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  1. I have been try your sugestion but it doesn't work either, because i have page in another page, when i try your sugest, the page didn;t show, but file is show, what i'm trying to make is a subfolder system. Thanks
  2. so it has to be, nested foreach? Should i add echo between foreach? Thanks
  3. Oh sorry, i attach wrong code, this is my code where the result is error, Oh and sorry if i didn't understand what do you mean, because my english not good as well. Thanks
  4. Hello, i want to ask, i maintain a website that using a processwire and php, and i want to make an archive at my website using a subfolder system, but when i try, the sebfolder is show but when i click the files in that subfolder not show, and my browser just show me an error Invalid argument supplied for foreach(), i don't know why it error Here i attach my code and my screenshoot website : This is my code This is result of my website This is my error
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