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  1. Tried to download the Google authenticator but comments show that it is not very popular among users. One of the most common complains is that you will lose all your keys when you switch to a new phone and then you cannot login all the 2FA accounts. Gideon
  2. Gideon So

    Thanks for the update on this amazing project. Looks more and more promising. Gideon
  3. Gideon So

    WOW. It is great!! Gideon
  4. Gideon So

    No. They can see but not edit the page that they are not allow to edit. In other words, users are limited to edited the branch that assign to them. tpr is right. It is configurable. Gideon
  5. Gideon So

    Hi @henri, Add your new server ip address to your doamin DNS setting. I can't tell how to do it because I don't know where you host your site. If you want to have more advice, please provide more info to us. Gideon
  6. WOW. Amazing. Impressive. This community is incredibly talented. Gideon
  7. I think just keep the dev version is fine. Gideon
  8. Oh. No. Let me try and see. But I think the template file is compiled if I don't add Processwire namespace to it? Gideon
  9. No one? If this is a bus then I will open an issue in github. If not allow to use __( ) function then how can I do the translation?? Gideon
  10. I have this error when I put __("some string") to a repeater matrix template file. Error: Call to undefined function __() (line 17 of /path/to/site/site/templates/fields/contents/staff.php) Is it not possible to use __( ) function in repeater matrix field?? Gideon
  11. Gideon So

    Maybe you need to check if the .htaccess file there in the server folder? Gideon
  12. Gideon So

    Hi @theo, WOW. Surely will give it a try. Nice job. By the way, why not update the first post so that others can find the package easier?? Gideon
  13. Gideon So

    Hi @theo, Nice work. Glad to see some progress. Gideon
  14. Gideon So

    Stupid me. Thanks. Gideon
  15. Hi, Maybe a dumb question. Shouldn't $file->url works like $image->url that both of them return path with filename?? Gideoon