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  1. Great News indeed!
  2. Beautiful! Great work @bernhard
  3. @hellomoto Hi! Do you get any console errors?
  4. You're right the module set the dimensions.
  5. Have you set width and height of the map? I always forget that.
  6. I did something similar (if i understand your question correctly) on a calendar on this site: Only dates with events or opening hours are selectable. Active dates are json used by flatpickr:
  7. That sounds like a good solution. Thanks @BitPoet !
  8. I’m building a simple ticket booking system for our events. I’m considering two different solutions: The first approach is creating one page per ticket and a reference to a booking page with the contact info. This should be faster when checking for ticket availability by using $pages->count(). The other one is a one page per booking with an integer field holding the ticket quantity. Downside is having to use $pages->find() but only having to create one page per booking with the API. My biggest concern is listing the events and the ticket availability for each event, loading all bookings. At the most one event has 300 bookings. Any ideas are welcome.
  9. Could you share the complete template code?
  10. @pwFoo You can change markup and classes:
  11. Hi! If you have an array of images, try this: $child->image->first()->url $child->image->first()->size(200,200)->url
  12. @bernhard You should check this out by @diogo :
  13. @bernhard Client-side image resizing seems to be scheduled for spring 2017:
  14. @horst to the rescue again: