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  1. The only solution I've found is to downgrade the MapMarker module to 2.0.6, I believe. That's the last working version for me.
  2. Just had this problem after moving my site from localhost to the live server (v3.0.68 from PHP 5.6 to PHP 7.1). @LostKobrakai, your solution (refreshing the modules twice) sorted the error message and all module version changes registered properly. Thanks for the simple idea.
  3. Here's the solution I've found: disabling tags on the image field sorted all problems. Tags were enabled for that image field but not used.When I disabled tags, everything came back to normal and the site shred off all excess processing time. First byte time is 1s or less now. @ryan, is it a bug or there's an explanation for this behaviour? Enabling tags brings back the slowness again. All of that is happening on A2 reseller hosting (shared hosting with LiteSpeed, PHP 7.1 running as lsphp process) while speeds were satisfactory on my small VPS (2 cores, 2Gb RAM, Apache + PHP 5.4).
  4. Ok, I've found the bottleneck that causes many seconds delay in processing time. When I uncomment the lines below in different foreach loops, processing time drops by 6s. The images->first statement is called about 9 times for the home page. $block_img = $pageblock->images ? $pageblock->images->first() : null; and $img = $block->images->first(); I'm running the latest version of PW. Edit: When I had a look at the "images" field in Setup > Fields I noticed that opening that page also took 10+ seconds that is weird. I suspect that I have a trouble with that field somehow but how to debug this issue?
  5. Traceroute is fine and htaccess files are the default PW ones, no change. I'm pretty sure it's something about PHP/MySQL but don't know what to look for or how to debug what happens during that time before the first byte. All sites are built on the intermediate site profile and not that much different on the template level from each other. Yet, other PW sites on the same hosting have first byte times around 600-800ms, this one has 5-8s.
  6. I'm moving all my PW sites from my small VPS to a reseller account at A2 Hosting. The last site I moved over became very slow though, First byte time went from less than 1s to 5s and more and fully loaded time from 2.5s to 7+. The site is an exact copy of the old one. Any ideas what is going on? Old place: (Apache with PHP 5.4.45 and MySQL 5.1.59) New place: (LiteSpeed with PHP 7.1 and MySQL 5.1.73) The hosting company already tested the hosting account and found everything in order. Also, other sites I moved run at similar speeds on the old and new server. Any suggestion where should I look? File permissions seem to be ok. Thanks
  7. Hi, I just ran into this issue with 3.0.61. I have has_parent as a sub selector for a page reference field. $categories = $pages->find("page_field=[has_parent=1234]"); It worked fine and at some point it stopped producing any results. It works if I move it out and do a two step filtering. The only thing I did was to import more pages via Ryan's Import CSV module. $parent = $pages->find("has_parent=1234); $categories = $pages->find("page_field=$parent"); @LostKobrakai, would you mind sharing your module for fixing the parents table? Thanks
  8. The same issue. Running PW 3.0.61 and Map Marker 2.0.6 worked just fine. After upgrading to 2.0.9 and entering my API key I get the above error to any address I try.
  9. Sorry for the late reply, it seems to improve things indeed. Thanks.
  10. Am I doing something wrong or some of you encountered the same issue? When using the simple navigation module it turns out that the site is loading every single visible and published pages in the page tree with every page request even though the max level is set to 1. Tracy debugger reported over 8000 pages loaded on the home page on a bigger site I made, no wonder it took 15+ seconds to load. I checked on other sites I made with similar results. I swapped the navigation over to a function on the above site and the site got lightning fast again, as I expect from ProcessWire. Is that an expected behaviour or am I doing something wrong? This is the code I used to output the navigation and had v1.3.3 installed: $treeMenu = $modules->get("MarkupSimpleNavigation"); // load the module $menuoptions = array('show_root' => true, 'max_levels' => 1, 'outer_tpl' => "<ul class='topnav clearfix'>||</ul>", 'inner_tpl' => "<ul class='subnav'>||</ul>"); echo $treeMenu->render($menuoptions); // render default menu
  11. I build my sites on top of my existing PW site profiles I take from previous sites too if you can consider that as a theme. My question is more from the commercial side of things. I find myself spending much more time with simple projects than others and that's why I was wondering what you guys think of alternatives. On freelancer forums people tend to see only WP but I know that most of you are seasoned developers coming from other systems.
  12. @Macrura, do you mean that you use PW with HTML themes?
  13. Hi everyone, I'd like to start a conversation about your view and practices for profitable web design and development (unless there is already one that I didn't find). I use ProcessWire for most of my sites currently. Wherever I look though I can see plenty of web design freelancers and even larger agencies running exclusively on WordPress and themes. Many people are running "web design" businesses even without any development skills. There are just so many that I started to doubt if that's the way to go. - Do you use Wordpress + themes to cut cost and increase your bottom line? If yes, what is the middle ground? Is it worth to put up with WP? - If not, what alternatives you use for micro/small businesses? - And finally, how do you use ProcessWire to speed up small, basic brochure websites? Clients care more about budget and results than "custom" design. I love working with ProcessWire but only if it doesn't mean lost opportunities. Any opinions are welcome, especially from those of you who are advocates for themes yet are skilled developers.
  14. Hi there, thanks for the great module. I installed it on PW 3.0.33 with PHP 5.4.45 and I get an error message: Fatal error: Call to undefined method stdClass::getIterator() in /home/funevents/public_html/site/assets/cache/FileCompiler/site/modules/TracyDebugger/panels/DebugModePanel.php on line 422 Is there something missing on my server? Thanks.
  15. Ok, here is a strange one running PW 3.0.33 on PHP 5.4.45 and have max image dimensions set up to resize images to 2000x2000 pixels on upload. Portrait mage upload results in a missing JSON response and the thumbnail just sitting there with 100% progress bar and the spinning wheel. I can upload landscape images but portrait ones trigger the error. I rotated a portrait image before upload and the same image was uploaded successfully then. I'm getting this error for portrait images in Chrome: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of null at XMLHttpRequest.<anonymous> (InputfieldImage.min.js?v=119-1488236130:1) (anonymous) @ InputfieldImage.min.js?v=119-1488236130:1 in Safari: TypeError: null is not an object (evaluating 'aM.length') Any idea what's going on here? Thanks