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  1. @kongondo Thank you for that module. Befor I go and order it, I'd like to make sure that the feature my client needs is included already. For that client each media item should be available as a public download. So in the list of media in the manager there should be something like a button to copy that public link and when editing media that public link should be displayed also. I guess the module needs some customizing to do this. Would this be possible through hooks? Especially for the media lists in the manager. Are there hooks available where I could inject some markup or even an extra column in list view? Since all media are pages, I guess I can hook into ProcessPageEdit for those templates and add the link to display in the page editor screen?
  2. Hello all, I can't seem to find a way to translate the notice type for the admin notices, .g. 'Notices, 'Session' etc. The live search tool on the language edit page does not find it. I also did a search through the wire folder and could nowhere find these terms as translatable expressions. Is this just not possible ATM or am I missing something? I also couldn't find a hook in the core that lets me manipulate the notices. Only AdminThemeRenoHelpers has a non-hookable function renderAdminNotices. That is all I could find.
  3. Thanks again for this great module. I enjoy working with it. Found a small bug, though. The MatrixArray->getValue() method retrieves the value from a matrix field on wire('page'). So it tries to get the matrix field of the page the code is executed on. This isn't always the page we want to process and where the matrix field actually lives on. I changed MatrixArray.php, line 157 to $value = $this->page->$n->get("$rowSel, $colSel"); // instaed of $value = wire('page')->$n->get("$rowSel, $colSel"); Now it is working fine.
  4. Indeed, I don't see a way either. Would be nice to have this as configuration option in the module. Maybe we should file a request to https://github.com/processwire/processwire-requests ?
  5. No, was not looking further. If your code can be implemented as a hook, that would be perfect, I guess.
  6. The addAttachment method requires a file path on the disk, not an url. Try $m->addAttachment ( $page->email_main_img->filename ); See also https://processwire.com/api/ref/pageimage/filename/
  7. @BitPoet @Autofahrn Thank you both for clarifying.
  8. Hi all, On one of my clients installs which is hosted by Strato, I quite sporadically get DB connection errors like: Exception: SQLSTATE[HY000] [2003] Can't connect to MySQL server on 'keepsake.store.d0m.de' The server address is wrong here. It always has the store.d0m.de part in it with varying subdomains like trick, whemper etc. The actual address in config.php is rdbms.strato.de. So how can PW possibly try and connect to that wrong address? Does it point to a hacking attempt or is something wrong with Strato's internal DB server routing during high load times? Anyways, just posting this to see if anyone else has seen behaviour like this before. I'll also ask the Strato support and hope they can shed some light...
  9. I just had a similar error message on one of my sites: Uncaught TypeError: Argument 3 passed to ProcessWire\LanguageTranslator::textdomainTemplate() must be of the type array, null given It is not a consisten error, appeared only once in the log. No idea what causes this. Maybe someone can jump in? The site actually uses only 1 language I installed Languages base module so I can have the backend in German.
  10. I did not run into this again and it happened only on that one install which has not been upgraded since. So I'm afraid, I can't tell...
  11. @kongondo Thank you very much for this module. Very useful in a simple shop scenario that I'm building with PW 3.0.125 on PHP 7.2. When I try to dump a Matrix field on a page with bd($p->variationmatrix) I get an error: Exception: Class 'MatrixArray' doesn't yet implement method 'makeBlankItem()' and it needs to. on line: 190 in /var/www/hugoerke.local/wire/core/WireArray.php Just looping over $p->variationmatrix does not throw the exception. As a quick fix, I added the amended original method from WireArray to the MatrixArray Class like this public function makeBlankItem() { $class = wireClassName($this, false); if($class != 'MatrixArray' && $class != 'PaginatedArray') { throw new WireException("Class '$class' doesn't yet implement method 'makeBlankItem()' and it needs to."); } return null; } No more exception now. But still wondering why this happened, maybe something in the core changed that requires every WireArray derived class to redefine this method?
  12. gebeer


    With the the relatively new ProField FieldtypeFieldsetGroup it should be a quick job to add this to all templates.
  13. @Autofahrn @Jan P. Thank you very much for your input. Besides the changes mentioned, did you need any additional rewrite rules in .htaccess?
  14. Hello, I searched the forum but couldn't find posts about the exact same scenario that I am facing. Instead of serving the different languages through a language specific URL, Each language should have their own domain. Everything is served from one single PW installationh, no multisite setup. So instead of domain.com/ domain.com/de/ domain.com/pl/ etc. the language versions should be available under domain.com domain.de domain.pl etc. I found how to switch the language based on the http hostname. But there are a few more questions: How to properly implement the redirection in .htaccess How to configure PW so it doesn't append the language to the URL? (just leave the language names out on the home page settings tab?) I hope someone has had that scenario before and can help out with some hints. Thank you.
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