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  1. Searching larger page sets can be critical in PW. I had experience with 100'000+ articles that searching 3-5 text fields suddenly takes 5-8 seconds (this is on a very fast server). Reducing it to 1 fields only would take 0.1s. But how would you go if you want to search multiple attributes and all. So for a product site I only have experience with 2-3000 artikels that already takes 2-3 seconds to search and an index ain't going to help here. So PW comes to a limit very quickly when searching large sets with multiple fields. It just creates lots of joins that can hurt your search. Also importing and handling such large sets can be very time consuming. I have a site where 45'000 members need to be snyched every day. Doing that with the API takes around 45m+ and takes lots of memory quickly. It has to deal with loading comparing, creating objects and may produce lots of work for the DB. Compared to have a CSV directly imported to a table would take a couple seconds.
  2. Module

    One of my older module just got some love! So, just wanted to mention that the Module was updated to v2.0.0 with some changes. 1. Its now compatible with PW2.4+ and PW3+. 2. Some changes were made to how it works. It was replacing core function to create the page list labels thus some newer features were missing. Which was kinda pain in the ***. Now it's just hooking after and prepends the image. Done. 3. It also now is not enabled/configured through the template custom label anymore. You can configure templates via a textfield on the modules configuration screen. Just enter template names along with the image field you wish to use: basic-page,image Or basic-page,image.landscape document1,image.portrait 4. It now supports also FieldtypeCropImage (v1) FieldtypeCroppableImage (v2) FieldtypeCroppableImage3 (v3) ... Thanks @adrian for the patience to fix some old problem, and give a hint at new PW3 menu issue. Strange looking at it after years
  3. We started using mustache template engine with PW. Since mustache is implemented in various languages. Currently I can render anything either server side or client side with js or php and both share the same code base. Data can be either objects arrays or json whatever you like. We also use patternlabs node mustache version for prototyping and so all patterns can be used 1:1 in PW later using some simple controller system based on Classes that extend PW WireData so all API can be used. We also use terrificjs for easy modular js components. So no vue or react but just to mention that there's everything possible in PW.
  4. You need to hook after not before.
  5. If I look at the code on Skyscraper Demo I see: <button type="submit" id="search_submit" class="uk-button uk-button-primary" name="submit" value="1"><i class="uk-icon-search"></i> Search</button>
  6. Ok according to L.Wittgenstein: "The world is the totality of facts, not of things".
  7. The world is a sum of all its things.
  8. Yeah because if you reference a page in it self, it would create a endless reference.
  9. When I click that link I download a (10mb). You have to extract the content of the zip maybe first?
  10. Since the informations are really spare, any chance to have a look at that? Or a db dump?
  11. You seem to have the callback wrong. It should be a funtion not a self executing closure... (function(){}) ... dont just copy the code into the callback. A callback in this case is usually always just a anonymous function. Example: callback: function(){ ... code.... },
  12. Maybe you have some more information? Code. Where is the code. What are those pages and how are they created? What is their status in DB? I can't think of anything that would cause this.
  13. No you asked in the correct forum, I meant the other guys. Unfortunately I also don't have an answer to your problem, except that if the result are loaded via ajax, the JS needs to be executed again somehow after load.
  14. Please! You guys mix up those two modules "EmailObfuscation" and "EmailObfuscator" This thread is for The other is alias EMO, There's no "EMO" and such in this module.