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Found 3 results

  1. Following the advice of some PW-forum members @gebeer @dotnetic @bernhard @sebibu, I would like to share my first Processwire module with all members. QuickSave: My first attempt at developing a PW module to quickly save a page. What can the module QuickSave do: Quickly save a page edit in the admin and return to the last activity. Adds an extra save button AND shortcuts CMD+s and CTRL+s. QuickSave includes an additional plugin for TinyMCE. The plugin for TinyMCE must be assigned and activated specifically for these textarea fields. (Keyboard input shortcut does not yet work in an iFrame - RTE/iFrame, CKE, etc.) PW-QuickSave-1024-v16.mp4 Installation: To install the module, it simply needs to be copied into the Processwire module directory and then activated in the Processwire admin. Optional: Anyone who uses TinyMCE can activate the keyboard input shortcuts via the configuration as a plugin for TinyMCE. Afterwards it has to be activated for the field (e.g. body). This is the path for the configuration in TinyMCE: /site/modules/QuickSave/tinymce/quicksavetinymce.js QuickSave-TinyMCE-inst.mp4 I have been using the module only as a save button version for some time in a long Processwire page with a strong content and a four-fold nested repeater matrix and it works. The keyboard shortcuts were added because of a request. I was only able to test these on the Mac and hope they also work with Windows browsers. Due to another request, the short notification after saving was added. I hope you like the module and that it helps the moderators to keep a better eye on the areas they are currently working on. Especially with long pages and, for example, a table with many rows, it is very helpful for me not to lose the row when saving. (see the video) Note: The module does not intervene in the Processwire saving process, only the original saving button function is triggered. Please note that the keyborad shortcodes do not work in iframes or CKEditor. UPDATE: New version 0.1.7 added on April 13, 2024. A new combined version without jQuery has been created. Thanks to @dotnetic and all others 🤗. It is now more optimized and further optimizations are planned. Module 0.1.7 Download: QuickSave.zip Feedback on whether the keyboard shortcuts ctrl+s work under MS Windows would be great... 🤗 Thanks and Greetings Chris
  2. We have a script that synchronizes data from a CSV file on a daily basis. The data that is synchronized all belong to a page type. However, not all data of this type of template is inspected. For example, we have a field called "sku_image" that is manually filled in by the administrator. When there is data to synchronize, the script modifies the relevant fields, then saves the page with the help of a function: protected function savePage(Page $page, $reportErrors = true) { try { $page->setOutputFormatting(false); $page->save(); $page->setOutputFormatting(true); $this->wire('log')->save('centura-synchro', $page->title); } catch(Exception $e) { if($reportErrors) { $this->error($e->getMessage()); $this->wire('log')->save('centura-synchro-errors', $page->title . "=> " . $e->getMessage()); } } return $page; However, for some time now, and we don't know why, the entries in the "sku image" field for saved pages have been systematically deleted from the "field_sku_image" table! The image files remain in each folder, but the reference in the table disappears. The field is a very standard image field and is not processed during synchronization except that when the page object is saved. The other data that is not processed in the synchronization remains in place. It is as if the variable $page forgot the data it is supposed to contain. It's a great mystery. Synchronization is performed with a special "user" who has editing rights for these pages. What could cause such behaviour?
  3. Hi, I have a site that has events where the users can make a reservation and something really weird is happening. This is the code: $form = array( 'name' => $sanitizer->text($input->post->name), 'email' => $sanitizer->email($input->post->email), 'phone' => $phone, ); $p = new Page(); $p->template = 'reservation'; $p->parent = wire('pages')->get('/agenda/' . $sanitizer->text($input->post->page_target) . '/'); $p->name = microtime(); $p->title = $form['name']; $p->save(); // CODE TO SEND EMAIL BELOW The user path is: 1. User fills the form with name, email, phone and some more information. 2. Form is validated to see if every information is ok. 3. Information is saved into a new page (reservation template). 4. Send email to user. Everything works fine except in one case: When the same user fills the same form more than once (to add reserves for one or more friends), usually using the same number and email, the friend's name is not filled in the "title" field. This seems to be the only field that fails, it shows empty on the backoffice. However, the email sent to the user has the name (using the same $form['name'] variable). Am I missing something?
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