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  1. @pwFoo You can change markup and classes:
  2. Hi! If you have an array of images, try this: $child->image->first()->url $child->image->first()->size(200,200)->url
  3. @bernhard You should check this out by @diogo :
  4. @bernhard Client-side image resizing seems to be scheduled for spring 2017:
  5. @horst to the rescue again:
  6. I have a couple of customers on (Danish company) and it's working out ok. I use, a Swedish (pretty close to Denmark) web host, with very fast servers, great support at a low price.
  7. @Zeka It is. I'd appreciate a bug report.
  8. @Zeka uses Padloper for logged in customers.
  9. I don't think it's possible. Check out this SO answer:
  10. @netcarver Repo is updated. Thats's my favourite shirt! Thanks for setting up the store.
  11. Hi! Welcome to the forums! Check this thread out for front end-editing with ckeditor:
  12. Looks and works great! Love the map on the contact page:!
  13. Thanks @netcarver and @dab! I'll update the code with your additions @netcarver.
  14. Check out tpr was faster
  15. I think you are looking for this: $page->your_mapfield->address