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  1. Hi @Crowdland Technology, Thanks for the feedback! Yes, this would be the case. I'd advise a cache of 1 hour (3600). The request to the API itself isn't heavy, but there is rate limiting on IGs end which a cache time of an hour helps to manage. Yes this is odd, but this is what the Instagram Basic Display API provides. If you request media of the type IMAGE, you also get the poster of media of the type VIDEO and the first image from media of the type CAROUSEL_ALBUM so this is what the module returns. If you only want single image posts, then using getMedia() and then only using items of the type 'IMAGE' is the way to go. getMedia() returns all media, of the three types. IMAGE is accessed through the src property, VIDEO through src (the video) and poster (the thumbnail image) and CAROUSEL_ALBUM through children (all the images in the collection). I think what you're asking here is that if the tester user did have a CAROUSEL_ALBUM, how do you get just the first image from this? <?php foreach ($insta_media as $media): switch($media->type) { case 'VIDEO': $media_src = $media->poster; break; case 'CAROUSEL_ALBUM': // Just get the first item $media_src = $media->children->first->src; break; default: $media_src = $media->src; break; } ?> I haven't tested it, but I'm pretty sure that would get the first image from the album. Worth looking closer at the README as there's a lot there that isn't explicitly explained, but makes sense one you review the code examples 🙂 Hope that helps! Cheers, Chris
  2. Hi @alexmercenary, getImages() returns images, the main carousel album image, and the poster image of videos. To filter these so it is only IMAGEs you could do something like: <?php $images = $modules->get('InstagramBasicDisplayApi')->getImages(); foreach($images as $image) { if($image->type !== 'IMAGE') continue; echo "<img src=$image->src alt=$image->alt>"; } I think that getMedia() is maybe the call you are looking for? https://github.com/nbcommunication/InstagramBasicDisplayApi#getmediastring-username-int-limit Cheers, Chris
  3. Found another one tonight while testing a sandbox install with a lot of Lorem Ipsum.... Wasn't loading a page with the name 'praesent-vel-quam-porttitor-nulla' because of 'null' being in the name. Seems a little extreme, or not very well implemented, but I just removed it from the name as it is unlikely that 'null' would appear in a page name. Worth noting though! Cheers, Chris
  4. Hi, I added the 7G firewall htaccess rules to a site, and was getting errors in the PW admin as JS files were failing to load. The culprit is line 85 (v1.2): RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} (/)((php|web)?shell|conf(ig)?|crossdomain|fileditor|locus7|nstview|php(get|remoteview|writer)|r57|remview|sshphp|storm7|webadmin)(.*)(\.|\() [NC,OR] It is the conf(ig) part that prevents some PW admin JS files from being loaded (e.g. /wire/modules/AdminTheme/AdminThemeUikit/config-field.js). I removed this so the line becomes: RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} (/)((php|web)?shell|crossdomain|fileditor|locus7|nstview|php(get|remoteview|writer)|r57|remview|sshphp|storm7|webadmin)(.*)(\.|\() [NC,OR] Hopefully this will same some future users of the 7G firewall some time! If you come across any other issues using 7G with PW, please post them here! Cheers, Chris
  5. Hi @Roych, If CKEditor is automatically making a <a>link</a> when you paste in the URL, then you need to unlink it using that option from the toolbar (chain icon with the cross in the bottom right). Cheers, Chris
  6. Hi @Roych, Thanks - the issue is the link. Both this and TextformatterVideoEmbed don't work on <a>links</a>, only plain URLs inside <p> tags. If you remove that it'll work *hopefully*! Cheers, Chris
  7. Hi @Roych, I think I know what the issue might be, and I may add a config option to prevent it. Answers to the following should clarify: In the Details tab of your body field is Content Type set to Markup/HTML? (it was on the screenshot you posted, but I note that the CKEditor iframe method requires this to be set to unknown). When you paste directly into CKEditor, what source HTML is generated for that line? Conversely, if you paste into the source code, then come out of the dialog, then go back in, what source HTML is generated for the line? Cheers, Chris
  8. Hi @Roych, I've pushed a fix (v0.2.1). I needed to switch output formatting off before getting the Inputfield, which is used to determine whether it's HTML or not. Thanks for letting me know about this - must set up a multi-language install for testing! Cheers, Chris
  9. Hi @Roych, I've managed to replicate the problem with Multi-language enabled. Once I've figured out the issue I'll push a fix and let you know! Cheers, Chris
  10. Thanks @Roych, Will get a similar setup in place and see if I can get it replicated and debugged. Cheers, Chris
  11. Hi @Roych, Just done a test and the pasted code isn't the problem for me, so I'm the problem likely lies in #2 or #3. I also note the error messages from the other thread, particularly the mention of WireHttp, which suggests the module is falsely parsing a URL and trying to request oEmbed data from it. The setup of the body field would be a massive help in debugging this - if you are able to screenshot the Details and Input tabs, that would be brilliant. Cheers, Chris
  12. Hi @Roych, Thanks for letting me know, I'll look into this in the morning - likely something to do with the regex. To aid in debugging, can you please: 1. Confirm that this is the code that was pasted into the body field using the source option: <iframe src="https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSczjrIs47Nd9iJiPFtTNH_sRJgdBOXvw29vJFKLo20jJJwIvw/viewform?embedded=true" width="640" height="4264" frameborder="0" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0">Nalaganje …</iframe> 2. Post the Markup you are using in the module config. 3. Let me know what other textformatters are used on the body field and their order? That should hopefully allow me to debug the problem. Cheers, Chris
  13. Thanks @DV-JF, The auto-renewal of tokens has been working for me so far, I have 10+ production installs I think. Where it may not work is if there isn't an API request the week prior to the renewal date. I did limit cache time to 1 week, so I'm hoping this won't happen on production sites. This did happen on my sandbox install which I used for testing the module - came back several months later to a token unable to renew, so just removed then re-added the account. Therefore, it is a remote possibility that renewal won't happen, but very unlikely on a site that is getting traffic. No need for coffee, just delighted to get feedback! Cheers, Chris
  14. Hi, This module does not appear to be compatible with the latest master. Seems the refactoring of InputfieldDatetime since 3.0.148 is the culprit. Failed to construct module: \InputfieldDatetimeAdvanced - Method InputfieldDatetimeAdvanced::getInputFormats does not exist or is not callable in this context I added getInputFormats() from a previous version of InputfieldDatetime and that appears to have fixed it: <?php /** * Get the input format string for the user's language * * thanks to @oliverwehn (#1463) * * @param bool $getString Specify true to get a format string rather than an array * @return array|string of dateInputFormat timeInputFormat * */ protected function getInputFormats($getString = false) { $inputFormats = array(); $language = $this->wire('user')->language; $useLanguages = $this->wire('languages') && $language && !$language->isDefault(); foreach(array('date', 'time') as $type) { $inputFormat = ''; if($useLanguages) { $inputFormat = trim($this->getSetting("{$type}InputFormat{$language->id}")); } if(!strlen($inputFormat)) { // fallback to default language $inputFormat = $this->get("{$type}InputFormat"); } $inputFormats[] = $inputFormat; } if($getString) return trim(implode(' ', $inputFormats)); return $inputFormats; } Cheers, Chris
  15. Render oEmbed data from YouTube/Vimeo URLs... or TextformatterVideoEmbed for power users. https://github.com/nbcommunication/TextformatterVideoMarkup The use case... On an upcoming project, we want to be able to render YouTube/Vimeo URLs as thumbnail images, that when clicked open up in a (UIkit) lightbox. Additionally, we want to be able to specify the thumbnail image - as part of a RepeaterMatrix block which contains a URL field (video) and an Image field (thumb). The result is this module, which allows you to specify the markup used to render the oEmbed data: The formatter can be used on any Text field e.g. Text, Textarea (CKEditor or not), URL etc. Global configuration options are available (e.g. rel=0), based on TextformatterVideoEmbedOptions. An 'empty value' can be specified for URLs that do not return data from the oEmbed endpoint The render method is hookable, allowing you to customise rendering on a per page, per field basis Plenty more information here 🙂 https://github.com/nbcommunication/TextformatterVideoMarkup/blob/master/README.md Back to the use case... How do we render the thumbnail and then use the image from our Image field? In the module config Markup field: <figure data-uk-lightbox> <a href="{url}" data-poster="{thumbnail_url}" data-attrs="width: {width}; height: {height}"> <img src="{thumbnail_url}" alt="{title}"> </a> </figure> Then in site/ready.php <?php $wire->addHookBefore('TextformatterVideoMarkup::render', function(HookEvent $event) { // Arguments (for info) $tpl = $event->arguments(0); // string: The markup template $data = $event->arguments(1); // array: The oEmbed data $url = $event->arguments(2); // string: The requested URL $emptyValue = $event->arguments(3); // string: The empty value used if no data is returned // Object properties (for info) $page = $event->object->page; // Page: The page $field = $event->object->field; // Field: The field $html = $event->object->html; // bool: Is it HTML being parsed, or plain text? // Replace the thumbnail image if($field->name == 'video' && $page->hasField('thumb') && $page->thumb) { $data['thumbnail_url'] = $page->thumb->url; $event->arguments(1, $data); } }); The module requires PW >= 3.0.148 and PHP >= 7. It probably doesn't need to, but the expectation is that power users will be able to meet these requirements! The module is also Beta - please don't use in production yet. I suspect there will be edge cases related to the changes I made to the URL regexes from TextformatterVideoEmbed - so far though they are working for me. If you come across any issues please let me know! Cheers, Chris
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