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  1. Man, you are the best!! Can't find the "Solved" button if any tho =)
  2. Hi all, before submitting my question I wanna compliment with the Processwire dev team! You guys not only have managed to create a crazy-simple framework in its core concepts but are empowering people like me to understand clean and pure PHP scripting! Here's my question: I'm having troubles to implement a simple initDb.sh file that sets up the entire page hierarchy and structure. The code is: #!/usr/bin/php <?php include("./index.php"); // bootstrap ProcessWire ... function createMockUsers() { $item = new ProcessWire\User(); $item->setOutputFormatting(false); $item->name = $wire->sanitizer->pageName("newname"); $item->pass = "yo12345"; $item->email = $wire->sanitizer->email("example@processwire.com"); $item->addRole('guest'); $item->save(); } ... createMockUsers(); The error is: Error: Call to a member function pageName() on null Additionally, is there a better way to initialize a Processwire structure rather than using an external script? Aand, is there a nicer syntax for instantiating new classes (not like " $item = new ProcessWire\User();") Thank you guys for your support and the wonderful piece of software you made!
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