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  1. There is also a config setting for the adminRootPageID, but I would not recommend to change it, as a config comment states: "Values in this section are not meant to be changed". And some modules even use this setting, to find a subpage, for example PageLister Pro, which then would not work as expected anymore: $admin = $this->wire('pages')->get($this->wire('config')->adminRootPageID); $parent = $admin->child('name=page, include=all');
  2. You can use a hook to redirect after "Save & Exit": // the hook in a location like _init.php or in a module's init function $this->addHookBefore('ProcessPageEdit::processSaveRedirect', $this, 'redirectAfterSave'); /** * redirects to the main ListerPro "Raumdatenblätter" after saving a page with template raum * @param HookEvent $event * @throws WireException * @throws WirePermissionException */ public function redirectAfterSave(HookEvent $event) { $url = $event->arguments(0); $page = $event->object->getPage(); if ($page->template == "raum" && !$page->isTrash()) { if ($url == "../") { $goto = wire("pages")->get('/raumdatenblatt/raumdatenblaetter/')->url; $event->arguments = array($goto); } } }
  3. I think Bernhard's ideas are very good and intuitive. I would also think that a ->has method would return a boolean.
  4. There was a problem with the modules directory. Now you can install the module from within ProcessWire. I am looking forward to your feedback.
  5. Yes it works now for me also. Thanks Pete
  6. @Pete It doesnt work for me😔. Changed my name here in the forums to "dotnetic". Go to https://directory.processwire.com/login/ and entered my name "dotnetic" and my password (even tried with my old long name "Jens Martsch - dotnetic" before). Clicked submit Being redirected to "https://profile/" Even tried different browsers, clearing cookies and using private mode in Edge
  7. @gebeer The non CSS version is included in the dist directory. You should ask such specific questions in the github issues: https://github.com/KIProtect/klaro/issues Besides of that, your command looks good. They expect the node environment variable SEPARATE_CSS to generate the script.
  8. The newest version of Klaro gives you the option if the CSS is included or you provide your own CSS. This is based on my PR.
  9. @Pete Anything new about this?
  10. It works fine here with PW 3.0.148 (almost a fresh installation). No errors.
  11. @elabx Don't give up. It also took me a long time to work on ModulesManager 2 because of client work and other stuff. Then I have taken some time just for developing the module and saying "not today" to clients, because I need to finish this important thing that I am developing. I wanted to have a base so others can give feedback and submit PR's to help me with the module. But that's only an option if you plan to release it as Open Source. I hope you find the time to work on this again.
  12. @elabx and @joshuag, any news about the progress or your plans? I would love to see that great module.
  13. module is also now in the modules directory at https://modules.processwire.com/modules/modules-manager2/ Still pending
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