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  1. @Spinbox Ah, good spot. Yes, I'll try this then! I'm just on the move at the mo! Thank you πŸ™‚
  2. Afternoon @kongondo, Hope you are good! I've just implemented a custom form following your setup closely on the github demo and when I proceed to confirmation screen I get Call to member function first() on null in modules/Padloper/includes/helper/PadloperUtilities.php:1470 I've attached screenshots to see if you have any clue. I've got tax set up and a rate specified for United Kingdom and the built in checkout rendered process works, so I must be missing something, but I'm unsure what exactly. Many thanks as always, Alex
  3. Thank you kindly for this and for such a swift response mate! Happy weekend to you
  4. Ok, looking at your demo, it's calculated at the order confirmation step. I'm assuming this is due to the necessity to know the customer's country first obviously.
  5. Or perhaps $padloper->padloperUtilities->calculateTaxOnAmount($padloper->getOrderTotalAmount()) is what I'm after? I'm just getting 0 on cart edit though even if I apply a base 20% tax to all items. ===== Yeah, nah, that won't work cus that's for orders not cart items. Hmmm.
  6. Happy Friday @kongondo I see that getCartTaxTotals() is no longer in use therefor $padloper->cart->getCartTaxTotals() is redundant. There is reference to a utility for this but I can't see it in utilities, only one for orders. Am I missing something or is this yet to be implemented for PadloperCart? Thanks in advance 😊
  7. The heatwave certainly helps. The warm feeling, but the fuzz is definitely the ease of use and all of the cool features with Padloper 2. I've just migrated a store from v1 to 2 (albeit in a very basic format at the moment i.e. no htmx/ajax), but it was painless. Need to sort the styling out next. Only started yesterday, so for ANYONE who sees this message and has concerns about migrating and updating to Padloper 2, I wouldn't hesitate. The benefits far outweigh the time and labour. Even down to the use of the shop dashboard. It's just all round enjoyable. This store with the 700+ variants is on hold whilst I just clear the decks of a bit of work, as that one is a side business that I have. But when that one is done, which it definitely needs to be, I'll show you mate πŸ˜‚
  8. That's the ticket! It's rapido on setting 0! Love it. Great work with the htmx updates! I feel warm and fuzzy.
  9. Erm, other than the fact that it was late at night and that's how I update other modules, so just auto-piloted... no πŸ˜‚ I'll remove/rename the old version and rename new and see what's what!! Thanking you kindly sir
  10. It doesn't appear to be working for me when I check the network in the console. I can see that all products are loaded without ajax when the 0 (always ajax) is selected, though having said that, I don't know weather it's due to two versions of all module files existing in two directories and which version is being loaded.
  11. @kongondo I've installed the latest version and I'm getting an issue whereby there are now 2 sets of Padloper Modules (Directories). One located at site/modules/PadLoper/ and one at site/modules/ProcessPadLoper/ So I have to specify which version of the duplicate files I want to use for each of the individual modules (please see the couple of attached screenshots for example). To view the new details tab for the Runtime Markup field I have to specify the version located at /site/modules/ProcessPadloper/FieldtypePadloperRuntimeMarkup/FieldtypePadloperRuntimeMarkup.module
  12. This is a game changer already. Thank you for your hard work as always!!! Going to check this out. It's like Christmas in summer!
  13. @kongondo awesome news!! Apologies for the slow reply!! Excited to test this out 😁
  14. Should have dug in deeper and taken a look. Sorry and thank you! Amazing! Love it.
  15. @kongondo hope all is well! Quick question... If I create a page which will have variants and add an attribute e.g. $product->padloper_product_attributes = 'Size'; How can I then add the attribute option to the product variant page?
  16. @kongondo apologies!! I didn't actually realise you'd replied to this!! Thank you.
  17. @csaggo.com I'd rather @kongondo didn't make this a part of PadLoper as then it leaves this stuff open so specific user use cases. Go with that and bet that he won't add it as a feature as it wouldn't make sense πŸ‘πŸΌ
  18. @csaggo.com if you just want a short hand field, you can literally do as I suggested. Use the title field supplied as long version, then create a new field called shorthand attribute name and assign it to the padloped-attribute-option template. Otherwise, you can gamble on changing the hook as I have done and taking that extra server load.
  19. Agreed, I did think that this might be rather resource hungry. But, so far so good. And like with my stupid amount of variants and products in general, that is with a TON of attribute options. The other conclusion I had was that people could alternatively add another field to that template, perhaps called shorthand/abbreviated for instance. And then use the long form name to search and have an alternative short form name for mapping or front end usage.
  20. Sorted! I've updated the hook hookFindPadloperProductAttributesOptions in PadloperHooks.module. Obviously not ideal that I have updated it there, as it will get overwritten, but I can see in your notes that using site/init.php doesn't work.
  21. Hi again @kongondo, I've also got a little issue whereby attributes for sizes are as few as 1 or 2 characters for the sizes - e.g. S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL The ajax search only kicks in when the query string length is longer than 3 characters. I've tried enabling "Use ajax/options pages" then adding the hook to init.php like so: $wire->addHook("/find-padloper_product_attributes_options/", function($e) { $q = $e->input->get("q", "text,selectorValue"); if(strlen($q) < 1) return []; $selector = "templates_id=62, include=hidden, title%=$q"; $fields = [ "id" => "value", "title" => "label" ]; return array_values($e->pages->findRaw($selector, $fields)); }); but unfortunately it doesn't retrieve the pages with 1 or 2 character titles. Is there anything I can do about this? I'm trying to tie the attribute option titles in directly with the way the supplier lists them. Any thoughts on this? Appreciate your time, thank you in advance 😊
  22. Good Afternoon @kongondo, Hope all is good your side and you've enjoyed your weekend. I'm just pulling a LOAD of products from a stockist and I was wondering (as I believe it is not yet covered in the docs) what is the best way to create products via API. This should then help me to quickly generate products and manage stock levels. I've created the parent product with the usual method. e.g. $product = new Page(); $product->template = "padloper-product"; $product->parent = $pages->get("template=padloper-products"); $product->title = "Test"; $product->padloper_product_stock->price = 22.25; $product->padloper_type = "Trousers"; $product->padloper_categories = "Suits"; $product->save(); But then I'd like to add variants on the fly too. So I also used: $product_variant = new Page(); $product_variant->template = "padloper-product-variant"; $product_variant->parent = $product; $product_variant->title = "Test Variant"; $product_variant->padloper_product_stock->price = 22.25; $product_variant->padloper_type = "Trousers"; $product_variant->padloper_categories = "Suits"; $product_variant->save(); This does indeed add the product as a variant below the aforementioned product. So then I notice that I of course have to enable "use variants" to view them on the custom product dashboard view (they show if you view from admin pages under tree) and can also update the attribute field page reference, so it shows the selectized value. Therefore I've used: $product = $pages->get(10203); $product->of(false); $product->padloper_product_attributes = 'Size'; $product->padloper_product_settings_use_variants = 1; $product->save(); $product->padloper_product_attributes = "Size"; works perfectly, however $product->padloper_product_settings_use_variants = 1 doth not. I also tried $product->padloper_product_settings->use_variants = 1, but I assume this requires some other method to update its value? Is it ok for me to go about this bulk creation as I am so far and could you shed some light on the variant matter if you have a mo. Many Thanks, Look forward to getting this up and ready to show you 😊 Alex
  23. Yes! This is a very good point. And then I assume there would be an issue with Max Post Vars if there were too many variants too, depending on people's PHP settings. Hmm
  24. Top of the morning @kongondo, just wondering if you had given any more consideration to the paginated variations on the product edit screen like with your other variations module? Just thinking ahead because of those products that we'd previously discussed where there are hundreds of variations. The other solution of course could simply be to break down products by colour and then simply list sizes as variations. But when these are both combined, this can result in hundreds of variations and loading all on one page request kills it. Apologies if this is already on the to do list. Just thinking out loud.
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