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  1. Soma

    I think Tom is right. Inputfield render is the inputfield markup not the whole <html>. Why not just use the core scripts array? $this->wire("config")->scripts->add("/xxx/xxx.js");
  2. I think this is by design to optimize queries. But not sure. It uses COUNT in SQL to evaluate children counts which don't check for page status, I can imagine on very large sets it could get slow? Anyway this case is rare you really need this and have access aware. What is your use case exactly? You can always just loop the pages in question and check for $page->numChildren(true) which is access aware. (You could also store/cache that info in a real field on the page with some hooks and use that.) Some example with numChildren() $res = $pages->find("template=basic-page"); foreach($res as $r){ $r->has_children = $r->numChildren(true) > 1 ? "true" : "false" ; } echo " | has children: " . $res->find("has_children=true"); echo " | no children: " . $res->find("has_children=false");
  3. Soma

    Maybe just use this module?
  4. Soma

    It's not a bulk redirection of all to home... RewriteRule (.*) https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} All urls redirect to its same url just https. Your code doesn't work and doesn't make sense here at all cause you redirect /about to /about to /about to /about to /about .....
  5. The trick really only is to use $page->get("url_redirect|url") in your code.
  6. Soma

    There's a special block in the PW htaccess commented out to redirect all requests to https if it's not.
  7. Why not just use PageTable field?
  8. Do you mean this? (ProcessPageEditImageSelect)
  9. It's all there. When I was starting with PW years ago, I very soon looked at modules and all the Process modules that make the admin. So I never really needed a tutorial, just look and learn copy and try. It was so simple and since it's all in the same fashion using the already familiar API and "normal" modules. So you have a ton of modules Ryan has already built that make ProcessWIre backend you can use as examples/learning. Isn't it nice?
  10. Soma

    Maybe you should post this in the Duplicator module thread....
  11. Soma

    Have you installed both modules? It looks like it's not as automatic as it could be.
  12. Well funny thing is i also tested in 3.0.98 and it works.
  13. I would install a new PW and test it. If it works it's something with your installation, maybe some settings or module?
  14. There's not special permission. page-view and page-edit the usuals. Yes it's in a repeater-matrix.