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  1. Was looking for this solution in TinyMCE. Thanks @virtualgadjo!
  2. That sounds like an interesting module! I look forward to testing it. I don't mind the images being duplicated as that is how ProcessWire handles images. I think Media Lister with the proposed expansion of functionality would fill a need that seems to exist within the ProcessWire community (if you can live with duplicate images). I want to take the opportunity to say thanks for all the phenomenal modules you share with the rest of us @Robin S!
  3. This is such a great module, thank you @Robin S! Would it be possible to extend this module so it could be used for adding existing images to an image field? A button in the image field ("Add media") opens the Media lister module in a modal. You select an image from the list, on "save/add to page" the image is copied to the image field.
  4. I have a single image field on the user template displaying an profile image in the page header. Strange thing is that on some request the field behaves as expected but on some requests it behaves like outputformaing is false (like an array). I cant seem to find any code that would turn off the outputformating so i'm a bit baffled with what's going on (most likely something i'm doing wrong). I'm using @teppo's wireframe, latest PW dev on the site. Update: I commented out this: $createdBy = $users->get("id={$fil->fil->created_users_id}"); and the user image rendered as expected. My guess is that i get a new user without the image and that causes the error. But how can i get one or more users without replacing the current one? I changed the image field settings to maximum allowed files to 1 and formatted value to automatic. Now the previous page renders as expected but other pages containing the image field gets the following error: Update: Setting the user outputformating to true right before rendering the user image fixed it. I guess i have outputformating set to false somewhere but i'm unable to find it.
  5. I'm getting the following error on one site using Wireframe. I can't seem to find any differences from other installations so i'm at bit confused. Fatal Error: Uncaught Error: Class "Wireframe\Hooks" not found in site/modules/Wireframe/Wireframe.module.php:245 Made a reinstall, and the error went away.
  6. Thanks @BitPoet , this is really neat! Would it be possible to make it work in repeater matrix fields?
  7. I have never built anything like that unfortunately.
  8. In site/config.php: $config->useMarkupRegions = false;
  9. @BitPoet I tested your solution and i'm probably missing something but it's not working. I tried this after searching the API docs: And it seems to work. Sets the file but doesn't change it once it's set.
  10. Hello! Is it possible to use wireframe only for logged in users and guest users are presented with the regular template?
  11. It's still working in an old install of mine somewhere. (I might have updated the code on the install and forgot to push it to the repository)
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