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  1. I recently upgraded a site from 2.5.x to 2.8.62, and I'm having some issues with extending modules now. The example below has been working without issue for several years, so I assume something in the core has changed? Here's how the the primary module is setup class ShibbolethLogin extends WireData implements module { public static function getModuleInfo() { return array( 'title' => 'ShibbolethLogin', 'version' => 100, 'summary' => 'Externalizes PW Authentication to Shibboleth. Allows guest access to any user with a UFID.', ); } Here's how the dependent module is setup class ShibbolethLoginDeptA extends ShibbolethLogin implements module { public static function getModuleInfo() { return array( 'title' => 'ShibbolethLoginDeptA', 'version' => 100, 'summary' => '', 'href' => '', 'autoload' => true, 'requires' => "ShibbolethLogin", ); } The issue arrises intermittently when I refresh the modules cache (either to install new modules, or for major updates). Sometimes everything will be fine, and then other times it's like the load order of the modules gets messed up and the dependent modules are loaded before the parent and I get an error like this: Error: Class 'ShibbolethLogin' not found (line 11 of /xxxxxx/site/modules/ShibbolethLogin/ShibbolethLoginDeptA.module) The only way to clear it is to edit the DB and delete those modules from the modules table. I can then reinstall, and everything works again. Any ideas? Things to check? Different ways to set this up?
  2. Module

    For ages I used an admin helper module to do this. I finally decided to try this module, and whaddya know — works like a charm. Thanks Adrian!
  3. Thanks Kixe!
  4. mikeuk, I appreciate the kind words. The sidebar navigation is something I use very heavily myself, and I know a lot of people prefer that layout. That said, I think there are probably just as many who prefer the navigation where it is in the default theme. The ideal solution would be to make that configurable. There's been a lot of discussion around that in other threads, so I won't go into all the detail here. My hope is that at the end of this process we have a single core admin theme that can be tailored to a variety of layout & color scheme preferences.
  5. Hey Ivan, I think Ryan was just mentioning me in that post because I've worked heavily on the admin before (Admin Theme Reno), and because I've expressed interest in contributing to this next phase. I don't expect my ideas to carry any more weight than anyone else in the community that wants to contribute. I'm sure @ryan will have ideas for how ideas are vetted and integrated. I'm just excited that the admin will be easier to theme, and from the looks of it more configurable all around.
  6. Just a reminder that these are not design literal mockups, they are base styling and default looks. Think of them as functional wireframes.
  7. Some people think cucumbers taste better pickled.
  8. 'Passenger Drones" sounds like a good name for the next Angular type JS framework.
  9. Hey Kongondo, I think 3rd-party admin themes will be even easier than before. What I meant was that since Reno is kind of a core theme, it doesn't make sense to develop it separately *if* — and it's still a giant *if*— the new default theme allows you to configure a setup that is basically the same as the current Reno theme. We are deeply invested in the Reno theme here, so either the new admin will be customizable to something very similar, or I'll keep developing Reno as separate theme. I have some things I'd like to implement that UIKit will make easier, and I'm excited to dive in once Ryan has a stable base theme to work from.
  10. @adrian We have some that are 8-10 levels deep here, and then lengthy titles (you know, academics. ;P). I'm certain it's a useful feature, but I won't want that to be the primary way to interact with the page tree. Being able to access the pagetree from a panel that overlays pageEdit would seem sufficient to me, especially if it's keeping track of whatever state it's in.
  11. How are you all envisioning the pagetree working in the sidebar for large sites? Or do you just mean having it configurable to use if it works? I have sites where the nesting is far too deep to make the sidebar pagetree useful.
  12. I think we are talking about 2 things here. If the new default ends up covering everything that Reno does, then it will be obsolete and no longer developed. If not, we are really tied to using Reno here, so at first I'll be making sure it works (as-is).
  13. I've had a 95% functional version of Reno that allows you to pick between the sidebar and topnav for a while now. I just haven't had the time to track down the last few issues, so I haven't released it. I think that is something that should definitely make it as a configurable option into the new theme. I don't think it will be that difficult using UIKit. I think there are some nice ideas in AdminOnSteroids, but I tend to agree with @LostKobrakai, that many of them should be left to AOS to implement. I'm sure there are some AOS features that should be considered for the new theme, but personally I rather see clear means of manipulating the admin for AOS (or any other 3rd party developer) rather than have a ton of config settings in the core.
  14. I'll be reworking the Reno Admin theme to take advantage of UIKit and all the refactoring Ryan is doing.