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  1. Maybe party_type is multiple instead of single page select?
  3. Module

    I just tried and changed my setup to a and and its working fine. I don't see any reason why domain name would make a difference. I even uninstalled languages support to rule that out. I also don't know which PW version we are talking about. Also 404 page of server or PW? The config is correct and works here. Also config root name doesn't have to be the domain it could be "foo" or "bar". Only thing I can imagine is if you have a folder called "page1" in your install that would conflict with PW (nothing to do with multisite)
  4. Module

    0.1.0 is the correct version I recommend. I'm not sure, looks correct except you have config "" but you access the site with It should match I think.
  5. Why do u use big letter in url? No good.
  6. Just because the user is logged in doesn't mean he has view/edit access to the user page. The user template is secured and inherit access from admin template.
  7. I?m not sure I understand the problem. The "News" entry has a class "active" as it should, but it doesn't show the children as they're hidden dropdown. Seems more like a problem with your html css js.
  8. Module

    Not sure why you need to rewrite it. Current last version is the essence of 2-3 experience using it. Just wanted to mention that for good reasons the module doesnt hook page path anymore cause it creates all sort of problem with core and other modules. Also id based root isnt tranportable thats why i have done it via config and page names. Good luck.
  9. Module

    Ah yes. No problem, I found the issue. My older Multisite module, which was hooking and altering page paths is the problem. Thats why I removed it from Multisite.
  10. Module

    I'm just trying the module. Thanks for the awesome tool. I tried to import the with edit imported content option after, but after some time I get a error "Missing required ZIP or JSON Source" and nothing has changed. After trying again without the option to edit, the pages are all flat imported under home instead of creating the structure. Edit: Every page in the json has: parent_name: "/"
  11. You're all wrong and most only work with entries already added and saved to the pagetable. It doesn't work for when adding a new item, cause the new entry page isn't saved yet to the pagetable field... Only easy way is to store them as children, so you can check for the parent. But storing the entries in a different place there's no way to tell in the newly created entry what source page it is going to land in. I created a github issue 3! years ago and never got a single response from Ryan... The solution I came up with was to store the id in the session and transfer that over to the page edit of the entry, Since I had not autoname feature enabled there, there was a step in between where the entry page isn't even created yet. Kinda hacky but worked. The other issue I got with PageTable also never got answered
  12. Yeah it has most likely to do with valid children method. Can you test this I will have a look at it later and finally make an update.
  14. You can also do $f = new Field(); $f->setArray([ 'name' => 'field_label', 'type' => wire('modules')->get('FieldtypeWhatever'), 'tags' => 'tag1 tag2', 'label' => 'Field Label', 'columnWidth' => 50, ] );
  15. How does the date field work? I get "Not valid resolved type for field \"datetime\"" datetime being the name of the field in my case. Edit: Forget it I'm dumb, forgot to allow the field. It's unusual to not have access as superuser. But the error message is a little missleading Edit: Lol hmm I added it to allowed fields and still same error. System fields "created", "modified" work fine. Also if you only want to get one specific page is it correct to do for example a { basic_page(s: "id=1001"){ list{ title } } } or are there any other methods? Edit: Something else would be image Pageimage is there any support for creating sizes? I see there's something but I don't understand it yet. Edit: Ok I got it. I have to enable "size" for image first images the it work nicely: ... images{ size(width: 150, height: 0) { url } } ... So we can request a size that doesn't exist and it will create it if we have rights to do so. Thats would be pretty cool. Would be crazy to allow some stranger creating 1million sizes through public API . But still if one has write access it is possible, but maybe thats no real issue. I'm still trying to grasp the concept of graphQL and your implementation in PW. So every new Fieldtype and InputfieldType would have to be implemented to work with graphQL?