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  1. hmmm... down under we had 40c for two days it was really hot and dry
  2. If you want to learn PHP framework, you can see the list here, PHP Framework list . You can develop any web application type using PHP framework. However, you have to develop your user interface from scratch, even for the Administration part. Wordpress or Joomla, is a CMS application. Drupal started as CMS, but at some point, they changed the direction not just as CMS. PW is unique though. It is not purely PHP framework nor CMS apps. PW gives you the flexibility to some extent to develop non-CMS apps. In PW you get the Admin page as a starting point. From there it is up to you wants to build Website or another type web apps. But you can't change the existing Admin page model.
  3. In reality, the unified and structured content can be implemented in the corporate world, not really in the opensource community. In opensource community anyone only able to devote a few hours of their times, but it's already a valuable knowledge for someone else. Internet technology taught us to change our mindset from structured to unstructured content. From centralised to distributed information. The search engine and bookmark technology help us to manage the unstructured content on our part.
  4. at the end, it will become a Word Editor
  5. In addition to Ottogal, the structure of PW in the admin area is not all about web page content. It is a container of functions based on template fields. For i.e. you can create a page of cities where all children pages are the city name. Then use it in your drop-down selection field.
  6. Yes, that's what I'm doing. I use url segment with a long name in it. However, I just not comfortable with this solution.
  7. Hi Steffen, is it doable for cronjob shell command? I mean if I have a pw site which is totally un-public, only for logged-in users.
  8. IMHO the topic that pw is secure than other CMS is not a good strategy to promote pw itself. Drupal is one of the oldest CMS, and there are a lot of hackers around the world eager to test it. WP as well. PW is quite new in cms world and not popular yet. So if until today PW is not listed in Secunia, it doesn't mean that pw tough enough from hackers. Maybe yes maybe not ...
  9. I did the upgrade, everything is fine. I think there are some corrupt files during the FTP upload.
  10. If you're looking for error don't change or remove any installed module. Activate $config->debug = true; in config.php to see the errors if any, and study the logs from Log tab, from the date that the users found that error, and check what is the latest date for new module/s if any at least from there hopefully you have the starting point to trace the problem
  11. You can sort them from your home template, under Family tab
  12. Because you're using option A. Try other option (B,C) which is not using iframe
  13. pw give us the flexibility to customise the admin part. for backend part to avoid the admin's user confused about the 'Pages' concept, I just simply rename the Pages label into Dashboard.
  14. I used to work on localhost, but now since the Internet connection is much more reliable and fast, I do all development in web server directly. Localhost only for a backup purpose. There are a lot of advantages doing that way; I can work from anywhere and at least make sure that the server configuration meets the client's server configuration.
  15. wow you should take a break ... glad to hear you're ok, watch on tv Irma was really bad