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  1. JeevanisM


    There is one computer pioneer often get backseat in foray, none other than Mr. Konrad Zuse . I dont think he gets the wider audience as he deserves.
  2. Such an amazing website, makes me find a job there and move into Shetland ! :) Please let me know if any openings for a PHP/Processwire Dev in Shetland :)
  3. just out of curiosity, what do you think about JavaScript FullStack Dev ( the Node/Express) hype.. As a PHP developer, I am a bit confused as ' Should I jump into the Node camp or not ' :)
  4. JeevanisM


    @benbyf love this : https://www.tandc.games/projects/grace-hopper-bug-rescue/ That cartoon image of Ms Grace Hopper, I could remember her photo from my Computer Science Text Book :) An awesome artistic work there. I love the concept of game, rescue friend from the large 1950, resonating with what Ms Grace did, the first BugFix :) The website looks awesome and best wishes.
  5. this is awesome. I want to create a mobile client for my website. I just need only a GET endpoint. ( I want to fetch certain number of videos ( say latest 20 videos ) from this website and show in my mobile app. ( the website https://www.bhimonlineclassroom.in/ is developed on PW3 ) . Can you please write an explanation on how to approach / develop the RESTful API with Processwire ? thank you @clsource
  6. Client satisfaction is primary :)
  7. right on, thank you @hollyvalero this solves my issue 🙂
  8. HI, The scenario is, I manage a magazine website, I have an article to publish, but before making it public available, I have to show the preview to my Editor and get approval. What I have done is, I created the page, filled the contents then put it as a Unpublished status. I as admin can see the preview of the page but when I send this page link to the editor ( he has no admin access, he should not because the person may vary with each articles ) , the editor cannot view the preview of Unpublished page. Is there any workaround on this ? Is it possible to make this preview page watchable with a direct link ? thanks
  9. Hello, I have updated my developer profile recently (1 week ago ) that I moved to UK from India. But when I try to locate my developer profile, it still shows back to India. However, I tried to updated it again, its shows that the profile is under review pending. How much time it would take for some review ? thanks and regards
  10. Only for Dutch Speakers ? any Remote position open ?
  11. I think the delayed output has no effect in Mobile Responsive Design, it depends on the frontend tools used ( CSS + JavaScript ). I use BootStrap for the design but there are many other CSS frameworks available and I use simple native javascript codes, again there are Vue.js , React or Angular. Pick tools suit with you 🙂
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