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  1. very logical analysis - different tools for different uses
  2. I have the assumption that Python Dev is heavily wanted πŸ™‚ my bad . For last 2 years I wanted to learn Python/Django but it seems a lot hurdles. I lost interest at very first time with their Server Setup. In PHP the LAMP Server is super easy to setup for Python, they need some kind of extra steps. The I got confused if PHP can do everything what Python can ( atleast in Web/internet context ) , whats the point of switching to Python/Django ? πŸ™‚ I have gone through numerous articles about Python vs PHP, mostly Python+ opinions but still after 2 years, I am with PHP !sure should I learn Python or Not.
  3. yes that right, I will check the options you provided . thankx
  4. thanks for the reply, but not a Survey, its just an online examination but after reading your comment, seems like a Survey and a Multiple choice exam look alike πŸ™‚
  5. Just as one page, no need of chart, just tabular data with possible option to export as PDF
  6. //25,000 per hour/day/week?// This will happen at particular date from 10 AM to 11AM only. This will not happen everyday, only once in a month or so
  7. thanx for the input, I was thinking about the Laravel first but wanted to ask some expert opinion
  8. thank you for your valid advice ... and yes this one is exactly what I thought, in order to save any complication
  9. Hello friends, Got a new project inquiry, the general requirements as below - Website Type - Online Examination Questions - Multiple choice Question with one selection for answer Expected Attendees - 25,000 students Registration required ( with OTP for confirmation ) with Online Payment mode After the exam, a student can see the score with results Admin - various type of lists ( highest mark scored students, categories of percentage etc ) Now, I have a doubt, what kind of Server hosting I should suggest to my client ? Is this 25,000 at a time very high load ? I dont know much about the server load / bandwidth . As like that, the requirement, is Processwire a suitable tool to achieve the goal ? if so, what are the modules, I should use, or a general structure / approach ? thank you
  10. thanks for all info - so these SSG seems quit complicated, I will stick with traditional CMS πŸ™‚
  11. I was reading this article about JAMstack. Consider a NewMagazine website, a person A would search for articles tagged 'sports' then it should do some DB queries, same time person B would search for article 'politics' then again the DB queries should work. This is conventional CMS work flow. So from the article I understand, JAMstack will generate all kind of possible DBqueries and save it as a static way for one time only then it will provide the Static HTML . Is my understanding correct ?
  12. To be honest, I guess you will be an awesome journalist or a/an writer/author in literature πŸ™‚
  13. thanks for the detailed explanation
  14. HI, I have done a few E-commerce projects in OpenCart, which really suitable for the mid-size E-commerce platform. I have tried Magento once but never get a knack on it. I tried to use ProcessWire for the E-Commerce but I realised I have to do a lot of custom coding which I am not that much expert. So I use different tools for different purposes, for any CMS related WEBSITE/WEBAPPS - ProcessWire is a rockstar for me. But for e-commerce I would go for OpenCart
  15. Hi All, I happened to stumbled upon this website gatsbyjs.com . I know there is a huge hype about Node.JS but I never understand the Node/NPM concepts yet. So what is a Static Site Generator, as in how good it is when almost 99% of web projects are Dynamic ? I would love to have some comments on this.
  16. I finished 10 years using Gnu/Linux for everyday purpose and zero Microsoft ... πŸ™‚
  17. It is not redundant, its actually the processwire way to give extra control to the developer on the pages and code.
  18. 1. ProcessExportProfile ( easier to migrate site from localhost to dev or vice versa - I take backups using this )
  19. This is my fav list 10 Songs To Listen To While Gaming (Racing/Driving) HD
  20. JeevanisM

    Movie Talk

    How many NetFlix buffs here ? πŸ˜€
  21. Hello, I would like to report a tiny bug in the latest dev branch of PW. I downloaded the dev zip file from here : and tried to install. Everything went fine but hit the error message as in the screenshot. So its says there is an unexpected * in the site/config.php file. I checked the file and found that it supposed to be a comment actually but somehow, the position of '/' is wrong to make the comment '/* ' . Hence I manually edited the file and went to installation but the error repeated in different line once I passed the admin password setup page. So the PW installer is writing the site/config.php file with newly updated DBinfo. So I manually edited the site/config.php file before click the DB configuration section, next time. It passed and installation finished. But I think this is somehow a bug ? I dont know, just notifying it here. another thing I noticed that - the button says the version 3.0.162 but the downloaded zip installed admin shows ProcessWire 3.0.163 dev Β© 2020
  22. @Mats HI, how do we add another custom field say Phone number or any thing more ?
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