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Found 123 results

  1. I have a "strange" issue with my dev set up, that I just noticed today. I set up an image field named "dev_gallery" and checked the "use tags" option when setting it up. I went to add a couple image to the field, and noticed that the tags option is not displaying at all for the image. Currently, the description field is the only current field on image edit. Have I missed a basic setting to enable this? I am currently using PW 3.0.62 as well.
  2. Hello dear community I have a problem with a front edit possibility inside a OWL gallery. The thing is, normally you do a double click to edit something directly on a page. In my case a single click opens up a picture inside a gallery, so I can't "hit" the editing. <div class="demo-gallery"> <ul id="lightgallery2" class="list-unstyled row"> <li class="img-md-12 mb-12 mb-sm-12 mb-md-12 mb-lg-12 mb-xl-12 col-12 col-md-12 img-fluid full-height" data-responsive="" data-src="<? echo $page->page_home_owl_00_img->url; ?>" data-sub-html="<h4><? echo $page->page_home_owl_00_h4; ?></h4><p><? echo $page->page_home_owl_00_p; ?></p>"> <a href=""> <img class="img-responsive" src="<? echo $page->page_home_owl_00_img->url; ?>"> </a> </li> <? foreach($page->children('template=9dk-owl-home') as $item): ?> <li class="img-md-6 mb-3 mb-sm-3 mb-md-3 mb-lg-3 mb-xl-3 col-12 col-md-6 img-fluid" data-responsive="" data-src="<? echo $config->urls->templates ;?><? echo $item->page_home_owl_01_img; ?>" data-sub-html="<h4><? echo $item->page_home_owl_01_h4; ?></h4><p><? echo $item->page_home_owl_01_p; ?></p>"> <a href=""> <img class="img-responsive" src="<? echo $config->urls->templates ;?><? echo $item->page_home_owl_01_img; ?>"> </a> </li> <? endforeach; ?> </ul> </div> I tried any variants of options C and D from this page: Are there any hints for me, what I can do? Any help is highly appreciated! Best from Munich in Germany
  3. Please see attached screenshot. The image on the left is the original image that was uploaded. The image on the right is what it looks like after it was resized to fit into a template by ProcessWire using <img src="<?php echo $featured_image->size(854,0)->url ?>" /> This is a significant loss of color for these images. Is there a way to prevent this from happening — other than forcing client to crop the images to the exact dimensions ahead of time, and not resizing with PW?
  4. Hello together, I have a problem with the image field and in my case it seems that there is a limit of how much images can be in such field. The following case: I have around 20 pages. Each has a usual image field, where I can upload an unlimited number of images (array). Most of the pages got 50-200 images but one page got 411 images (I know, it’s much ) Now, when I change the order of one image (let’s say I drag & Drop the first image after the third) or delete one image by clicking on the trashcan, everything runs fine. BUT when I click SAVE the image won’t be deleted or moved to it’s new place. You can change anything else on the page - I have a text field there - and save it, no problem. Interestingly I can add (upload) new images but I’m not able to delete or move them. - The file size of the images are between 200kb and 1.7MB, RGB, JPGs. - When I duplicate the page and try to delete/move I got the same problem. - I also created a whole new page and got the same problem - Also tried a different server (virtual and online): same problem - ProcessWire 3.0.62 So, is there a limited to the images field? Any clues except limiting the image files to max. +-200 images? Thanks so much in advance and have a great weekend. Thomas
  5. I am new to PW, and am trying to get an image to display, from a field in my template. Here's the code I'm using: <?php $image = $page->home_header_image; echo "<img src='{$image->url}' alt='{$image->description}' />"; ?> I'm following the tutorial on this here. When I save the template and reload the page, the path to the image is incomplete. If just echoes: <img src="/site/assets/files/1/" alt=""> It omits the name of the image, at the end of the path. Here's the site I'm working on: A couple caveats: I'm using ProcessWire 2.3.0 (tried updating the site and everything went berserk because of some plugin dependencies; point being: I can't update to the latest PW). I tried using the ->size thing and it gave me an error, saying it couldn't use 'size' in this context. Which I also thought was weird. Any ideas? Thanks!
  6. Hello, I have repeater field with an image field as one of its fields. It works correctly on all but one templates. I added an image, it shows the image uploading, but then the image just disappears and it doesn't save. What could it be ? Thanks
  7. Hi, I have a big image in my image field and want to resize it to 2280px before showing it to the user. Most images are fine and showing as expected, but with one I have the following error; Error: Out of memory (allocated 159383552) (tried to allocate 12288 bytes) (line 243 of /htdocs/process/wire/core/ImageSizerEngineGD.php) Why is this with one image and not with the other ones, and how to solve this? Greetz.
  8. I have a problem realizing a picture gallery with albums using repeater fields. Here is what I have: - The repeater field 'repeater_gallery' for all the albums - A text field 'album_name' in the repeater for the album name - An image field 'album_images' in the repeater for all the album images Now I'd like to pick a small selection of images (say 4) of ALL albums randomly and present them with their associated album name. How can this be done with the described repeater setup? Or is there a better way to realize such a gallery without repeaters? Thanks in advance for a little help.
  9. Hi all, in the backend of ProcessWire it's possible to define a maximum width and height for images. If you upload an image, it will be resized automatically. I find this feature very handy to safe space. Very often users upload images which are much bigger than needed. On my application users can upload their images via the frontend. But if you upload images using the API, images won't be resized automatically. Is there any way to do this? Currently that's my code: if ($_FILES['thumbnail']['name']) { $upload = new WireUpload('thumbnail'); $upload->setMaxFiles(1); $upload->setOverwrite(true); $upload->setDestinationPath($lesson->video_image->path()); $upload->setValidExtensions(array('jpg', 'jpeg', 'png')); $lesson->video_image->removeAll(); foreach ($upload->execute() as $file) $lesson->video_image->add($file); } Thanks very much! Dennis
  10. Hi PW Community, I have a problem where a page is loading up fine on my local dev machine + 1 of the test sites, but not on another test site. They have identical PW (2.8.35?) and codebase installed. The 2 sites are hosted on the same hosting provider, as well as our other sites. 1) Error Logs. There is nothing particularly strange logged on the PW Error log for all the sites. I am getting a "You must assign a template to the page before setting custom field values (title__data) [pageClass=Page, template=] (WireLog)" error, but I'm getting this error on working pages as well. However, there are some errors in our Hosting Provider's log. The error seems to point at some sort of permissioning issue regarding reading the image files? 1.a) File / Dir permissions of Images - I've checked file permissions on the normal and problematic sites. They are all identical 2) .htaccess - I've tried running the .htaccess file from the working site on the problematic site - No Luck 3) codebase - I've done 3 comparisons. They are identical on all sites. 4) wire directory - See above 5) Behaviour - So the problematic site loads up most of its page as expected without problems. It's just a couple that it has issues with. Problematic URL Example : Working URL : I've also attached the KIS Error Logs. Has anyone come across behaviour like this before and what would be the way forward to fix this? KIS.Error.Logs
  11. We had an outside vendor help develop our website. The vendor has closed their business. I'm trying to modify 1 of the images near the bottom of our website but can't figure out how. We're new to processwire. I see how I can modify the individual pages but can't seem to figure out where to go to change this image n near the bottom I attached the image that I need to change. Thanks in advance for any of your help!
  12. I am currently working on a website in process wire. I created an image field and added svg as a valid file extension and could upload a png image and a jpg image but when I try to upload a svg image it is stuck loading at 100%. I figured out that the image field does not take the extension svg even if I add it as an extension. and I was wondering if their is any way to upload a svg image to an image field in processwire? I am working with processwire version 3.0.61
  13. I have been scratching my head on this one for a while, so I thought maybe someone could shed some light on this issue. I am using a grid layout (that I have created over the years) with a class for responsive images (very similar to bootstrap, but very stripped down). Using this, I created a gallery using a foreach loop, and included a "print button" to print each image. I got the classes and everything worked out, but I ran into a small problem with the print functionality. My images (which are around 2400px wide to fill the space) are just fine in the grid and on resize, but when I print, they "run off" the page. I understand that they are just too big to be printed in portrait mode, which led to me think that I could use $image->size(); to print a scaled down version of the image (which adds a bit more load time as now the site needs to load the image large scale and the scaled down version). However, I can't seem to wrap my head around serving just the scaled down version for print only (obviously display:none; doesn't do the trick). Has anyone tackled this before, or does anyone know of a more elegant solution to the conundrum that I have found myself in? The Foreachloop: $printclass = 1; foreach($page->galleries as $gallery) { $printclass++; $printimage = $gallery->gallery_image->width(600)->url; $out = ""; $out .= "<div class=\"row\">"; $out .= "<div class=\"grid-12\">"; $out .= "<img src=\"{$gallery->gallery_image->url}\" class=\"reimage\"/>"; $out .= "</div>"; $out .= "</div>"; $out .= "<div class=\"row\">"; $out .= "<div class=\"grid-12\">"; $out .= "<a href=\"#\" onClick=\"printCoupon('printable{$printclass}');\">Print</a>"; $out .= "</div> "; $out .= "</div> "; $out .="<div id=\"printable{$printclass}\"><img src=\"{$printimage}\"/></div>"; echo $out; }
  14. Hi, here is a very useful tool that check your images in websites against responsiveness:
  15. Hey Everyone, I have a question that seems like it would have an obvious answer, but I cannot wrap my mind around it: If I have <img src="<?= $page->featuredImage->size(800,500)->url ?>"/> in an article template, does my server run a resizing script every time someone requests the page? Or, is it resized only the first time it is requested? Or when the page is saved? The reason I would like to know is because I have created two image processing functions my client requires, but one of them is a paid subscription service to compress the images. I don't want to call the paid API every time a page is loaded or something. Thanks for fielding my ignorance
  16. Hi all, I've not been able to upload SVGs into a regular image field, with SVG added in the Valid File Extensions field. The error I'm getting is: Error: Call to undefined function ProcessWire\simplexml_load_string() (line 234 of /var/www/hosts/our_website/Develop/Source/wire/core/Pageimage.php) I tried the ImageRasterizer module, but that didn't fix it. Is there a workaround for folks that don't have the simplexml module installed?
  17. Had a couple of older PW 2.7 sites slow to the point of failure this week. A bit of digging revealed that the external image compression service used by ProcessImageMinimize is no longer available. Development on the module ceased some time ago. Quick fix was to uninstall the module and edit the output code to use native PW image options. All affected sites operational again. Next step is to update them to PW3.0+ ...
  18. Hey all, I am trying to prevent the display of descriptions for images in default language while user browses site with alternative language. In a gallery my goal would be to display the same images, and hide the description that I am using as captions. As a hack I could decide based on tags, but this causes extra workload for the editors of the site, and seems less robust than a built in query. Any hints are highly appreciated.
  19. Hi there, i run in an strange behavior when using the PageTable field. I have a PageTable field named upload - the template for this field has following fields: file (file field) nums (table field) color (colorPicker field) Now i try to get the url's for the uploaded files (in this case 1 PDF and 1 SWF) $uploads = $page->upload; foreach ($uploads as $upload) { $file = $upload->file; echo $file->url."<br>"; echo $file->filename."<br>"; } Which returns: Upload 1 /DB-v2/site/assets/files/1060/ Upload 2 /DB-v2/site/assets/files/1061/ So you can see the URL only returns the path to the folder? And the filename isnt reachable. Anybody have a idea ? Thanks in advance and bye bye Simon
  20. Hello there. I was wondering if there is a more elegant way inlining an SVG that was uploaded in the backend by an image field? // /processwire/site/assets/files/1101/monitor.svg <- this is what I get // ../assets/files/1101/monitor.svg <- this is what I need $iconURL = $page->icon->url; $findThis = '/assets/'; $iconURL_arr = explode($findThis, $iconURL); $iconURL = "..".$findThis.$iconURL_arr[1]; echo "<span class='icon'>".file_get_contents($iconURL)."</span> ... and before somebody is asking: - yes, I want it inline. - and no, I do not want to use an icon font.
  21. Hey All. I tried google but couldn't find anything appropriate. My question is, if there is a module out there that I missed, to get images from Image- or CroppableImage-fields in a very blurred or distorted filtered version? Thanks a lot!
  22. Hi all, Currently I'm developing a new feature for my module ImportPagesPrestashop. This module imports your categories, products and more from a prestashop database and implement that data in ProcessWire pages. I've made the following structure for this: Products (Parent Page which the user has to choose) Categories (implemented from the database) Products (Implemented from the database) And inside of the product pages several fields for the specifications of the products, description, images and more. So I've build a check inside of my module which doesn't allow you to first import the images and then the products or in another way, but you have to follow this route: Categories Products Specifications Images This is because the products require a category as their parent page and the specifications and images need a product page. Now I want to remove the check if you used this module before, so all pages you need are already there, you only need to update the pages. That's why I have done the following: $parent = $this->parent; if (!$parent->hasChildren()) { //if parent has no children, module isn't used before // set ranking in import // my code } if ($parent->hasChildren()){ //module is used before, so parent has children //no ranking in import, any button can be clicked. No specific path required. //my code } So far so good. It works and I was happy with it, until I tried to import the images of the products. I encountered a error which says this: Error: Call to a member function add() on a non-object (line 986 of / etc etc) So I was like huh, why doesn't this work. I will explain how I perform the import of the images. If the button is clicked, another function is called: if ($this->input->post->importimg) { return $this->processForm51($form); } so function ProcessForm 51 is called, below you can see this function: protected function processForm51(inputfieldForm $form){ ///... some code $this->ImportImages(); //Function is called which performs the import of the images return $this->processFormMarkupImg($imgImported); //return after the import } This function links to the function that performs the import: protected function importImages(){ // some code to get the images and store it in $pictures $pagesWithImages = wire("pages")->find("images_product.count>0"); //find pages with that field for the images foreach ($pagesWithImages as $product_page) { $product_page->images_product->removeAll(); // remove existing images $product_page->save(); } foreach ($pictures as $picture) { $id_product = $picture['id_product']; $product_pages = wire("pages")->get("productid=$id_product"); //get the correct page so the images are placed in the correct product page // ensure output formatting is off $product_pages->of(false); $str_prlink = $picture['product_name']; //make sure end of string ends with alphanumeric $image_name = preg_replace('/[^a-z0-9]+\Z/i', '', $str_prlink); $image_url = $picture['file_id'] . "/" . $image_name . '.jpg'; $image_path = "" . $image_url; try { $imgfield = $product_pages->images_product; $imgfield->add($image_path); //add the images to the field } catch (Exception $e) { } $product_pages->save(); } } This should work because when I perfom this import WITH the ranking in import (first categories, 2nd products etc) it works! I don't get it why this gives an error WITHOUT the ranking in import. So that's why I am asking it over here, hopefully anyone knows how to solve this. Thanks in advance, ~Harmen
  23. First up, a massive thanks to Ryan, the developers and community on this great CMS. We have spent the last 4 weeks looking at the best option for a client and it looks like ProcessWire will be the choice. We ignored the top 3 (Drupal, Joomla, WordPress) but spent a lot of time with Grav, Hugo, Concrete5, October and PimCore before we arrived here. I am not saying some of these are not great as well, but sometimes the best CMS is the one that matches your needs the most. I can't tell you how much of a pleasure it was to find your CMS and community So, one of the things we have seen that our client likes a lot is how many other systems handle Image and Asset Library. They like to be able to upload many 1000's of images, PDF's that get used on many different Pages. Content Editors can quickly find images from a tree/directory/tag structure and Drag and Drop over onto their pages. My question is anything like this on the roadmap ? If not, then does anyone in the community have a pointers or ideas on best practise to implement this ( a module? ) or is it something ( a use case ) that does not sit well with the way Processwire wants to be architected? Again, fantastic work folks, we are really enjoying Processwire and looking forward to looking at the ProDrafts & ProForms modules as well in a few weeks.
  24. Hello everyone, I've been fiddling around a lot lately with docker containers for my local development on a linux machine. Tried many different options, also readily available processwire images and tutorials from the forum. But never got it right. Mainly because of permission issues with docker volumes. That is a tricky part on linux machines whereas on OSX it doesn't seem to be an issue. Then I discovered And the setup with nginx as a proxy that routes requests to separate containers with the actual site install appealed to me. The whole thing sits on top of alpine linux containers which are really lightweight. So I decided to give it a try. And, first time since experimenting with docker, I got a running PW install. Rewriting was not working until I adjusted the nginx config. Now I have a fairly complex PW site running in a container. Everything is working, image upload/editing etc. So I'm really exited, especially since the dev site is now blazing fast compared to my old vagrant virtualbox vm setup. Honestly, I don't really understand everything that is happening behind the scene. But I managed to adjust the original files and build a new image that works with PW and doesn't have all the WP stuff. The nginx config I took from Not sure if it covers everything for PW3 as well. I would very much appreciate if someone who is more in the know than me could take a look. All files for building the docker image are here A working image here: Documentation is kind of lacking. I took over quite a lot from the original project. But following the github README and the original documentation should get people started who have a little experience with docker already. If someone needs a more in depth step by step tutorial for setting things up, let me know and I'll put something together.
  25. Hi guys, I created a custom ProcessModule to manage children of an admin page. The children are always in hidden state and have a template assigned. I can render the page edit form by template and use ajax upload for images. After submitting the form I can see that all images are stored in the assets folder but they aren't saved in the database. All the other inputfields (text, textarea, checkbox...) were saved correctly. Could you please help me? Here is the code is use for the form: public function ___executeEdit() { $page = $this->pages->get($this->input->get->id); if($this->config->ajax && (isset($_SERVER['HTTP_X_FIELDNAME']) || count($_POST))) { $this->ajaxSave($page); return ''; } $this->headline(__('Edit')); $this->breadcrumb('../', $this->page->title); $form = $this->modules->get("InputfieldForm"); $form->attr('id', 'PageIDIndicator'); $form->attr('action', './?id='.$page->id); $form->attr('method', 'post'); $form->attr('enctype', 'multipart/form-data'); $form->attr('autocomplete', 'off'); $form->attr('data-uploading', $this->_('Are you sure? An upload is currently in progress and it may be lost if you proceed.')); // fields $inputfields = $page->getInputfields(); $form->append($inputfields); // save $field = $this->modules->get("InputfieldButton"); $field->type = 'submit'; $field->name = 'submit_save'; $field->value = $this->_("Save"); $form->add($field); // delete $field = $this->modules->get("InputfieldButton"); $field->type = 'submit'; $field->name = 'submit_delete'; $field->value = $this->_("Delete"); $form->add($field); if($this->input->post->submit_save) { $form->processInput($this->input->post); $errors = $form->getErrors(); if(count($errors)) { // show errors return $form->render(); } else { // save values foreach($page->fields as $field) { $fieldName = $field->name; $page->$fieldName = $this->input->post->$fieldName; } $page->save(); $this->session->redirect($this->page->url); } } else if($this->input->post->submit_delete) { $page->delete(); $this->session->redirect($this->page->url); return true; } else { return $form->render(); } }