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  1. I took a look at it and found it really confusing. Will try reading it again. Thanks.
  2. I basically want to output one view for our website and then use another view(without navbars and stuff) for our app. We will just be linking the URL of the second view to our app.
  3. Hello All, I am trying something here but I am not sure if its possible. I have a Gallery page(gallery.php) using the 'gallery' template. However I want two views of the Gallery page. One with the navbar and one without. Is it possible to use the same gallery page and make this work? Thanks in advance.
  4. I finally managed to get this working. The mod rewrite for the Apache server had to be enabled and I could then log into the admin panel. Thanks a lot everyone for all the help. PW has an amazing community!
  5. I got it fixed. I had found this thread a bit related to my issue and had hence posted it here as well. Thanks.
  6. @JeevanisMI was able to migrate the website now to a different server. The website works well. However I am unable to login to the admin panel. The login page appears, but when I try to login, the page just refreshes without any error. This happens for any combination of credentials. Any idea why this might be happening?
  7. I will try doing a fresh install today and see if that works. Also if your website is http://www.jeevanism.com/bhimon, then you docroot is pointing towards the test folder yes? You would just add the bhimon after the domain address to access?
  8. @Klenkes, Ok. I will try and get that to work first. Thanks.
  9. Ok, so I tried adding some gibberish to the .htaccess file and my home page still loads without a 500 error. So maybe the server is not reading the htaccess file. My site folder is in the root directory it self. Do I still need to add anything to Rewrite base?
  10. Ok so the admin panel url sounds about right. There is a .htaccess file in the root folder. What do I need to do with it?
  11. Ok. So when I select that rename it and select the profiler, I run the installer like normal. And then after that would I need to move the site wire htaccess index.php out of the processwire folder to the document root. Would that work smoothly?
  12. Tried this for the About page. The URL echoed is /about-us/ (which is what is set under admin for the about.php page). It takes me to www.mywebsite.com/about-us/ and gives me the URL not found on server error. Also another thing I observed that on the admin panel, when I click on View for the About page, it takes me to www.mywebsite.com/test/about-us and gives the same URL not found error. The 'test' folder is where the site dir, wire dir, .htaccess and index.php files are. Essentially that is the document root where the domain is pointing. However on the admin panel as you can see that folder name is still appearing after the domain address. Could this discrepancy causing all this? Just a guess, not sure. What should the admin URL be after migration? Does that change too? Thanks.
  13. The about page is actually not a child of the homepage. They are independent of each other. I checked the above and the 'about' template has been set for the about.php page without any access issues. Also I am using stuff like <?php echo $page->about_us_img->url; ?> OR <?php echo $page->about_us_title; ?> to pull data. This is working fine on the dev server so I am not sure if it is still an issue with the code. When I am linking the pages, I have a navbar on the Homepage. It has an About Us section and I put the href value as ./about.php for example. It takes me to a page www.mywebsite.com/about.php and it is unable to find that URL on the server.
  14. I had initially tried using Profile Exporter following the same process as you mentioned. When I arrived at the installer and selected the site-the-name-you-have-given profile, it kept giving me an error saying ' Profile not found'. I ultimately gave up and did the migration manually. I actually am struggling post the migration now. I was able to map my website domain. The homepage.php file which is essentially my homepage opens on loading the domain(have included this file in my home.php file). However the server is unable to find any of the other pages. All of them are in the site/templates folder along with the homepage.php. But when I say add a link redirecting to ./about.php, the URL caught is www.mywebsite.com/about.php. This gives me a URL not found error. Also for most of the other pages, the data from the admin panel is not getting rendered. On some it does and on other it does not. It gives an error saying 'Trying to get property of non-object'. I am not sure what is going on and if I messed up with the migration. Other things I did: - whitelisted my domain in config.php -changed permissions of site/assets to read and write -changed the owner of the site folder to the apache owner Any suggestions would really help. Thanks.
  15. That worked. I cleared the site/assets/cache folder and also the caches table from the db. Thank you all!
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