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  1. Thanks for the explanation. That makes things clearer. I'm still getting used to how ProcessWire functions but I'm getting there, albeit slowly. I've now managed to add the options I wanted by using the Justify plugin following the instructions on another forum post. It's great to be able to tap into the experience of the ProcessWire community.
  2. I am using Processwire v2.7.2, and CKEditor is in both the Site/Modules and Wire/Modules folders. Which copy of CKEditor will it be using? I want to try to add the ability to centre text but it is a bit confusing on which copies of the files I should be editing. Also in the Wire/Modules/InputfieldCKEditor folder there is a sub folder called ckeditor-4.5.3. If ProcessWire is using the version stored in the Wire folder is it reading the files from the root of the InputfieldCKEditor folder or from the sub folder? I've noticed on this site the text alignment buttons are in place along with the font type and size. This is what I would like to add in rather than just extra options under the Styles dropdown. Is this easy to do? I hope this makes sense. Thanks in advance for any help
  3. Thanks elabx. I shall give that a try.
  4. I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the correct area so apologies if I'm not. I'm trying to get a selection of tweets appearing on a website in a similar style to the WordPress Juiz-Last-Tweet Widget. I'm managed to get the actual design correct now but I'm not sure how to actually pull the tweets in. The idea is for a selection of about 10 tweets appearing on a 10 second rotation as per the attached file example. I've got a version running on a test site at http://owltreeweb.solutions/bni-bolton My php & javascript coding knowledge isn't great so any help on getting this completed would be greatly appreciated. I do have a latest tweets script running at the right of the screen, so I have the Twitter data widget ID, but I think the Juiz-Last-Tweet option which is currently in the footer of the site looks a lot smarter and I would like to replace the current one. I do have the .js files if they are any help. Thanks in advance.
  5. KG60


    Thanks for that Kongondo. I'll have a good read through the links.
  6. KG60


    Thanks to everybody for your help. I have now managed to resolve the issues following the comments from Soma. The problem basically came down to 2 things: Bad placement of script tags in the <head> of the site. i had the min.js and analytics.js appearing before jquery had actually loaded but I hadn't spotted it. (strange how some browsers accept it and others don't) The css height: 100% from <body> and <html> Soma - Thanks for the solutions and your point about jquery fallback, it wasn't something I'd considered but it makes sense. I've now added this into the extra line into the <head> and I'll make sure I do it for all future sites as well. I've also took note of your comment re the picture frame icon. It's a good point and I'll make it more obvious that it is an actual gallery link. With reference to the use of 'attr' instead of "attr", this is not really an option as PHP see's " as closing the statement so it is necessary to keep it at ' for any attribute. ​It's now working on all the browsers on Windows, OSx and Linux, as well as iOS and Android, so all is good. Mike Anthony - I'll check out Magnific at some point, it's always useful to have alternative options.
  7. KG60


    I've not heard of Magnific Popup but I'll give it a try if we can't get sorted with PrettyPhoto. The main reason we stick with PrettyPhoto is because we found it easy to use and the popup windows are quite tidy compared to some of the other plugins (the rounded borders and dark backgrounds look quite effective). It could be useful to test a different plugin anyway to clarify whether it is the php we're using. Thanks for the suggestion.
  8. KG60


    Thanks for the reply Joss. We have used the script on other sites without any issues and it's just this one that we are having issues with. While I agree thats it most likely not an actual problem with ProcessWire I was thinking it could be the way we use the PHP as this is the first time we've used it with PHP rather than standard HTML. I was hoping that maybe somebody had seen this issue before and maybe had tips on how to get round it. I had noticed that other users have mentioned prettyPhoto as being their favourite Lightbox plugin. It seems strange that it just seems to be Firefox on the Mac that's affected, although it has been mentioned that it affects more browsers under Windows. I'll go down the route of the prettyPhoto forums as that will maybe find somebody who's faced this issue with different CMS's.
  9. KG60


    Thanks for the responses up to now. I have checked out the suggestions made and I have not managed to resolve the issue. The class settings for div.pp_overlay and div.pp_pic_holder mentioned by Horst are standard settings in PrettyPhoto and seem to work fine on other sites we have created. I'm at a loss as to what is causing the issue as we don't appear to have done anything different than usual apart from using PHP rather than standard HTML.
  10. KG60


    Thanks for all the replies. I will try and give a bit more detail although Horst has given a detailed response which I will look into. On the product sub pages we have up to 3 small images and then a clickable link underneath that opens up a pretty photo gallery. (image-1) The pretty photo gallery should open in the centre of the browser screen, which it appears to do on all browsers apart from Firefox. (image-2) Horst has pointed out that this is not restricted to Firefox but I have only tested on a Mac & iPad at the moment which could explain why I have not noticed that. On an iPad the PrettyPhoto does not open at all. The code used on the actual product page (conservatories in the examples ) is shown in image-3. Image 1 Image-2 Image-3 I hope this explains thing a bit better.
  11. We are currently building a website and have added PrettyPhoto onto our product pages. It works fine on all browsers except Firefox where it doesn't appear correctly, and it won't work on the iPad. We've got it working fine on other non ProcessWire websites on all browsers and devices so it may be something to do with the way the images are called using PHP. Can anybody suggest anything to resolve this? The site is currently on the test address http://owltreeweb.solutions/carman/
  12. Thanks Philipp, that worked a treat. I came up with the same issue with the submit buttons when logged in to the admin screen but got round this by adding #wrap_submit_save label {display:none;} to the css. I've also managed to sort out the button colours so all is good. Your help has been much appreciated.
  13. I've customised an admin theme using the minimalist_blue theme as a base. I've near enough got it completed but There is text appearing above submit buttons which I can't seem to get rid of. I would also like to change the colour of the text and background hover from blue to either Green or Brown but can't find where this found. I have circled the text on the attached image. I'm using ProcessWire v2.4.0 if this makes a difference. Thanks in advance for any help.
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