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  1. In my example, all pages have the same header and footer but a completely different body. So, I believe a single _main.php file is sufficient. Thank you very much!
  2. Hi, This is kind of a follow up from my previous question at I still can't connect the dots after reading all of the documents. For example, I have a simple website. I have the homepage, the about us, and the services pages. So, the markup regions are usually placed on /site/templates/_main.php, right? But I have three very different pages(home,about and services). Does it mean that I have to create three different templates Like /site/templates/_home.php, /site/templates/_about.php and /site/templates/_services.php? If so, why don't you just do direct output? Any help in wrapping my head around it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Wait ? the issue 129 is about processwire 3.0.39, but the page https://processwire.com/docs/front-end/output/markup-regions/ says we need ProcessWire 3.0.61. Are we talking about the same thing?
  4. It's a nice one, but no markup regions ?
  5. Thanks for the links, specially the starting with the blank profile one. I didn't know that. The SkyScrapper would be enough, but it doesn't use the Markup regions ?
  6. Hi, I get the impression that we're missing a "proper" tutorial here. In my opinion, what we have here are bits and bytes that are out of date. It would be nice to have a "complete" and updated tutorial on how to build a "real" website. What are your opinions? Cheers, B
  7. Hi! When you start a new project and it comes to the PW part (the frontend is not with you), how do you plan the whole thing out? Templates and fields x Site structure x Setting up basic pages Modules and global settings, backend logic, data automation, and so on. What is your order of doing things here? Thanks!
  8. So, what is the point of open source if community contributions are ignored? Marketing? Being open source entails more than just allowing others to view your code; it also involves building a community around the project to contribute to it and not only to give support.
  9. Hei, Just to make sure my expectations are correct. For a "normal" institutional website that includes static pages and a blog. How long does it take you to create it? Cheers
  10. I set it up. I'm simply a slow learner. ? But you are right. The more I experiment with it, the clearer things become. Thank you for your response.
  11. Perhaps I misunderstood your point. However, what you suggested would be difficult for the writer. Could I create the templates and then let the writer select one from a dropdown menu?
  12. Hi, I read through the documentation and am now somewhat confused by the concepts of "page" and "template." For example, on my website, I have a blog section where the writer publishes her posts. What I want to know about PW is whether I can create multiple templates (different layouts or designs) for the writer to use in her posts. I don't want her to worry about layout or design; just throw the text in. Everything else should be handled by the "template." Cheers
  13. Thanks. It all makes sense. Because I'm evaluating PW for my company, I'd like to know what is "ready" and what we'll have to "figure out" ourselves since it involves costs.
  14. Thanks, but I'm not sure if that covers the case. I believe that showing, say, a different homepage for US users should be simple, right? But what about displaying different content? I mean, the “page” remains the same; what changes, for example, is a paragraph or text on that page. Is that a possibility?
  15. Hi, Is there a plugin or a tutorial for creating geo-targeted content? Can PW handle that? Thanks
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