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  1. Thank you for your feedback and that you like my module. It seems that the meta+s shortcuts are also triggered in Windows or only from Windows 11. Unfortunately I have no way to test the module on Windows. It would be great if you could remove ctrl+s in quicksavetinymce.js and just put meta+s. It's best to clear the cache. I would be very interested to know whether only Meta+s are actually sufficient for Windows in TinyMCE. Thank you in advance for your feedback FYI meta+S is only integrated so that it can be saved even when Caps Lock is active. You could actually leave that in.
  2. Yes, of course I like to do it, as described in the post above. But first I have to register on Github and see how things work there. Then I also have to read here for Processwire how to get into the module directory. As soon as I find time for it, I'll definitely do it.
  3. It now also works on Mac with Firefox. Some other changes are also included. The new optimized and vanilla-js QuickSave version 0.1.7 is available as a new download in the first post.
  4. Great, thanks for the feedback that it also works under Linux. Can you also save directly from an active TinyMCE-RTE field using a keyboard shortcut under Linux without the optional TinyMCE plugin? It doesn't work for me on the Mac without the optional TinyMCE plugin. I already mentioned a complete implementation better without jQuery at our meeting yesterday. Now, without knowing it, @dotnetic converted it to “Vanilla JS” almost at the same time. I think pure JS is great. (Whether the file size is really that relevant, if so, I can integrate a completely minimized file into the final module version.) The pure JS version doesn't work optimally for me yet - see post above. I had already started replacing jQuery with JS in an unpublished version. I also had a change for the scroll position, because from what I read, you should tell the newer browsers that you want to determine the position yourself, etc. I will compare and combine and then put a new version in the first post above . I would like to avoid that we end up with a jumble of versions of module downloads. I hope I'll find the time to do it soon, but at the moment both versions seem to be working quite well. Short feedback from you too, about the direct shortcut saving from the activated text in a TinyMCE or CKE field under Linux would be great. Really interesting that operating systems and browsers handle this differently. (If it really only doesn't work on Mac, I would also like to adapt the module description in the new version). Greetings to everyone and have a nice weekend.
  5. Great and thank you, we had similar thoughts about the need for jQuery and further optimization. I just installed the JS version and have already adapted the TinyMCE plugin. For me, your version doesn't work optimally with the keyboard shortcut and text fields (see video). I have to press the combination twice and it looks like it then jumps to the button at the bottom of the page. I hope to find some time soon to take a closer look at it and try to combine my unpublished pure JS version with yours. js-version-cmd-s-bug.mp4
  6. Thank you for the feedback and the test in the browser under Windows. 😀 In my Mac environment (Sonoma with Safari, Firefox, Chrome) I need the extra plugin for TinyMCE and the keyboard shortcut cmd+s combination.
  7. I haven't bothered with Github yet other than downloading a zip there. But as soon as I find time for it, I will gladly publish the module there.
  8. Following the advice of some PW-forum members @gebeer @dotnetic @bernhard @sebibu, I would like to share my first Processwire module with all members. QuickSave: My first attempt at developing a PW module to quickly save a page. What can the module QuickSave do: Quickly save a page edit in the admin and return to the last activity. Adds an extra save button AND shortcuts CMD+s and CTRL+s. QuickSave includes an additional plugin for TinyMCE. The plugin for TinyMCE must be assigned and activated specifically for these textarea fields. (Keyboard input shortcut does not yet work in an iFrame - RTE/iFrame, CKE, etc.) PW-QuickSave-1024-v16.mp4 Installation: To install the module, it simply needs to be copied into the Processwire module directory and then activated in the Processwire admin. Optional: Anyone who uses TinyMCE can activate the keyboard input shortcuts via the configuration as a plugin for TinyMCE. Afterwards it has to be activated for the field (e.g. body). This is the path for the configuration in TinyMCE: /site/modules/QuickSave/tinymce/quicksavetinymce.js QuickSave-TinyMCE-inst.mp4 I have been using the module only as a save button version for some time in a long Processwire page with a strong content and a four-fold nested repeater matrix and it works. The keyboard shortcuts were added because of a request. I was only able to test these on the Mac and hope they also work with Windows browsers. Due to another request, the short notification after saving was added. I hope you like the module and that it helps the moderators to keep a better eye on the areas they are currently working on. Especially with long pages and, for example, a table with many rows, it is very helpful for me not to lose the row when saving. (see the video) Note: The module does not intervene in the Processwire saving process, only the original saving button function is triggered. Please note that the keyborad shortcodes do not work in iframes or CKEditor. UPDATE: New version 0.1.7 added on April 13, 2024. A new combined version without jQuery has been created. Thanks to @dotnetic and all others 🤗. It is now more optimized and further optimizations are planned. Module 0.1.7 Download: QuickSave.zip Feedback on whether the keyboard shortcuts ctrl+s work under MS Windows would be great... 🤗 Thanks and Greetings Chris
  9. For me, 11:00-11:45 might work. My kids get home from school early because of the start of the Easter break. That could blow up the conversation (-: Which tool do you want to use? During Corona times I often used Jitsi Meet because you don't need any registration or software. (Hope we all speak German?)
  10. I want to pursue this further and get involved. Unfortunately, I have so much to do both personally and professionally that I don't think I can do justice to you and your goal. But maybe I can join in, even just a little, if you want. Uikit is great and I have used it several times. But there are a few things I don't really like about the base. For example, the very light shade of gray that can also be found in the menu in your style. This is not barrier-free (is that how you write it in English?) nor is it user-friendly. Maybe it would be better to mark a hidden page in the menu differently. Maybe better in the PW admin page tree with a meaningful icon or background color. The UIKIT docs have the same problem. Only the active page in the menu has enough contrast. The color tone for (disabled, muted, etc.) in conjunction with the typography, which is then also used for the background, would have to be separated. Light gray as a background color yes, but not as a color for text elements. I think it should be more “form follows function”, especially in the admin area. But it doesn't hurt if it looks good too. With the “normal” PW Admin, I find it better that a few more colors are used than just one primary color. Especially for buttons “Edit”, for example, could be green and the rest dark gray. What would it look like if a customer had a very light pastel color as their primary color? Then it doesn't actually work or the admin would have to completely invert the color. This could possibly even happen automatically using color values. If the contrast of the primary color is not enough, dark mode is activated automatically. With a medium color as the primary color, it becomes difficult to make this decision again... There are still a few things that come to mind, but perhaps the above is something for a basic collection of ideas for an optimal admin theme. Maybe we can talk about it directly in German when we get the chance (Google Translate is also my friend here when I write). But now I have to keep working... Many greetings and thank you very much for everything you do here. I enjoy reading it and following what the „PW-DEV professionals“ are doing here.👍😀 Chris
  11. I have the same problems with these large German providers and my conclusion is that Strato and Ionos (1&1) are not ideal for this. This applies to both hosting offers and V-Server offers. Strato support doesn't take care of anything, at least for me, even if you pay extra for it. Maybe someone has had better experiences. My solution so far is to perform the update manually via SFTP. But that is also the recommendation that I read somewhere in the PW forum and in the documentation. https://processwire.com/docs/start/install/upgrade/ With Strato it is also important to use caching, otherwise there will constantly be errors regarding simultaneous database access. I only had this problem with Strato and have often complained about it there without success. But maybe someone still has a solution to make it easy to do it using the upgrade tool even with such providers with restrictions...
  12. Hello, I just tested it with the iPhone and the latest ios. For me, the switches work when reloading. (The problem may also be due to the missing certificate https and JS browser security. You also have mixed content http/https on the page, so there may be a delay. Just a guess... ) Greetings
  13. Hello, in ProcessWireUpgrade I only get the modules displayed but no longer the PW versions. I hope someone can help me. ProcessWire: 3.0.200 PHP: 7.4.32 ProcessWireUpgrade: 0.1.1 ProcessWireUpgradeCheck: 0.0.9 max_execution_time: 3600 (changeable) max_input_nesting_level: 64 max_input_time: 60 max_input_vars: 4000 memory_limit: 512M post_max_size: 128M upload_max_filesize: 128M
  14. Hi Juergen, I reinstalled the updated module. Unfortunately the problem still exists. Without changes to your theme example above, an internal server error will now occur. If I remove "\FrontendForms\..." I get the error message with the class at alarm... Greetings Christian
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