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  1. Gideon So

    A quick thought: make a subdirectory within the old site and develop the new site there. Delete all the old stuff (remember to leave the new site directory). Then move everything in the new site directory to the main directory. Done. Gideon
  2. Gideon So

    Hi, 1. PHP notice is not error. Your code still valid. 2. Try change the line if displaying image to the following: <?php echo $member->images->first()->url; ?> Gideon
  3. Gideon So

    It is very hard to tell because I don't know your template settings and page structure. Gideon
  4. Gideon So

    Hi @mattcohen, I see. But I think the title=$item_title selector may just return 1 page. This is the reason the found page is not sorted. Please provide more info, for exampe , your template settings, page structure and what you want to achieve. Gideon
  5. Gideon So

    Hi @Matt Cohen Deleted Gideon
  6. Gideon So

    Hi @benbyf, Put setlocale(LC_ALL, "fr_FR.UTF-8"); into ready.php. Gideon
  7. Gideon So

    Have to tried to read the source code of the page to see if the field values are properly propagated? Gideon
  8. Hi @adamspruijt @Torsten BaldesBaldes, Please add comment here And let see if we can raise some attention from @ryan Gideon
  9. Gideon So

    Hi @ryan, Can you look into this issue again: The fix is good for single language environment but there is error show in the backend under multi-language settings: Gideon
  10. Gideon So

    Hi @MateThemes, Welcome to the forum. There is no build-in function as far as I know. But I think it is feasible with some custom code in the template. Gideon
  11. Give page table a look. I made a single page site with it. Gideon
  12. After upgrade to 3.0.118. The AdminUiKit become a mess. It losses all the CSS styles. Chrome gives me this error: By the way, this happens with botm Chrome and Firefox. Gideon edit: upgrade to 3.0.119 solved this problem.
  13. Gideon So

    Hi, Welcome to the forum. The graphql module doesn't support repeater or repeater matrix as far as I know but Processwire is definitely able to be a headless CMS. Gideon
  14. Gideon So

    I am not very familiar with url segment. Any hints??