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  1. Soma

    Everybody can make music. is a powerful pretty unique in the browser sound production studio. I remember back then it was made with flash, nowadays it's a JS app with 600k lines of code. Pretty amazing if you never seen it try it out.
  2. Soma

    I don't think your thread got deleted, but the ProDrafts VIP Board is for support of this payed module. Access to the VIP ProDrafts support and upgrades board.
  3. Soma

    When you change the $user->language, all following API returns stuff in that language also, the $page->url or $input->url. No need to do str_eplace on something already the same. So if $this.>getLangFromCookie does return the language object then you can change it to this. private function doInitLocalization() { $user = wire('user'); $input = wire('input'); // Get/set user language from either browser or cookie $language = $this->getLangFromCookie() ?: $this->getValidBrowserPrefLang(); if($language !== $user->language) { $user->language = $language; $this->wire("session")->redirect($input->url(true)); } }
  4. Maybe this will help?
  5. Soma

    Something like this would be the easiest way, I can think of, to do what you are doing. Redirect to a another language, including urlSegments, Pagenumber and optional QueryStrings; if($user->language->isDefault) { $user->language = $languages->get("de"); $session->redirect($input->url($withQueryString = true)); }
  6. Soma

  7. There's no difference only preference.
  8. Soma

    It's still popular even in 2018.
  9. Soma

    I tried but not luck.
  10. Soma

    SSL operation failed On Mac? This is due to OpenSSL changes by Apple.
  11. I don't know of any other Fieldtypes that work this way.
  12. If you render the value of the field you get the table rendered by class TableRows. It's nothing to do with the Fieldtype or Inputfield render. So you can simply use the render function of the value == TableRows object and add your options. $value = $page->mytable->render(array("tableClass" => "uk-table")); Though nothing wrong with you str_replace. I don't get how that is bad but anyway.
  13. Soma

    Well can't say without problems, cause the editor gets really unresponsive and it doesn't save anymore... well. Edit: well looks like it was hanging a lot and after couple minutes I was able to edit again as it seems it finally deleted all files, but it's not made for such large amounts.
  14. Soma

    I just uploaded 300 images without problem. Sorry don't know.