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  1. ahh something obvious !! glad you figured it out, wishes :)
  2. @Siddhi Jagtap is this still an issue for you ? thought you have fixed it.
  3. Well, I created the folder ' bhimon', then uploaded the PW zip file and extracted it. It will have a folder named processwire but I had to move everything outside of it, so that every files will be in the 'bhimon' folder. Then I called the installation such as http://www.jeevanism.com/bhimon this will start the installation and went everything good. I could access my website and my admin URL . well, yes if your 'folder' name is 'test' then you will have to add that at the end of the URL. please try to enable the debug mode on, so that you can see if there any errors. On the client side, check any errors happening in FireFox/Chrome developer console.
  4. I am not sure if this is related to this issue.
  5. I dont understand this fully, but ideally, all your PW related files/folders should be inside that ' test ' only, if you want this website work in the subdomain way. If the website should be as the main domain, all your PW files should be the public_html folder (docroot), whichever the case, you should do this in the installation steps, not after that . to give you a clear understanding, below is my folder structure , bhimon is my subfolder where I installed my PW backup and website is accessed as http://www.jeevanism.com/bhimon
  6. hmmm, we seem missing something obvious. lets see.. try installing a fresh latest master branch of PW in the folder ' test ' in your server root (inside public_html if you are in cpanel ) if this works, you should access the admin : http://yourwebsite.com/test/admin (you can give different admin name if you want) try to see the pages and if it works if the above works - you can try same method but this time install your actual site profile backup (taken from your development ). So you can rule out issue of the server problems. If the issue persists, its something mal-configured in your site profile. you can enable debug inside site/config.php $config->debug = true;
  7. Hi all, just another topic over the beer. I started using Bootstrap from the version 3 but really loved it. BS 5 seems really powerful but I cannot ignore flashy trend of TailwindCSS. I tried to learn it on a new project but I am not able to make any progress so far. Every one saying TailwindCSS is super easy and whatnot. What are your thoughts on these ? which one you like and why ?
  8. just curious, how many of you like/work on https://alpinejs.dev/ ?
  9. If you open the .htaccess file, you can see a section like below usually, the website should work straight away, but in you case, just try if you can add your subfolder name as rewrite base.
  10. I dont usually do this, I am not expert in PW but usually, I just follow the normal installation and website works right away. There will be some mismatch with external links / images which can be solved easily. I usually get my navbar menu using page ID only.
  11. ok, then I guess we need to check the .htaccess file. Is there any .htaccess file in root folder ? trying to meddle with the URL and root folder ? and I migrated one of my old PW site backup as a subfolder to my main website, my admin URL go like this https://mymainwebsite.com/subfoldername/adminname/
  12. There is a quick dirty fix is to rename the exported folder name into ' site ', this will bypass the profile not found error.
  13. well, just for a testing, can you try to put a test link using this <?php echo $pages->get(1001)->url; ?> // where (1001) is the page ID, you can see this page ID from admin.
  14. depends on the way you are getting the page URLs. If you are getting page links using page ID, please check the if the correct Page ID exists. You can check this in admin section. If the page IDs are not matching, it may throw error. Another possible situation for non object error is, when you try to output a string/url instead of an object. An explanation is here.
  15. how are you linking to the about page ? can you put this below code in your home page and try clicking the link working or not ? <!-- top navigation --> <ul class='topnav' role='navigation'><?php // top navigation consists of homepage and its visible children $homepage = $pages->get('/'); $children = $homepage->children(); // make 'home' the first item in the navigation $children->prepend($homepage); // render an <li> for each top navigation item foreach($children as $child) { if($child->id == $page->rootParent->id) { // this $child page is currently being viewed (or one of it's children/descendents) // so we highlight it as the current page in the navigation echo "<li class='current' aria-current='true'><span class='visually-hidden'>Current page: </span><a href='$child->url'>$child->title</a></li>"; } else { echo "<li><a href='$child->url'>$child->title</a></li>"; } } // output an "Edit" link if this page happens to be editable by the current user if($page->editable()) { echo "<li class='edit'><a href='$page->editUrl'>Edit</a></li>"; } ?></ul> and please check the about page has templates set and published and no permission issue
  16. this is surely related to the file/folder permission issue. Please try clearing cache as well. But I would like to suggest another way of moving PW work from dev machine to Production Live. Once you finished the development, you can follow as below steps : install this module Profile Exporter for ProcessWire 2.5+ ( Admin => Module => New , then use the Module Class Name method ) upon successful installation Admin => Export Site Profile This will give you a form to give a name, title and image for the profile and lets you export into zip format Upload this file into Production/Live server root (wherever you like to install PW) Upload the PW Master version and extract it Copy/Move your site profile backup file and extract it Now, you will have site profiles folders like site-classic, site-blank, and site-the-name-you-have-given go to the installation URL and you choose your site-the-name-you-have-given from the menu and install it this will import the database, files, assets and everything. I hope this works for you.
  17. well, just an update . The issue persists on the latest Dev Download dev (3.0.185) but it works perfect with master Download master (3.0.184)
  18. Hi, I have installed 1 year old project backup into the new latest PW version. I used an earlier backup(taken in August 2020) and installed such as : 1. I downloaded the latest (ProcessWire 3.0.185 dev © 2021) then extracted into htdocs 2. copy pasted the site-profile from my backup. (this has the files/folders same as other site profiles, classic, beginner etc) 3. I chose my backup site profile and installed 4. I am able to login the admin panel 5. My fronted home page shows error as below Error: Exception: SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'page_path_history.language_id' in 'field list' (in wire/modules/PagePathHistory.module line 752) #0 wire/modules/PagePathHistory.module (752): PDOStatement->execute() #1 wire/core/PagesPathFinder.php (1014): PagePathHistory->getPathInfo('/', Array) #2 wire/core/PagesPathFinder.php (222): PagesPathFinder->getPathHistory('/') #3 wire/core/PagesRequest.php (255): PagesPathFinder->get('/', Array) #4 wire/core/Wire.php (414): PagesRequest->___getPage() #5 wire/core/WireHooks.php (951): Wire->_callMethod('___getPage', Array) #6 wire/core/Wire.php (485): WireHooks->runHooks(Object(PagesRequest), 'getPage', Array) #7 wire/modules/Process/ProcessPageView.module (10 This error message was shown because: you are logged in as a Superuser. Error has been logged. so I removed the line where its selecting language_id from the file wire/modules/PagePathHistory.module line 752 But this is an ugly fix, so is there any other proper fix for this issue ? Does any one experience same issue when trying to install from a backup site profile ? thanks
  19. JeevanisM


    There is one computer pioneer often get backseat in foray, none other than Mr. Konrad Zuse . I dont think he gets the wider audience as he deserves.
  20. Such an amazing website, makes me find a job there and move into Shetland ! :) Please let me know if any openings for a PHP/Processwire Dev in Shetland :)
  21. just out of curiosity, what do you think about JavaScript FullStack Dev ( the Node/Express) hype.. As a PHP developer, I am a bit confused as ' Should I jump into the Node camp or not ' :)
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    @benbyf love this : https://www.tandc.games/projects/grace-hopper-bug-rescue/ That cartoon image of Ms Grace Hopper, I could remember her photo from my Computer Science Text Book :) An awesome artistic work there. I love the concept of game, rescue friend from the large 1950, resonating with what Ms Grace did, the first BugFix :) The website looks awesome and best wishes.
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