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  1. Is it safe to directly change the database engine from MyISAM to InnoDB through some database GUI softwares like Mysql workbench or phpmyadmin? I have one site installed wrongly with MyISAM engine(Live site, shame...). I want to turn all tables to InnoDB, especially the fields for transaction. from wire\config.php /** * Database engine * * May be 'InnoDB' or 'MyISAM'. Avoid changing this after install. * */ $config->dbEngine = 'MyISAM';
  2. Thanks for your solution @Macrura. I found that the reason why dynamic function is not working. This is because the class of the select field are amended by the repeater so the jquery is not able to select the DOM correctly. What we should do is to fix it by targeting the correct DOM by changing the selector. I can get it to work with already saved repeater page but not the newly added one. I think a listener is needed to attach the on change event to newly added repeater item when we press Add New. EDIT: The newly added repeater item surprisingly fires the js again. It is working fine now. A small bug is that the old repeater items will fire more than once if there are more than one newly added item. Below is the amended JS file for InputfieldPage in quick EDIT: The bug is fixed. I have submited a pull request. Hope we could see this feature in the core soon!
  3. Is it possible to apply to fields within repeater? It is working great without using repeater, but it is not when the fields are inside a repeater item even after saving the page.
  4. Hi @elabx, thanks for your input. The best Fieldtype candidate should be PageTable. However, there is an issue if the PageTable is used directly as Fieldtype. The end product may look just like Repeater Matrix, which, I think, is not a good idea. So, I would suggest that the function of adding different template("type" in Repeater Matrix) should be removed. Inputfield could be just like Repeater. Adding a new set of css, configurable in field setting, maybe good enough to reduce the bloated feel as someone may concern. The above are some brief ideas if I would develop the modules.
  5. Sorry that's my bad I didn't specify clearly. The main function I want from the Page Table is the ability of editing/adding children, while it also has the ability to edit/add pages somewhere else just like repeater but more flexible(choose any parent).
  6. Thanks for the feedback. Repeater is really robust in terms of editing content. It presents all fields in a native way, with the nesting and sorter and configurable layout. I have used batch child editor in the past. I mostly use it to import large amount of data. It lacks the ability to show and edit the fields at once (you may get this ability if you have ListerPro, but I failed to enable the inline editor in my last trial).
  7. I would like to see a field that acts just like Page Table field but with Repeater UI. Right now the downside of using repeater is that they are not normal pages. There are limitations when referencing them. Their page name is not editable too. Also, They are off from the URL structure. I start to avoid using repeater if possible after I face these downside in my last project. However, the Page Table field UI is not quite user friendly.
  8. Thanks @kongondo! This works perfectly.
  9. Thanks for your suggestion! It is weird that I didn't follow my own post. I am having an error when a new page is generated in admin(new > enter title and name > save > error). It is an error related to database which is my weakness(thanks to Processwire I do not have to deal with it on my own). Could anyone help taking a look? github Session: Error saving field "price" - SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access violation: 1064 You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '' at line 1
  10. Sorting is a build-in function of template. You may edit it in admin by editing any parent template like "home". edit parent template>Family tab>Sort settings for children>choose "name" under "Children are sorted by">check for reverse or not
  11. I used simple var_dump to debug a bit as I don't know why tracy debug is not working(Please tell me if you have any idea ). I found that the issue is positioned at ProcessCroppableImage3.module line 234 and 235. isset($this->input->post->quality) and isset($this->input->post->sharpening) are returning false. Thus, the value is returned as options['quality'] instead of user input intval($this->input->post->quality). // when I choose 60 quality var_dump($this->input->post->quality, isset($this->input->post->quality), is_numeric($this->input->post->quality), 0<intval($this->input->post->quality), 101>intval($this->input->post->quality)); // return : string(2) "60" bool(false) bool(true) bool(true) bool(true)
  12. Sorry, it is the Process module that in version 1.1.10, while the Wrapper module 1.1.15. The version I installed is up to date already.
  13. The module is installed by module installer using module name. The module version is 1.1.10. PW version 3.0.83. Step1: Change the seting and hit "Crop And Go". Step2: Jump to the confirmation. The quality and sharpening remain unchanged. (Should be changed to 75 and none as above here) Step3: Repeat above steps with default setting(soft, 90). Step4: Check the image cropped by changed setting and default setting. They have the same file size.
  14. I will try the below module in my next aws project. It seems like that it uploads the assets to S3 and return according S3 url if I don't get it wrong. You may take a look.
  15. Bump. I confirm the same issue in a fresh installed latest PW3. I want to debug but TracyDebugger is not loading in this module.