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  1. Here is one possible way to go about this: add the user role and template name to the ProcessWire.config JS object with https://processwire.com/api/ref/config/js/ in /site/modules/InputfieldCKEditor/config.js retrieve that information and setup different CKEditor configs depending on role/template
  2. You can load all the CKEditor assets in a template by loading the module $modules->get('InputfieldCKEditor'); This will load all assets to $config->scripts and $config->styles Now in your main.php (or template file that renders your <head>) you need to include something like foreach ($config->styles as $file) echo "\n\t<link type='text/css' href='$file' rel='stylesheet' />\n"; foreach ($config->scripts as $file) echo "\n\t<script src='$file'></script>\n"; This approach is only working with the delayed output strategy.
  3. That was me 🤯 @Sevarf2 I pushed a fix. Please download https://github.com/gebeer/FieldtypeImageReference/blob/master/InputfieldImageReference.module Sorry for the inconvenience!
  4. No plans to implement this for now. If there are multiple requests I will consider it.
  5. @Sevarf2 where do your images live, in site/assets/imgs? Then you need to define just 'imgs/' I just pushed a fix for the error you mentioned to github. You only need to download and replace https://github.com/gebeer/FieldtypeImageReference/blob/master/InputfieldImageReference.module Let me know how it goes.
  6. @Sevarf2 please post your settings.json again. Do you have TracyDebugger installed, any Errors?
  7. @Sevarf2 you need to specify the folderpath correctly. When the files are located in /site/templates/images/icons/, the value is 'images/icons/ ' When the files are located in /site/assets/icons/, the value is 'icons/' Hope that helps
  8. gebeer


    This module is an SMTP extension for the WireMail class. It can only handle SMTP transport which is for outgoing mail. There is no module that I know of which can handle incoming mail (IMAP, POP3). If you want to handle incoming mail, you could use a service for transactional emails like mailgun (and the WireMailgun module) and use webhooks. But this still involves quite a lot of programming.
  9. If you are using v1 of this module and you want to auto-remove entries from the 404 monitor when you create a jumplink from an entry there, you can use this simple hook in site/templates/admin.php $this->addHookBefore('ProcessJumplinks::executeCommit', function(Hookevent $event){ $input = $this->input->post; $sourcePath = $input->sourcePath; if($sourcePath) { $statement = "DELETE FROM process_jumplinks_nf WHERE request_uri = :sourcePath"; try { $this->database->prepare($statement)->execute([ 'sourcePath' => $sourcePath ]); $this->message("Eintrag '$sourcePath' wurde aus 404 Monitor Liste entfernt"); } catch (\Throwable $th) { $this->error("Fehler beim Entfernen des Eintrags '$sourcePath' aus der 404- Monitor Liste: " . $th->getMessage()); } } }); and adapt the messages to your liking :-)
  10. @iNoize you are talking about SeoMaestro. But this is the thread for MarkupSeo module 😆
  11. Thanks for clarifying. Which hook would you use to trigger deletion of logger entries, ___executeEntity or ___executeCommit?
  12. Actually, I set this up once for multiple projects. Now every time I add a new project it takes me 5 minutes which is ok for me 🙂
  13. Let me throw https://laradock.io/ into the mix. I've been using it for the last 3 years or so. Absolutely great.
  14. @Mike Rockett has this been addressed yet? I have a customer complaining about this. Would be really nice if those 404 entries got removed. Any plans on implementing this? And thousand thanks for this great module!
  15. I tried both but it didn't help. Also I uninstalled and removed the module, deleted all cookies, local storage and session storage and then reinstalled. Problem persists. Can't see what the invalid escape sequence could possibly be. On my local dev install of the website, I don't have that problem. I'll try to find the cause for this behaviour and will let you know here. Thanks again.
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