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  1. I was using this method very recently, its very easy method to migrate from/to live + server. But recently, this method started to show some error, I posed a query here Is it possible, because of the latest version, this module no longer works ?
  2. Hello, is there any reason shows this error as below. I have exported the file from the live server and trying to install my local server. The file permissions are correct and files in the exported folder also correct. Any idea? I have successfully done using site profile exporter module several times, but this kind of error happened first time
  3. Same issue here : I have used <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="<?php echo $config->urls->FieldtypeComments?>comments.css" /> <script type="text/javascript" src="<?php echo $config->urls->FieldtypeComments?>comments.min.js"></script> as code and ensured the links are working, the css and js are loaded but my comment forms are not showing any star input any help pls ?
  4. Created another page which requires login access to view . This page will display all the statistics needed. So I send this second username/pass to the NGO Admins ( its an NGO project, people behind it are not much tech savvy )
  5. Thank you so much for your suggestions. I am making more polish works on the websites, surely work on the notes you mentioned 🙂
  6. Any updates regarding this ? I have to enable the star option for comments in my new project - As I mentioned in above comment, CSS+JS files are linked correctly. The code to render the comment as : echo $page->videocomments->renderAll(); echo $page->videocomments->renderStars(); videocomments is the filed name for comments But the stars are not showing anywhere when we try to input the comment 😞 But stars showing in the admin panel and also it shows when a comment is approved but just a single star only The star option is enabled in admin section as well So there is no way I can display the STAR option when a comment is input. Please help thank you Here is the page link to enter comments / feedback https://www.bhimonlineclassroom.in/videos-list/protectors-of-biosphere-3/ The version I am using is ProcessWire 3.0.158 dev © 2020
  7. after almost 9 months of serious distro hopping, I settled down with Mageia 7.1 . This is the best stable Gnu/Linux OS for everyday usage of Laptop. Another option is MXLinux 19
  8. Happy news, the OP referred project is live now : - https://www.bhimonlineclassroom.in
  9. Hello, I have done a new website - https://www.bhimonlineclassroom.in - Some clients dont let to keep the credits, some do but however, you can see the source code - Meta author - Jeevanism@processwire http://onnippu.com/ http://www.kasitabusiness.com/ http://pkrosifoundation.org/
  10. thanks for the quick reply. its done now.. thanks again
  11. Hello, I wanted to export my site profile back up from the live server to my local. I have always been happy with using Site Exporter but, this time, when I took my backup file from server, and tried to install in my local machine, I got this error below Profile Not Found I am sure I have placed the exported files to the directories and made permissions accessible. So I installed the module duplicator and installed it. As per the doc says when I try to access it from Setup -> there is no duplicator showing. All screenshots are attached I made it possible to install it on local machine by simply changing my folder site-june17bkp to site and installation went smooth. But not sure why the profile not found and/or duplicator not showing in the list. thanks in advance
  12. Some client dont let to keep the credits, some do but however, you can see the source code - Meta author - Jeevanism@processwire http://bhimonlineclassroom.in/ http://onnippu.com/ http://www.kasitabusiness.com/ http://pkrosifoundation.org/
  13. can I follow the OP steps in 2020 ? or any thing altered now ?
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