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  1. Hi , Do you miss 'mystyles:'? Gideon
  2. Hi @szabesz, After some more research and investigation. You are right. It is directory permission problem. I though it is suphp'ed but it isn't. And I didn't set the templates directory and assets directory to 755. Therefore no css files and js files served. After made the permission right the site runs fine. Gideon
  3. Hi @szabesz, Will get them and see what is the problem. Thanks for your help anyway. Gideon
  4. Hi @szabesz, All the file permission is fine. The only thing I find in the log is this line: Permission denied: /path/to/public_html/add-on-domain/site/.htaccess pcfg_openfile: unable to check htaccess file, ensure it is readable. It is strange that the web server looks for .htaccess file in the site/ directory. Gideon
  5. Hi @szabesz, Thanks for your reply. Your post is about how to install processwire into sub-directory as the main domain. But I am trying to install it into a sub-directory as a addon domain. Is there any difference? I followed your post and seems that all css and js files are still blocked. Gideon
  6. Hi, I have a addon domain in hostgator but can't make the site work cause all js files and css files are block and show 403 forbidden error. I check the error log there is many lines like this: Permission denied: /path/to/public_html/add-on-domain/site/.htaccess pcfg_openfile: unable to check htaccess file, ensure it is readable. I wonder why the web server search for the .htaccess file in the site directory. Any hints are welcome Gideon
  7. This module seems not compatible with the latest Facebook policy. If you want to post something through a Facebook app, you need to apply for the permission. Otherwise, it ask for login every time just as your case. Gideon
  8. Hi @adrianmak, This is indeed a much better way to white list all the Chinese characters. And seems that it is feasible to implement into the core. Gideon
  9. Please check your mail log to check what are the reasons of those bounces. Gideon
  10. module

    Looks very interesting and good. Gideon
  11. Simply edit your web server config file to point to the directory that your reside. Then edit the config.php file in the sub-domain directory to change config.httpHost to Restart your web server. Done. Hope this helps. Gideon So
  12. Hi, Do you mean that you want to merge two site into one? If yes, take a look on ProcessWire multi-instances support which enable you to load content from one site to the other. Gideon So
  13. Take a look at the .htaccess file and look for the rewritebase directive. Read the comments there. You may find some light. Gideon
  14. Hi, This module is the best solution for user based access control. I highly recommend it. Gideon
  15. Hi, I don't think this is a good way to do it either. Seems other CMSs get a more simple way. Gideon