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  1. I don't know, Youtube works perfectly with the two modules I mentioned (Ryan's and flydev's versions), my client published YouTube videos using it as recently as January 2021.
  2. @BFD Calendar I can confirm it doesn't work for YouTube, I had to revert to flydev's fork of Ryan's module on a website recently. Ryan's TexformatterVideoEmbed module also works perfectly for Youtube or Vimeo videos. Since Facebook discontinued anonymous social embedding you are ok going with either version.
  3. @flydev 👊🏻, thanks for that, it did the trick.
  4. I'm trying to implement this module as a replacement for the original PaymentStripe module for a custom payment form. I've found everything in the readme file except one: how does one output the form? This module doesn't have a render method so I am confused.
  5. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, I definitely do not enjoy working with those open source ecommerce systems, development is never a straight line. I will try your approach next time I have this client conversation. The funny thing is that Snipcart's fee is almost fully covered by the difference in Stripe fees between the US and the EU and it's still more competitive than Shopify.
  6. @Gadgetto or anyone else who uses Snipcart to build stores for their clients: How do you justify the extra cost (minimum monthly fee / transaction fee) to clients over free solutions such as Padloper? I'd love to use Snipcart with your integration but given the choice clients go with a free to run system. Sorry this is not a technical question but thought you regularly work with Snipcart if you took the time and effort to develop such a deep integration.
  7. @999design I have the same issue, even though the paragraph tags have no attributes in my case. Tried it as links and as plain text between p tags, no luck.
  8. @Gideon So Unfortunately Facebook doesn't allow embedding content anymore (started on 24th October 2020) unless the site is authenticated. More here: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/plugins/oembed This includes Facebook and Instagram
  9. @netcarver Thanks for that and for the great work, just at the right time. 😉 A nice companion to LoginRegisterPro.
  10. Hi, does this support the front-end password reset option in LoginRegisterPro? I need to support the option to complete the reset on a different device for one site.
  11. @ryan, thank you for the module, especially that you implemented it in such a short time. This way we can be ahead of the game as some banks are already rolling out SCA enforcement for a portion of payments. Thanks again!
  12. @rick, I'll need to build an account dashboard for the users but it would be front end. They need multiple subscriptions because it will be a subscription tied to a product. They can purchase multiple products and the subscriptions will belong to their serial numbers. Just like you would have multiple mobile phone subscriptions under your single user account, each with it's own billing date. But because of the nature of the service they don't want it to auto-renew, so if they don't renew manually, the service will lapse. With the same analogy, like a prepaid mobile phone. Coupon code: the product will come with a free membership for the first 1 2 or 5 years but it must not start until they register the serial number of the product. Also, the product user might be different than the one purchased it. Again, I can build it in Processwire I was just wondering if I could reuse something that's already done for parts of this process. There are many membership plugins for Wordpress but I try to avoid that trouble. There's nothing of this nature for Processwire, just like there's no complete ecommerce plugin (until Kongondo reveals his, at least). I just don't want to reinvent the wheel if someone has any pointers for something already in existence.
  13. I need to create a membership site where someone can buy a product and later activate a yearly membership in their account. How all of you approach building a membership site? Is custom development the only way around? I've been searching these forums a lot but couldn't really find much guidance. So this is what I want to achieve: User can register an account (LoginRegisterPro can handle that) User can buy a membership for 1, 2 or 5 years in their accounts and pay by Stripe They can also redeem a code for a membership They can renew their membership later (doesn't need to be recurring payment) They can have multiple memberships in their accounts plus reminder emails on expiry I can do that using the API of course but I was hoping there's an easier way. Do you use an integration for that, can Padloper be helpful here, or everyone are just developing their own solution?
  14. @kongondo, still no announcement? 🙂 I was sending ecommerce quotes all summer thanks to government grants and still hoping to at least beta test the new Padloper.
  15. @DavidBerlin, I think it works on the Snipcart 2 API because Snipcart version 3 is not complete yet. There are missing features (such as recurring payments).
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