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  1. 'Passenger Drones" sounds like a good name for the next Angular type JS framework.
  2. Hey Kongondo, I think 3rd-party admin themes will be even easier than before. What I meant was that since Reno is kind of a core theme, it doesn't make sense to develop it separately *if* — and it's still a giant *if*— the new default theme allows you to configure a setup that is basically the same as the current Reno theme. We are deeply invested in the Reno theme here, so either the new admin will be customizable to something very similar, or I'll keep developing Reno as separate theme. I have some things I'd like to implement that UIKit will make easier, and I'm excited to dive in once Ryan has a stable base theme to work from.
  3. @adrian We have some that are 8-10 levels deep here, and then lengthy titles (you know, academics. ;P). I'm certain it's a useful feature, but I won't want that to be the primary way to interact with the page tree. Being able to access the pagetree from a panel that overlays pageEdit would seem sufficient to me, especially if it's keeping track of whatever state it's in.
  4. How are you all envisioning the pagetree working in the sidebar for large sites? Or do you just mean having it configurable to use if it works? I have sites where the nesting is far too deep to make the sidebar pagetree useful.
  5. I think we are talking about 2 things here. If the new default ends up covering everything that Reno does, then it will be obsolete and no longer developed. If not, we are really tied to using Reno here, so at first I'll be making sure it works (as-is).
  6. I've had a 95% functional version of Reno that allows you to pick between the sidebar and topnav for a while now. I just haven't had the time to track down the last few issues, so I haven't released it. I think that is something that should definitely make it as a configurable option into the new theme. I don't think it will be that difficult using UIKit. I think there are some nice ideas in AdminOnSteroids, but I tend to agree with @LostKobrakai, that many of them should be left to AOS to implement. I'm sure there are some AOS features that should be considered for the new theme, but personally I rather see clear means of manipulating the admin for AOS (or any other 3rd party developer) rather than have a ton of config settings in the core.
  7. I'll be reworking the Reno Admin theme to take advantage of UIKit and all the refactoring Ryan is doing.
  8. *ahem* @apeisa, you get this working without changes to Extra Allowed Content? I just discovered the embed plugin, and it would be much nicer than what we do now.
  9. I was just going to dredge up that simple example I posted, but @szabesz beat me to it. Start with something simple. Once you get the hang of the basics, more complicated things will become clearer. As LostKobrakai mentioned, looking at core (and/or 3rd party) modules is super helpful. Post code on the forums when you get stuck.
  10. Genius.
  11. What do you do with this — I'm dense today.
  12. if Padloper doesn't meet your needs, I would go the Shopify Button route.
  13. I've never regretted choosing ProcessWire for any project. There have been a few times recently where I used Laravel, but those were projects where the decisions were made before my involvement. Don't get me wrong, Laravel is great, and I enjoy working with it. There wasn't really anything involved with those projects that made Laravel a better choice than ProcessWire.
  14. Module

    A few more things (in case you are wondering): • Soma's Dev2 branch will probably be sufficient for most setups where you don't have "/" as the primary domain. • Modifying all hrefs on page::render is problematic for the setup I have. Ultimately I need to keep the rewrites specific to RTE fields — hence the textformatter.