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  1. Yes exactly but with an easier syntax (imho), but dump is just one example. I don't know anything about the caching, and yeah it is bad that not the real file is shown in the dump
  2. I used Smarty and Twig before, and have to say, that Latte feels much better, and the conditional rendering of elements is a great simplification.
  3. This is just syntactic sugar and uses Tracys debug bar, similar to using `{bd ($myvar)}. Using things like tags and filters are also syntactic sugar. {$page->intro|noescape} // or <div n:if="$features"> Tags have some advantages over plain PHP in the template context. For example they are chainable and easy to read/write: {$page->intro|noescape|upper} // outputs unescaped HTML content in uppercase
  4. I did not upgrade yet, I am in the process of integration Latte v3 into the TemplateEngineLatte renderer, but still need time for it. Right now I am using v2
  5. Or just use {dump $page->title} I think you can drop the parentheses after items or content. Also you might want to use a n:if clause on the ul, so the markup is discarded if there are no items. <ul n:if="$block->items"> <li n:foreach="$block->items as $item"> <a href="#">{$item->title}</a> <div>{$item->content|noescape}</div> </li> </ul> I am also using Latte in an actual project and love it so far. For the integration into ProcessWire I am using TemplateEngineFactory. It also has a Latte renderer (but with Latte 2 atm, actual version is 3).
  6. Somewhere in your template where you expect the variables to appear try the following code: print_r($_GET); // or echo $_SERVER["QUERY_STRING"]; What do they output? Also you might want to take a look at this module PaymentPaypal (PaymentPaypal) - ProcessWire Module
  7. Take a look at these alternatives: Laragon (much better and easier setup than Xampp) was my favorite before I stumbled upon ddev (which requires Docker Desktop and WSL2) VSCode (way better for programming than Sublime)
  8. I think you could use just $page->references('template=adebate') to get the debates that reference this speaker. See the blog post ProcessWire 3.0.107 core updates
  9. Try to look into RockMigrations. It is great and makes updating fields and templates easy and version controllable.
  10. Hey Adrian, can you tell why are you unhappy with SeoMaestro? I just installed it yesterday in a new site and really like it. Are you missing some features?
  11. The module wasn't working because the home template had a setting of "allow url segments", so the URL hook was not working. Without the setting it works fine.
  12. The easiest and best way to setup this stack in my opinion is ddev. DDEV is an open source tool that makes it dead simple to get local PHP development environments up and running within minutes. It's powerful and flexible as a result of its per-project environment configurations, which can be extended, version controlled, and shared. In short, DDEV aims to allow development teams to use Docker in their workflow without the complexities of bespoke configuration. Me and @bernhard use it, and are very satisfied. I am using it on Windows 11 inside of WSL2. But it also runs on Macs and Linux machines.
  13. Just released the new version of the german language pack for stable version 3.0.200
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