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  1. I did the upgrade, everything is fine. I think there are some corrupt files during the FTP upload.
  2. If you're looking for error don't change or remove any installed module. Activate $config->debug = true; in config.php to see the errors if any, and study the logs from Log tab, from the date that the users found that error, and check what is the latest date for new module/s if any at least from there hopefully you have the starting point to trace the problem
  3. You can sort them from your home template, under Family tab
  4. Because you're using option A. Try other option (B,C) which is not using iframe
  5. pw give us the flexibility to customise the admin part. for backend part to avoid the admin's user confused about the 'Pages' concept, I just simply rename the Pages label into Dashboard.
  6. I used to work on localhost, but now since the Internet connection is much more reliable and fast, I do all development in web server directly. Localhost only for a backup purpose. There are a lot of advantages doing that way; I can work from anywhere and at least make sure that the server configuration meets the client's server configuration.
  7. wow you should take a break ... glad to hear you're ok, watch on tv Irma was really bad
  8. try to add "template=blog-entry, include=all" to see all pages
  9. I suggest not to touch the admin template. You can create a new role with permissions that you would like to provide for some users. Edit the template that you want to assign the new role, click the Access tab. Click Yes, under 'do you want to manage view and edit access for pages using this template?'. You also can do the same in field level, by editing each field that you want to apply for that new role. However, doing this way remember to put it in your documentation otherwise it will become a little bit complicated for maintenance in the future.
  10. Read this as starting point:
  11. I'm not too sure it is doable or not, just an idea, you can read about multi sites here:
  12. yes it is doable however, you don't have to create a file anytime you create a new template in admin. you create a template file if you want to 'view' the page using that template
  13. You don't have to edit .htaccess file, just edit your config.php at $config->https = true;
  14. Try to clean compiled files and refresh first if still got the error try to uninstall any 3rd party modules
  15. I still prefer the Page Reference because the flexibility to get more values from the page itself