry, but I am not very familiar with php-programming, so I didn't find the right place where to add your patch to your convert-script. Would you be so kind to post the whole script? Günter
  4. @BillH Thanks again for your help, I will try your suggestion immediately. kind regards Günter
  5. @netcarver I asked my webhoster: scripts are limited at 300 seconds, but my script stops at less than 60 seconds. So I addet set_time_limit(300); ignore_user_abort(0); to my script, but this did not change anything. Greetings Günter
  6. Hi BillH, thank You for the great help. Now the script runs, but unfortunately it stops after doing half of its job
  7. Hi BillH, now I added your script to one of my templates and called it with my browser. As long as I leave the saves commented out it runs as desired, but if I try to save the changes it comes up with an "Internal Server Error"
  8. Some years ago I built a site with the help of the 'Image extra'-module. After some problems I decided to change to the modern way with a field-images-template. Now I want to copy the contents of that old Image-extra-field to my new fields. Is there a way to do that for all images at once?
  9. Hi @adrian, thanks for your fast reply. I will try out this in the next days. Tonight it's time for bed.
  10. I deleted an amount of files in the database (via phpMyAdmin). After that I was able to edit the page again. Thank you for your help, I am still learning ... Now I created some subpages to avoid this trouble again. Is there an easy way to move some images from the parent page to the subpages (preferred complete with title, description, etc.)
  11. maybe, its a problem with the image-extra module?
  12. Hi @kongondo, now the images are deleted, but the page 'meine Heimat' still shows the name of the deleted images.
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