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  1. Soma

    No it's not fully supported.
  2. You should not use "post" but "get" for a searchform. This way it's not trying to resubmit the form. The design pattern when using "post" for Forms usually is PRG
  3. Soma

    *moved to dev talk*
  4. Your hook doesn't tell anything about how you manipulate the data. This works just fine for me in ready.php : $this->addHookBefore("ProcessPageEdit::processInput", function (HookEvent $event) { $form = $event->arguments("form"); if($form->get("lat")) { $this->input->post->lat = 12; } });
  5. Something like ?
  6. I have a ~40k CSV rows import/sync that runs for almost an hour. And it's not even importing, just syncing. If you use the API to load and cycle through lots of pages it is slow, there's no real way around it except doing it in SQL directly.
  7. Just to correct, if you have edit right and a language or page is unpublished you still can see it if logged in. It's just that maybe something like the language nav that wouldn't show the switch link for that language, but it can be coded to be seen by editors.
  8. Soma

    This return the correct url for me $user->editUrl(true);
  9. Soma

    If you set an explicit protocol on the template, $page->httpUrl() will return correct https if set. $input->httpUrl(true); Will return the full requested url with protocol and query string / url segments.
  10. Soma

    Ever tried: $page->editUrl(true);
  11. There's no group by feature in PW. WireArray->unique() doesn't work for this purpose. Using the API you could Just build an array using WireArray->explode() and use array_unique(). Depending how large the result set is you could cache the array so it only builds the array when it expires or based on a selector. $uniquedates = $cache->get("uniquedates", "template=basic-page", function(){ return array_unique(wire("pages")->find("template=basic-page, sort=date")->explode("date")); }); print_r($uniquedates); If the amount of entries is very large and it would take several seconds to build the array, it could make sense to use something like direct SQL query.
  12. Soma

    Also I wouldn't use "$files" as that is a PW template variable.
  13. Soma

    $name = str_replace("_", "", $file->name);
  14. Soma

    I'm not sure I can follow you. What cache are you using then? PW template cache can be cleared in the core module "PageRender"
  15. Soma

    Thanks @adrian I think I got it sorted out. New version 1.0.4 is pushed.