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  1. Yo @kongondo! Just wondering if there is a settings I can change so I can have duplicate product titles as some items in a store I am creating have the same name. Should be fine for my setup as the names will be unique and I grab the products by name which is unique. Thanking you in advance as always
  2. @kongondo Ta very muchly! I'll take a wee nosey in a bit.
  3. @kongondo Nice one!! Legendary work as usual. No drama pushing it mate I've got invoicing enabled anyways haha! Enjoy the footy!! It's a biggy too.
  4. It's most peculiar. However, to be honest, it's not really an issue as I've just grabbed the stripe payment page and output that particular payment method. Cheers man
  5. Is there any info on field names for grabbing details from orders yet? I think it's not in the docs and is TBD. I'd like to output stuff like total, items, shipping type and payment type basically on a customer dashboard
  6. It's something to do with this check. If I enable invoice as a payment option there is no error. The issue is, I don't want invoice enabled really. But for now I'll just output only Stripe as a payment method rather than loop active payment methods. // --------------- // CHECK IF THIS ORDER HAS BEEN PAID // we check the payment status // @NOTE: WE ONLY CHECK FOR NON INVOICE ORDERS! $orderPaymentStatus = $response->order->paymentStatus; if (empty($this->isInvoiceOrder())) { // NON-INVOICE PAYMENT CHECK // @TODO CHANGGE THIS! // if (empty($order->padloper_order->pad_paid)) { // @TODO AMEND AS PER NEW APPROACH OF CONFIRMING SUCCESS IN GETCOMPLETEDORDER -> CAN EVEN CHECK THERE! if ((int) $orderPaymentStatus !== self::PAYMENT_STATUS_PAID) { // ORDER NOT PAID FOR BUT NOT INVOICE ORDER!, THROW EXCEPTION throw new Wire404Exception($this->_("Invalid order")); } } else { // INVOICE PAYMENTS CHECK // check if shop accepts invoice payments! if (empty($this->isShopAcceptsInvoicePayments())) { throw new WireException($this->_("Shop does not accept invoice payments!")); } }
  7. Just to clarify. I'm using custom form fields. I've used both shipping and billing fields. I have only Stripe active. On the backend, I checked Invoice and PayPayl and set them to inactive. That is all I've done. Other than that, the setup is the same as or follows extremely closely the github examples
  8. @kongondo ahhhh ok 👍🏼. It's still in the code on github just so's ya know: https://github.com/kongondo/Padloper2Starter/blob/demo-1/templates/checkout.php
  9. I have invoice payments disabled and I'm checking out using Stripe. On checkout success I get the error: User Error Exception: Shop does not accept invoice payments! (in /site/modules/Padloper/includes/order/PadloperCheckout.php line 590) Any thoughts please. Latest version of Padloper and PW version 3.0.203 as latest version causes issues with Padloper. Thanks in advance
  10. @kongondo just an update on this. If I try and use custom form fields, even when using equivalent_padloper_input_name if you use a custom input_name as below will result in the same error as originally posted at confirmation. I have to use shippingAddressCountry as the input_name for whatever reason. // country [ 'input_name' => 'shipping_address_country', 'equivalent_padloper_input_name' => 'shippingAddressCountry', // @note: country ID, hence integer! 'type' => 'integer', 'required' => true ], Just thought you should know as it seems like a tiny teeny bug 🙂
  11. Ok. I logged out and back in and it got the stripe payment page. When I pay and get redirected to success, now I get the attached error about "Shop does not accept invoice payments!" but this was a stripe payment.
  12. Ah man, now I'm getting the attached error even when PayPal is inactive. Sorry about this
  13. I should add, this is when I choose Stripe. It's working for invoice payment option
  14. Hi @kongondo, Do you know why I'd be getting the attached error when I click proceed to confirmation?
  15. I'd just let ProcessWire handle it. It'll just add (copy) on the end and -1 on the url. That's basically them same as how Shopify and the likes handle it, so saves any extra work and makes logical sense anyway right? Good question. The answer to that is I don't know. It's a core module that can be installed though, so I guess you could check to see if the module exists?
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