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  1. @bernhard thanks for your suggestions! The main problem is I'll have more then 50k pages with 'test' template. Did you test already mysql spatial functions? How they perform? And which informations you will store in the new table you suggest me?
  2. Hello guys, I developed a view where people draw a shape on google map. I'm able from that view to get all coordinates of my shape. Now I need to query pw to find all pages with template "test" and with lat and long inside the polygon. So, I need to find a way to extract all my pages with lat and long inside the polygon. I can't create an array with all lat and long of all my pages and later check, because if I have a lot of pages with template test it requires a lot to process informations. Any advice to solve that problem? Thanks!
  3. Hi all guys! And thanks for the job you made! I have a question. I need a way to create 1 .ics for each user I have In ProcessWire, and when something happen (people confirm me dates etc) I want to append a VEVENT on the same .ics In this way the user have his link to .ics calendar and he can use it in sync outside (phone, os calendar, etc) Can I do it with this module? if yes, can someone share me some pseudo code to look in? Thanks guys for your great job!
  4. Hello guys, I'm in search (it will be a long collaboration) of a ProcessWire Full-Stack developer that will help me to work on some projects. He need to write some modules and do some frontend tasks Job 100% remote. Let me know if you are interested in it
  5. Thanks for answer kongondo. I need to have a little description appear under my mega menu. In frontend menu I'll have something like "Home" and under it a little description of the menu entry (ex: my beautiful home page). So each menu voices will have a custom description on desktop version. I hope is all clear now. Let me know if you need more infos! Have a nice day,
  6. Hi kongondo and hi all guys! Is there a way to put a new field (ex: description) on each menu entries? I like to have something like: Title: Home Description: My beautiful home page URL: /my-beautiful-url/ I wait your feedback. Thanks and have a nice day!
  7. Hi guys, I'm going crazy to use EmailNewUser module. It looks like it doesn't send any mail. WireMailSmtp looks ok and SMTP test works ok. On tracyDebug I see in Mail Interceptor the mails, but no one mail in the inbox. If I set in Mail Interceptor a "test mail address", and try to do a test send on EmailNewUser module it works! UPDATE: If I register new user, the mail didn't send. I put a log in the module on 226 line but it looks like it doesn't enter in it when new user registred. Really really strange ... but I don't know how to fix. Any people could help please? Thanks! ?
  8. Hi all guys, I have pages son of a Page, all with same template. In this template I have so many fields. I want to check if there are pages with the same value of 1 of this 3 fields (a, b, c) and if yes delete one of this. The main intent is to remove all duplicates pages checking by fields. Anyone can suggest me a way? Thanks!
  9. Thanks Robin, I never tought about hours and minutes! lol Btw, it works! So thanks for help me out!
  10. Sorry this is my code: $pages->find("template=test, id>1, sort=myFieldName, sort=-created, status=unpublished, (created>=2019-06-08, created<=2019-06-10)");
  11. Hi all guys, I'm in search to show pages created between a range. That's my code: $pages->find("template=test, id>1, sort=myFieldName, sort=-created, status=unpublished, (created>=2019-06-08, created<=2019-06-10"); The output is an array of pages with creation date between 8 June to 9 June. The correct output would be from 8 June to 10 June. How can I fix this? Thanks for support!
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