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  1. Hello, is there any reason shows this error as below. I have exported the file from the live server and trying to install my local server. The file permissions are correct and files in the exported folder also correct. Any idea? I have successfully done using site profile exporter module several times, but this kind of error happened first time
  2. Same issue here : I have used <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="<?php echo $config->urls->FieldtypeComments?>comments.css" /> <script type="text/javascript" src="<?php echo $config->urls->FieldtypeComments?>comments.min.js"></script> as code and ensured the links are working, the css and js are loaded but my comment forms are not showing any star input any help pls ?
  3. Created another page which requires login access to view . This page will display all the statistics needed. So I send this second username/pass to the NGO Admins ( its an NGO project, people behind it are not much tech savvy )
  4. Thank you so much for your suggestions. I am making more polish works on the websites, surely work on the notes you mentioned 🙂
  5. Any updates regarding this ? I have to enable the star option for comments in my new project - As I mentioned in above comment, CSS+JS files are linked correctly. The code to render the comment as : echo $page->videocomments->renderAll(); echo $page->videocomments->renderStars(); videocomments is the filed name for comments But the stars are not showing anywhere when we try to input the comment 😞 But stars showing in the admin panel and also it shows when a comment is approved but just a single star only The star option is enabled in admin section as well So there is no way I can display the STAR option when a comment is input. Please help thank you Here is the page link to enter comments / feedback https://www.bhimonlineclassroom.in/videos-list/protectors-of-biosphere-3/ The version I am using is ProcessWire 3.0.158 dev © 2020
  6. after almost 9 months of serious distro hopping, I settled down with Mageia 7.1 . This is the best stable Gnu/Linux OS for everyday usage of Laptop. Another option is MXLinux 19
  7. Happy news, the OP referred project is live now : - https://www.bhimonlineclassroom.in
  8. Hello, I have done a new website - https://www.bhimonlineclassroom.in - Some clients dont let to keep the credits, some do but however, you can see the source code - Meta author - Jeevanism@processwire http://onnippu.com/ http://www.kasitabusiness.com/ http://pkrosifoundation.org/
  9. thanks for the quick reply. its done now.. thanks again
  10. Hello, I wanted to export my site profile back up from the live server to my local. I have always been happy with using Site Exporter but, this time, when I took my backup file from server, and tried to install in my local machine, I got this error below Profile Not Found I am sure I have placed the exported files to the directories and made permissions accessible. So I installed the module duplicator and installed it. As per the doc says when I try to access it from Setup -> there is no duplicator showing. All screenshots are attached I made it possible to install it on local machine by simply changing my folder site-june17bkp to site and installation went smooth. But not sure why the profile not found and/or duplicator not showing in the list. thanks in advance
  11. Some client dont let to keep the credits, some do but however, you can see the source code - Meta author - Jeevanism@processwire http://bhimonlineclassroom.in/ http://onnippu.com/ http://www.kasitabusiness.com/ http://pkrosifoundation.org/
  12. can I follow the OP steps in 2020 ? or any thing altered now ?
  13. is this correct folder ? my folder screenshot below
  14. this is what I see when I click the inputfieldcommentsAdmin
  15. well thats my issue. I am not seeing such message notifications once I refresh module page in admin 😞 I double checked if I copied files, yes but not showing any message info 😞
  16. I am not sure about steroids.. but when I was using Concrete 5 CMS< they have this overriding method of modules, just copy the modules from the core DIR to the theme DIR, then it will honor the priority ... Does PW have some thing like that ? today its just css, what if I want to make changes in php files in module ?
  17. yes I want to make changes in the site/modules files but my problems is the change I made in the css file in site/module is not in effect, still the css is loading from the core location..
  18. and No, I dont want to ov I dont want to edit the core module but I want to override the style used in the core module. In bootstrap we can override the default styles by writing our own params with same css class name used in BS and BS honor it if we call the custom css after the BS load. Same as that, I want to override the style used in the comments module but I dont want to edit the core files.. Hence I copied the module to site/modules directory as mentioned here But when I change the css file in the site/module - the css is again loading from the core module location. Any idea why this happens ? I will update to the latest dev branch and will try again
  19. ok, I will try the latest dev.. I am using the Master branch now
  20. Hello All, I need to make some style editing in the core module - FieldtypeComments But I dont want to edit in the Core itself, since it may got overwritten for the next update or so. so I searched form and found this option : But in my Admin, I dont see any notification as per the 4th step above. The debug option is true and I am using ProcessWire 3.0.148 © 2020 Any idea why its not happening ?
  21. @psy have you taken the video down from the youtube ? not able to view it now
  22. Yes, I got confused whether to choose Android SDK Dev or Flutter ? which one is a better investment ?
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