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  1. I have AdminThemeBoss 0.6.3 I like this design. And find problem with announcement. They close main button. Another problem is the debug panel that now opens under the footer. Perhaps these are problems of my configuration.
  2. Andy

    Admin Actions

    This is a very useful set of tools. But I have a problem and I am looking for which tool will help to solve it. Is there such a function as copying one field of a repeater to another field of a repeater on the same page? For example, the situation is as follows: -I have a repeater field for which I want to change the template without losing the values. -I make a new repeater field with a different name, but with the same fields and add it to the page template. -I need to copy all the values from the first field of the repeater to the second. It’s like the "Page Table to Repeater/Repeater Matrix" function or "Copy Repeater Items To Other Page" function. Sorry if I'm off topic.
  3. Try this. Closed admin pages has_parent!=2
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