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  1. Ok. I logged out and back in and it got the stripe payment page. When I pay and get redirected to success, now I get the attached error about "Shop does not accept invoice payments!" but this was a stripe payment.
  2. Ah man, now I'm getting the attached error even when PayPal is inactive. Sorry about this
  3. I should add, this is when I choose Stripe. It's working for invoice payment option
  4. Hi @kongondo, Do you know why I'd be getting the attached error when I click proceed to confirmation?
  5. I'd just let ProcessWire handle it. It'll just add (copy) on the end and -1 on the url. That's basically them same as how Shopify and the likes handle it, so saves any extra work and makes logical sense anyway right? Good question. The answer to that is I don't know. It's a core module that can be installed though, so I guess you could check to see if the module exists?
  6. Hey @kongondo, Happy Sunday! Just a thought - if page clone is enabled, it would be good to add duplicate product to the actions on the products dashboard I reckon. What say you? Charrrs
  7. Nah, not at all. I could have done better digging. I thank you sir! I'll report back. Thank you as always!!
  8. Hmm, I added logs between the if statement and they aren't being written so I assume that it's failing before this. Could if be that I'm trying to get the product ID incorrectly? Sorry about this mate. // forach product in the order foreach ($orderLineItems as $p) { // check to see if it is a membership product and if the user is logged in if (in_array($p->product_id, [8473, 8474]) && $user->isLoggedin()) { // if the order is not of payment type PaymentInvoice (bank transfer) wire()->log->save('wes-checkout', 'There is a membership product in the order.'); if ($order->payment != 'Invoice') { wire()->log->save('wes-checkout', 'Member should automatically be made active.');
  9. Defo! So, it's just been brought to my attention that this isn't working. Should it in fact be if ($order->payment == Invoice) to get the actual title?
  10. Hey @jploch looking forward to checking out your hard work. Thank you for sending over the download. I've just created an empty DB and uploaded the packaged, unzipped it then kept the profile zipped. I get the attached error however when trying to run the setup. Any thoughts?
  11. I’m fully up for supporting this! Amazing work. Wowwwwwwy
  12. @kongondo you're on a roll! Was this coincidental timing!? Haha. Thanks
  13. This is just a general question really as I'm intrigued, but can't seem to figure out if it's possible. I have my own customer accounts using LoginRegister module. Now I could use custom customer form for confirmation, but currently I'm just rendering the in built customer form whilst I'm doing some development and I'm wondering if you can pass initial values to to order customer fields. In my case I could populate the billing and shipping fields with the customer who is logged in then. As I say, just intrigued if it's possible with the inbuilt form. Cheers
  14. @kongondo it works out of the box. https://stripe.com/docs/stripe-js/elements/payment-request-button#verifying-your-domain-with-apple-pay Couple of screenshots attached. Super simple. I've not gone to the next step it mentions in the one screenshot yet, but seems good to me. The loading wheel constantly shows next to the pay button for stripe. It does on other development sites too, so perhaps there is a class related to tailwind that is hiding this and another class simply needs to be added. Again, haven't looked into this yet, but just mentioning it. ??
  15. @kongondo No problem at all. Only asking. I'll take a look and see if it works out of the box. I definitely recall seeing some docs outlining that being (in basic steps) the process.
  16. Hey @kongondo Am I right in thinking that as the Stripe payment module uses elements, that I could enable ApplePay as an option on stripe then download the certificate, set this up on the Apple Developer account and then ApplePay should work as an option on the checkout with Stripe? Know anything about this? cheers mate
  17. Ah ha. Ok, interesting. It's strange how there are no errors. Thank you and sorry for bringing an issue to the table my friend!
  18. Hey @kongondo I'm currently just installing PadLoper v0.0.5 on Processwire v3.0.204 using PHP v8.1.10. (have tried version 7.4 & 8.0 too) "bcmath" is enabled. When I install the shop and select the features and click the confirmation button in the modal the page just reloads back to the shop configuration page and nothing is installed. Is this a known issue? Do you know what could be causing this at all? I'm getting no errors or warnings.
  19. That last one was that there were no rates set for the zone.
  20. Here's another screenshot when I get to confirmation page
  21. Hey @kongondo I'm getting an error at checkout: Undefined index: padloper_shipping_zone_countries I've also attached a screenshot. Can you shed any light?
  22. Just a little badge in the top right corner of the cards? "Year To Date". I see you're using tailwind for the dash so just grabbing a tailwindui badge screenshot as reference and a uikit card with a badge to better present the idea. Then I suppose eventually you could add a switcher to show Year Averages, Month Averages and the badge label just updates. Anyway... Just a thought ??
  23. Hahaha! Clock is ticking. Creased when I saw that!! Cheers as always!
  24. Actually. It does state on all of them Total Sales, Total Revenue... So with that in mind it makes sense, as you can hover on the bar for the month and see the monthly average. But perhaps in that case, just to be super clear to users it could say "All time" as a label or something such. Who knows.
  25. Hey @kongondo the utility that grabs the average order value on the shop home isn't clear in what range it's working the value out over. I would guess if it's 0.32p in this case it's over a year but I would guess possible the title saying "Monthly Average Order Value" and calculating that would maybe be more useful on the dashboard. Just a thought mate. Didn't know if here was a good place to post this or not, so forgive me if this isn't the best place for this.
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