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  1. Yes, I completely agree with that and wanted to bring it up. Especially in the backend when previously we got "Padloper Orders" and "Padloper Reports" etc… It feels much more integrated when you look at something like "Craft Commerce" or "Perch Shop"
  2. Does that mean that products are not going to be ProcessWire pages the same way as they were in Padloper 1? It was such a great integration and made it super easy to edit product templates. Or will they still be available in the Templates section in admin? Great progress, can't wait to test it out.
  3. I agree, Padloper should work the Processwire way, that's the whole point of it. Using multi-language fields and page objects for products is the way to go. I guess most of us who builds a PW store will expect it that way.
  4. I put my vote on this one too. Conventions play a big role in usability and people still use computers or large enough tablets to get work done (e.g. managing a shop).
  5. Count me in too. I'm also waiting for this for a project where the website is done and I have to add the shop in later. No point to go with the old version. Let me know if you need any testing done, happy to help and pay the price.
  6. Hi @kongondo, thanks for the updates. Do you have a rough idea on when will an initial release be available? I'd need to add a simple store to a PW site after the holidays. You said there won't be an upgrade path so I'd rather not use V1 anymore.
  7. Will do, thanks. I don't know why I didn't think of that earlier.
  8. I can't see an option to apply classes on the link itself, on the <a> tag. When using Bootstrap, links must have the nav-link class. Did I miss something? What workaround can I use without messing with the module code? The module is working great, this is really the only thing I missed.
  9. Solved: It turned out I had no template file for any of the pages in the menu and the module checks if pages are viewable. Since non of the pages were viewable, menuItems returned an empty array. Thanks @kongondo for the help and pointing me to the right direction. All is well now.
  10. But that's the thing, there's no space in the menu name anywhere so I don't know where it came from. I sent you a PM with login details.
  11. It's not live, unfortunately. If I do a print_r($menuItems) in line 86, the output is ' main_menu' instead of an array. Interestingly, there's a space before the name of the menu, I'm not sure if it's important. I'll try to upload it to the server later today.
  12. That also returns nothing. That is, no output appears on screen from Tracy.
  13. That has no output at all. I'm very curious what is that, I must overlook something.
  14. ProcessWire\WireArray #1f8a data protected => array () extraData protected => array () itemsRemoved protected => array () itemsAdded protected => array () duplicateChecking protected => FALSE useFuel protected => TRUE _instanceNum private => 0 localHooks protected => array () trackChanges private => 0 changes private => array () _notices protected => array (3) errors => NULL warnings => NULL messages => NULL _wire protected => NULL
  15. I also deleted the content of the file compiler and cache folders. TracyDebugger shows the same two php errors I quoted before but I don't know how to dig deeper, I don't have a lot of experience with PHP debugging.
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