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  1. Thanks for answer kongondo. I need to have a little description appear under my mega menu. In frontend menu I'll have something like "Home" and under it a little description of the menu entry (ex: my beautiful home page). So each menu voices will have a custom description on desktop version. I hope is all clear now. Let me know if you need more infos! Have a nice day,
  2. Hi kongondo and hi all guys! Is there a way to put a new field (ex: description) on each menu entries? I like to have something like: Title: Home Description: My beautiful home page URL: /my-beautiful-url/ I wait your feedback. Thanks and have a nice day!
  3. Hi guys, I'm going crazy to use EmailNewUser module. It looks like it doesn't send any mail. WireMailSmtp looks ok and SMTP test works ok. On tracyDebug I see in Mail Interceptor the mails, but no one mail in the inbox. If I set in Mail Interceptor a "test mail address", and try to do a test send on EmailNewUser module it works! UPDATE: If I register new user, the mail didn't send. I put a log in the module on 226 line but it looks like it doesn't enter in it when new user registred. Really really strange ... but I don't know how to fix. Any people could help please? Thanks! 🙂
  4. Hi all guys, I have pages son of a Page, all with same template. In this template I have so many fields. I want to check if there are pages with the same value of 1 of this 3 fields (a, b, c) and if yes delete one of this. The main intent is to remove all duplicates pages checking by fields. Anyone can suggest me a way? Thanks!
  5. Thanks Robin, I never tought about hours and minutes! lol Btw, it works! So thanks for help me out!
  6. Sorry this is my code: $pages->find("template=test, id>1, sort=myFieldName, sort=-created, status=unpublished, (created>=2019-06-08, created<=2019-06-10)");
  7. Hi all guys, I'm in search to show pages created between a range. That's my code: $pages->find("template=test, id>1, sort=myFieldName, sort=-created, status=unpublished, (created>=2019-06-08, created<=2019-06-10"); The output is an array of pages with creation date between 8 June to 9 June. The correct output would be from 8 June to 10 June. How can I fix this? Thanks for support!
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