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  1. @bernhard I think it's a great job. Thank you so much for showing how it works from the inside.
  2. Hi @Stefanowitsch You have done a great project. I too have found the modules from @bernhard to be very speedy. I am looking forward to your new projects.
  3. Hi @rst For some reason in PHP8+, the coordinate values default to the empty string. You can fix the module code and hard-code their values to float. Until @ryan fixes it. if( ((string) round($lat, $precision)) != ((string) round((float)$this->defaultLat, $precision)) || ((string) round($lng, $precision)) != ((string) round((float)$this->defaultLng, $precision))) { I've requested changes to the https://github.com/ryancramerdesign/FieldtypeMapMarker
  4. Oh, yes, it is. I'll have to be more careful. Thank you.
  5. Hi @bernhard I can't connect to the website. Blank page only.
  6. Hello @Juergen Thank You. I am amazed at the speed with which you implement what you have in mind.
  7. @Juergen I wish I had gotten to this part of the documentation. The examples always help me. Thanks. There are some good choices here. By the way, the documentation is very well written.
  8. Hi @Juergen Thanks for this module. I can see that a great and good job has been sold. The main problem why I still use custom forms is the date picker. The first problem is to set the range of acceptable times to specify. The second is to inform the user of a date error if the range is still not respected. You do realize that both POST and GET are not perfect. The other case is when the user needs to specify a range of a start date and an end date. There are more error options here. There is also a variant when dates are linked. For example, after specifying the first date, the second date can be as much as two weeks later. Usually such collisions are solved with jQuery. I looked at your module documentation and didn't see any examples with dates. Maybe you have a similar functionality, but I would like to see an example.
  9. @Joachim First, you should check the PHP configuration. To do this you have to run a command in the program code - phpinfo(); The PHP configuration page should have this block: The version numbers may vary. This picture is just an example. If not, ask your hosting provider to compile PHP with the ZIP library.
  10. @Juergen Thank you for your reply. How much you need to add avatar images to your profile depends on the format of your project. In my projects, this is a fairly common feature. I use LoginRegisterPro, which @ryan suggests. There, adding an image doesn't give you any image editing functionality. But you don't really need it either, as there are a lot of image editing programs on the fly right now.
  11. Hi @benbyf Perhaps you should check out this forum thread: Try it if you've already upgraded to PHP 8
  12. @LAPS I too use LPR to add pictures to user profile. Usually the user's image files are in the user's folder. As example: https://mysite.pw/site/assets/files/41/cot.jpg And such pictures are available to everyone, unless you specify otherwise. You can change this behavior in the user template by enabling access control.
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