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  1. I really do like the plugin, but I could not figure out how the resizing in "Petersburger Hängung" works. Either it is buggy, or I am dumb. If I upload images to my site and have the preview images in the plugin set to size=500x500 upscaling=false cropping=false I get neat little images of different widths (like my originals are). But the moment I use cropping, or setting a focus point on one of the images the plugin shows this image in a brutal fixed size of 500x500. (funny thing is: resizing does not change the image aspect ratio and works as expected) Does anybody know how I can use at least the cropping of ProcessWire without destroying the gallery layout?
  2. You can bypass that by just commenting the PHP required line in every .modules file. Like that 'requires' => [ 'ProcessWire>=3.0.0', //'PHP>=5.6', ], It may not be the best way but it works.
  3. To post a conclusion if someone runs into the same requirements: At last I used repeater fields for the table. The Backend input may not be as nice as with Handsontable or Matrix Fieldtypes, but in this case it suited best, as it uses fields and is highly configurable at the frontend. With Handsontable data is stored in a JSON which makes it quite difficult to change columns if there is already data in the fields ans also the frontend JS messed up the processwire CSS somehow. Matrix Fieldest on the other hand did not give me an opportunity (or at least I could not find it) to add rows on a page basis. In my example the colours are defined by the companies and every company has there own very special colourset. Therefore I cannot predefine them.
  4. Thanks for all of your help! Handsontable looked very promising (and was easy to set up) . The Filter and search options are what made me question the module, but as from MySQL 5.7 JSON should be searchable that drawback could maybe be bypassed. Matrix was on my list already, but I could not get it to work, as it needs a bit more understanding of processwire concepts for setup. It looks perfect but is clearly not a beginners module. But I really should give it another try...
  5. Wow. That is in fact a lot of possibilities... I've already seen ProFields and thought it should do the job, but as I am still in evaluation I cannot buy a plugin for testing purposes. But I'll have a look at the others. As for the editing: I thought of giving them their own editing rights, but at the moment this will not be mandatory. Maybe not for my first project 😉 Thanks for your help.
  6. As I am completely new to processWire I stumbled upon a question which may be easy to solve, but I don't see how it is possible: Among other things I'd need the possibility to add fields for tabular Data where the columns are predefined but the rows are free to add or edit. For an example we have a couple of companies who present data on pages. So they all produce the same products but in different amounts per month and different colours. As an Admin I'd like to define the products, but leave it to the backend-user to fill in their colours as needed. As those the given values are needed in a filter or search afterwards they have to be in fields as far as I understood the concept. Is there a possibility to set up fields that give an output like shown in the attached images?
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