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  1. @kongondo 😂😂 Oh, looking at the code, I thought you code pass it an order page!! How embarrassing that it's that obvious. I genuinely want to bury my head!!! Sorry for wasting your time bro. Can I help with your documentation perhaps? I could add to it and you could correct my solutions as you go? 😬
  2. @kongondo I can't seem to get orderLineItemsPages. Sorry about this. On the active/past orders page I have the following // where $order is the $order page object $orderLineItems = $padloper->getOrderLineItemsPages($order);
  3. @kongondo Apologies for slow reply!! Thank you so much
  4. @kongondo Yeah, I think it would be nice to be able to see the shipping and billing address on the order page at a glance, but as you say it would be interesting to get the others opinions. Also as I'm creating an active orders and past orders view for customers on their account dashboard and I can't currently see how I can get their billing and shipping address details from padloper_order. Is there a way of me grabbing the shipping and billing address for an order to output with relative ease?
  5. @kongondo ahhhh!! So delivered is actually so you can update when you have had confirmation of delivery, I'm with you now.
  6. Hey again @kongondo, I don't know whether I'm tired/burnt out at this hour, or if I'm missing something, but only the Country seems to show on the order page not the customer's full shipping and billing address (screenshot attached) But if you click "print invoice" the full address displays.
  7. Also... If you do mark as delivered and then confirm. when you come back to the order it still has the "Mark as delivered" action.
  8. Hi @kongondo Just a quick thought. "Mark as delivered" on orders would probably be better as "Mark as despatched"? Makes more sense. It's a nothing kind of point, but I do think it makes more sense. What say you?
  9. Sorry @gebeer I should have added, that yes when I add the addition of include=all it works just fine, but I don't understand why I would need to for this use case? Is it something to do with the fact that "hero_image_section" is a FieldsetPage and therefore it's another page it's getting the image from?
  10. I'm getting peculiar behaviour using subfield selectors. $page->children("hero_image_section.images.count>0") The above if logged in returns the WireArray of pages. If you aren't logged, it returns nothing. No "access" related template or field settings have been changed.
  11. Naughty VSCode! Although, I dunno why it did that, as I haven't had that problem. Glad you sorted however 🙂
  12. Nice module!! I'm getting a javascript error regarding the icon on the front unfortunately and I can't seem to figure out why. Any clues?
  13. Evening @kongondo, Awesome work on all the bug fixes. Thank you for all of your continued efforts!
  14. I second this. My heart weeps every so slightly that this beautiful module isn't compatible with combo fields (and one presumes other profield types). It would be very delicious if it did!
  15. Even better than the above... just check: if (wire('page')->template->name != 'admin') This way, if a logged in admin user is on an admin page the correct customer details will be rendered rather than theirs, but on the front end it will still fill out the admin users details if doing checkout testing.
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