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  1. Given that you are using your UIKit+Tailwind combination, this sounds like a viable solution. Not sure though if text-white on the container will override input text and placeholder colors as welll as icon colors. So it would be still kind of a mess. I'd prefer to do this with uk classes if possible since I'm on a pure UIKit project. But given that you work way more with UIKit than me, there doesn't seem to be an easy solution. I'll wait what the client ays to the dark search bar before I get my hands dirty. Hopefully they like it πŸ™‚
  2. So here I am, fighting with UIKit (again). Offcanvas feature is great and works a charm out of the box. Only thing, those offcanvas bars are dark background by default. You could change that through variable overrides, sure. But what if you have 2 bars, one for nav (mobile) and one for an AJAX search thingy and you want the former to have dark and the latter to have light background? Easy right? Just add sth like uk-background-default and uk-dark to the uk-offcanvas-bar container. Done. Right? No. Shoot. what is happening here? White text, White icon, white input with white placeholder text. So not much to see here. Bonkers. 7 mins traveling through perplexity search later reveals an old closed (but seemingly not solved) GH issue. It suggests that back in 2021 offcanvas did not support the inverse component. Too bad, especially since it still does not seem to support it. Why the heck would it be such a hassle for a seemingly easy task? Is this such an exotic use case? Enough of the rambling. On to the obvious question: how do people solve this (other than suggested solution involving writing tons of CSS)? Is there a generic way of doing this with uk-classes in 2024? Your input would be much appreciated so I can move on to more exciting tasks πŸ™‚
  3. Go for it! The distro you choose doesn't really matter imo. Just use the one you feel most comfortable with. I'm full time on Linux since 2003 and haven't thought about switching back to Win or Mac ever since. Maybe Linux on Mac hardware πŸ˜› Back in the days Ubuntu was released as free DVD via mailorder πŸ™‚ My journey went from Ubuntu to Debian Based Mint (LMDE) with Mate, then Cinnamon desktop. I finally settled on Arch (btw) for the last 8 years or so. Now I'm in the process of switching to NixOS for its deterministic setup approach and reproducability of exactly the same system on multiple machines. Lot's of fun if you're coming from a programming background. Anyways, as for graphics apps, I've been using a pirated CS6 in VMs for many years. Then switched to Photopea. Not doing a lot of graphics. But sometimes really am missing Illustrator, mainly for its text on path features. You can do it with Inkscape but it is fiddly as hell. Photopea is even better with that. File manager color labels: Nautilus on Gnome needs an extension for that from a custom PPA. If you feel comfortable using gnome extensions and packages from random PPAs out there, you could go that route. Gnome is great in itself. But, you already said it, might break easily when using extensions. Kinda like the Wordpress Plugin Hell. KDE does not have that out of the box as far as I'm aware. Found a 6 years old extension... Maybe you missed out on terminal file managers. There's a ton out there. I love yazi with vim style key binds (configurable through toml file). It has file colors/icons out of the box if you use Nerd Fonts in the terminal and feels really nice for a terminal application: You can disable snaps and replace them with flatpak which is a way better ecosystem given you have ample disk space. This depends very much on the hardware and distro used. You really should have had a better exoperience given that you bought a Linux optimized laptop. I have one, too (Tuxedo with AMD) and it seems I got lucky or they did a better job than your vendor. Never hear even the faintest fan noise. Then I have a 10 year old Asus ZenBook. Still running like a champ with very moderate noise under high loads. Linux is so awesome because of all the choices it gives you. Can be a bit overwhelming at the start, though. Man, I could talk hours on end about this topic. What a great way to procrastinate πŸ˜‹
  4. Yeah, that one is actually pretty cool, because you can mix UIKit styles (or any Framework for that matter) with Tailwind. It has no fully featured webpack setup like my module, though.
  5. @HMCB thanks for the Like on my post. In case you want to use my module, you need to update npm package versions to the latest ones. Haven't done that in a while...
  6. You could do a check for existance of window.htmx and then conditionally include it from CDN. Sth along these lines if (typeof window.htmx === 'undefined') { var script = document.createElement('script'); script.src = "https://unpkg.com/htmx.org@latest"; script.integrity = "sha384-ujb1lZYygJmzgSwoxRggbCHcjc0rB2XoQrxeTUQyRjrOnlCoYta87iKBWq3EsdM2"; // Not sure if this works reliably with @latest script.crossOrigin = "anonymous"; document.head.appendChild(script); script.onload = function() { console.log("htmx loaded successfully!"); }; script.onerror = function() { console.error("Failed to load htmx!"); }; } else { console.log("htmx is already loaded."); }
  7. Thanks for the module! htmx is awesome and absolutely the right tool for such things.
  8. I think we have all been there - don't worry πŸ™‚ I tend to put myself under pressure quite often. Only to realize afterwards that it was totally unnecessary. Maybe related to my zodiac sign? It sometimes would be a healthier decision to just take the time I needed and also communicate that.
  9. I totally support this. Since the tweaks part of RM can be expected to grow, I also think it would be better to have this in a separate module. RM really should be what it states: the ultimate automation and deployment tool. This is where it shines. I'd be sad to see it become bloated with functionality not related to that. Just my honest opinion.
  10. What @dotneticsaid. And when trying out things. Snapshot - add fields/templates/dummy pages etc. Like it -> keep it. Don't like it -> rollback to last snapshot.
  11. Here you go: https://www.baumrock.com/en/processwire/modules/rockmigrations/docs/magicpages/
  12. Yeah, I also love it and wouldn't want to miss it. Especially handy is the ddev snapshot feature. Has saved me a ton of time already.
  13. Before you try, I changed a line in the code above. Use the new version.
  14. Thank you for providing the screens. That helps. If you want to have linked products on the contract pages, you need to add a page reference field for products, like I described above. After you have added that field, you can use this script to loop through all contract pages and assign linked products by id: foreach($pages->find("template=contract") as $cp) { // assuming you have a field $cp->uid with the id // get products with same id $products = $pages->find("template=product, uid={$cp->uid}, status<" . Page::statusTrash); // add products with same id to products field $cp->products->add($products); // changed this line // save the changes $cp->setAndSave('products'); } EDIT: changed a line in the code You need to change the template and field names to fit your installation. After running the script, every contract page should have linked products assigned. The process for linking customers to products should be similar. Let me know how it goes.
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