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Community Answers

  1. I have never built anything like that unfortunately.
  2. In site/config.php: $config->useMarkupRegions = false;
  3. Great stuff as always, Ryan!
  4. @BitPoet I tested your solution and i'm probably missing something but it's not working. I tried this after searching the API docs: And it seems to work. Sets the file but doesn't change it once it's set.
  5. Hello! Is it possible to use wireframe only for logged in users and guest users are presented with the regular template?
  6. It's still working in an old install of mine somewhere. (I might have updated the code on the install and forgot to push it to the repository)
  7. Hi @teppo! I' trying to check what view file the user is on but the getView method returns null. I'm using it like this in the controller (tried both in the render and init method): if($this->wire('page')->name == "kopa-bil"){ $this->view->setView('buy'); } And $page->getView() in the view-file which returns null.
  8. @Ivan Gretsky Absolutely, that would be great.
  9. Hi! I'm not maintaining the module.
  10. I'm always listening to Radio Paradise. Will check NTS Radio out, sounds interesting. ?
  11. Did you try using a utility class? https://wireframe-framework.com/docs/patterns-and-practices/utility-classes/
  12. Mats


    Hello @teppo I'm having trouble when trying to use pagination on a view where the page array is coming from a controller with a limit ($this->wire('pages')->find('template=mytemplate,limit=20')). When on a page number (page2 for example) the page array is null. I've checked the allow pagenumbers setting on the template. The pagination is working now, not sure what made it kick in, but it's working. ?
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