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  1. Manjaro is rocking cool !
  2. Hello, I come from a CodeIgniter backgroud, and as you all know, in codeigniter, we can locate the controller file name from the URL address bar ( unless there are some heavy customization on the URL routing ), and once we get the controller file, we can read the source code and go to corresponding View & Model files for that particular Controller file. But is there any way to trace source like this, in Processwire ? It never occurred to me for the need of this situation until I had to re-use and existing Processwire Project ( its a blog project). So I had to go to the source files to make some edits and changes. It was easy to recognize php file for the Home Page, but for inner pages, I had to make some guesses and observations to find exact sourcefiles. So, I would like to know if there is any ProcessWire way to achieve this. thank you
  3. thank you for the tip but these alone didi not work for me. I have added text-align:center property and it worked. For the CKEditor center image element, the css file is content.css to be edited
  4. Hello @BitPoet I have a simple web magazine / News magazine project in hand, I have done the design work and was doing some PW basic setup. It seems to me your blog would fit with my requirement, I shall try, extend it and will give you the feedback soon. thank you
  5. another website : http://jeevanism.com/
  6. added support on one of my website : http://pkrosifoundation.org
  7. This is really amazing work you have done. Congrats and keep it up
  8. I have something to discuss for an upcoming e-commerce project. Client has only mentioned about it nothing solid so far. Initially my thoughts went straight to use OpenCart since its already a well-built block for E-Commerce but I am well versed in Processwire than Opencart. So just searching for the options in PW for an e-commerce website. I shall send you an email to : geeks@snipcart.com
  9. Hello @maxlab I have an incoming project for an Online Store for Apparel ( E-commerce for clothings ). Only the preliminary discussion is going on with client as of now but I want to know whether its possible to create an online Apparel store with Processwire and Snipcart. Please consider the fact that I am from India, so let me know if there is any issue with Indian currency for payment. thankx
  10. Excellent caste study, best wishes @cstevensjr. Now I am planning my next Online Store project in procewsswire if possible. I am just running all ower PW forums for possible understanding
  11. Hello there, I been using Gnu/Linux as my primary OS and only OS I use in my Work/Personal Laptop ( before that I used to have dual boot with Windows, the last version of MS OS I have used was Windows XP ). I been totally satisfied with the performance of Linux and everything I needed was there. For the development, I use the Geany editor ( now I am using Atom ), GIMP for some few image editing, XAMPP for the STACK. Right now I am on Manjaro Box with Kubuntu as the second OS. How many others here use GNU/Linux as the primary OS setup ?
  12. Can you please share the code you have used to achieve this ?
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