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  1. Hi @shogun, Welcome to the forum. There is no global field as far as I know. Gideon
  2. Hi @derelektrischemoench, It is probably because of the effect of fingerprint settings. Please check the following page and look for fingerprint. https://processwire.com/api/ref/config/ Then put the correct $config->sessionFingerprint value into your config.php file Gideon
  3. Hi @Vigilante, I think the syntax should be $item->template. Read the below page and look for template. https://processwire.com/api/ref/page/ Gideon
  4. Hi, Do you enable the language in the home page?? If must enable the language in the home page, otherwise it doesn't work. Gideon
  5. Hi @kaz, This is the limitation of the editor link function. Don't use the page selector. You should enter the url by hand. Gideon
  6. Same here. Build the site in html first and then implement whatever you want into it.
  7. Hi All, I found a problem that if I take a picture with my mobile phone in portrait mode and then upload to a PorcessWire site, the photo is not display correctly in the backend. It is rotated 90 degree anti-clockwise and the thumbnail is up-side-down. You can see it in the attached image. Any clues how to fix it?? Gideon
  8. Hi @aComAdi, Just a wild guess. Have you tried setting the image field limit to 1? Gideon
  9. Please show us some code in your template in order for us to give you some useful help rather than guessing what the problem is. Gideon
  10. Do you do any redirect in your template or Apache settings?? Gideon
  11. Hi @Mithlesh, Obviously It is nothing wrong with the WiresMailSmtp. There is some error about the submission of the form. Please provide code about how your form constructed and the code about how you manage the form submit. Then we can give you some useful hints. Gideon
  12. Hi @uliverse, It is $input->get($q). https://processwire.com/docs/start/variables/input/ Gideon
  13. Hi, No need to concatenate your output which means no need to use <?php $content .= page()->your field; ?>. Just do this: <?php echo page()->your field; ?> Gideon
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