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  1. Tested on another MAMP installation and it works as expected there.
  2. Can't save Crop Settings (square,200,200 for example). Other settings saves. ProcessWire 3.0.152 dev
  3. Tested on local installation on MAMP. No previous CroppableImage module installed. I get the error only when trying to save with Crop Settings otherwise it saves as expected. Downloaded the module here: https://github.com/horst-n/CroppableImage4
  4. Hi @horst! When saving Crop Settings with MAMP i get (square,200,200 for example) . DB connect error 2006 - MySQL server has gone away Everything else seems fine when saving.
  5. https://dockyard.com/blog/2019/12/19/lessons-learned-10-years-of-running-a-software-consultancy
  6. Try sending the current language with the Ajax request. And set the language on the response. (On mobile).
  7. I couldn't find a way to hook into the LanguageSupportPageNames.module.
  8. Hi @gebeer! Did you find a solution to this? I added the code below before this which seems to work : if(!$page->id) $inputfield->checkboxChecked = 0;
  9. Reversing the selectors worked well, thanks.
  10. @matjazp I haven't figured out why some pages didn't work while others seems to work with the same selector combination. This is what it looks like in the admin: When i removed the has_parent selector the error resolved.
  11. Seems like the has_parent field in combination with a page-id was the culprit.
  12. @matjazp Thanks, i did but the error persisted. Should have mentioned it.
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