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  1. Hei, I read in the forum that some of you have a "global settings" page. I'm curious to know what you have there. Analytics tags? Menus? Cheers
  2. I just used hanna code. <?php namespace ProcessWire; $country = getLocation(); // my geo-targeting function that returns the country iso two letter code $creditUnion = "/solutions/credit-unions/"; $buildingSociety = "/solutions/building-societies/"; $pageLink = $country == 'GB' ? $buildingSociety : $creditUnion; echo "<a class='uk-button uk-button-orange uk-border-pill uk-text-bold' href='" . $pageLink . "'>Learn More</a>";
  3. This is nice @Robin S! Is it possible to automatically create the PHP file inside /site/templates/hannas when you first save the code?
  4. Hi, I'm a bit confused about where and how the geo-targeting should occur. For instance, I have page A with a button that will link to either page B (if you are in the US) or page C (if you are in the UK). My concern is how to ensure that the link points to the right page. I'm not worried about the geo-targeting code; I have that covered. My uncertainty lies in how to dynamically assign the correct link to the button. The challenge is that I'm using the TinyMCE editor for the copy, which includes the button. Is there a way to route the link through a hook or function that will determine the geo-targeting? Please feel free to ask any additional questions if my explanation is unclear. Thanks!
  5. Hei, I just copied the TinyMCE defaults.json and modified a few things, but the pwimage and pwlinks don't work anymore. Why does the below work, but when I use my modified version in the "Default setting overrides JSON text", they don't? It seems it's the plugin path, so it means that the {url} only works with the defaults.json? "external_plugins":{ "pwimage":"{url}plugins/pwimage.js", "pwlink":"{url}plugins/pwlink.js" }, Thanks.
  6. I'm not necroposting here, I'm just curious if @sebibu got any further with TinyMCE 😉
  7. Thanks. It's not about access restrictions. It's just how do you 'store' you PDFs 🙂
  8. Hello, I'm currently working on making PDFs available for download on my website. At the moment, they are not behind any kind of gate or restriction. Users can simply click a download button to access them. My question is, how do you manage and organize such assets? Do you use a dedicated page/template for them, or do you simply upload them directly to the server? Cheers!
  9. Thanks @sebibu. The alignment trick helped a lot. Now, I'm just need to have the formalting (bold, text-align, heading sizes) using the uk-kit.
  10. Hei @apeisaIs it possible for me to give an user the permission to create redirects or is it just superuser? I can not see the permission for redirect here.
  11. I did not get Overrides outside the template. So, maybe here is my confusion about how to use Overrides correctly.
  12. Yeah, I'm still having issues. @JoseFrasher links helped, but I'm not yet able to get it fully working. Every time I fix something, another gets broken😒 However @7Studio post did the trick for the images 🙌
  13. Hello, I'm aware that Overrides are not necessarily dangerous; most of the time, they are simply misused, just like I did. However, I believe there is a lack of documentation on this topic. So, I would love some clarity on Overrides, as I think I might have misunderstood the concept. Here's what I've gathered: I created a FieldsetPage fieldtype named Hero, with the following fields: image, text, body, and URL. I added the Hero field to the basic-page template. I created three pages: A, B, and C, all using the basic-page template. Now, here's where it gets interesting. On page A, I made no changes to the Hero. I used it as it is. On page B, I overrode the label of the image field to "logo". On page C, I overrode the Hero by adding an extra field, such as a textarea. Now, the changes made on page B and C will affect page A, correct? Is there a way to allow overrides by individual pages, rather templates? This would provide us with a lot of flexibility, wouldn't it? My issue happened when I started adding extra fields and removing some, like I did on page C. I forgot it was one template-based page, so I ended up messing up the other pages. One last thing. I don't understand the warning: " WARNING: enabling settings beyond those specified by the Fieldtype/Inputfield module may not always work, or may cause problems" So, folks, I'd be extremely grateful for any insights regarding overrides, perhaps some best practices and what to avoid. Cheers!
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