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  1. Hello All, I guess all of us under lockdown and sitting at home. Atleast mostly, so share us whats going on ? I am into NetFlix a lot and working from home, time to time.
  2. which is the best Linux Distro for Lenovo ideapad 330-15ARR in 2020 ? my machine is AMD Ryzen 5 2500U with Radeon Vega Mobile Gfx with memory 8GB
  3. Hello All, I would like to know more about ProcessWire and the MVC approach. 1. Does the PW follow Model View Control guidelines? 2. if yes, where are the Controller / View / Model separation ? 3. If No, whats the architecture ProcessWire follows ?
  4. I think I did not but will check again and update
  5. I tried and followed these steps : as in the pic I have two templates floodcases ( this is list template to list all pages ) and floodsinglecase ( which is actually I want to see in the Add New Button >> FloodSingleCase I done this and this but I still dont see the option in the Add New Button : What could be the wrong step I am following now ? Any help would be thankful
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    Movie Talk

    how many of you liked the movie Parasite ?
  7. Hey lads, I heavily rely on BS for any kind of frontend design work, I find it very powerful and dynamic for the purpose. Over these years, I somehow feel that, there is not much I can get from BootStrap, and its more like all of my websites look same because of this BootStrap. What about you all ? any BS fans ? or any other CSS framework you love ? why ?
  8. Hello, I installed this : https://github.com/dadish/pw-skyscrapers-profile Today date : 28/02/2020 and everything working fine... I checked innterpages and admins.. everything working fine
  9. JeevanisM

    Aaron Copland

    this is an amazing case study.. thanks for sharing with us
  10. A lot of awesome useful information are in this thread ❤️
  11. thanks for the references, I will check it out thanks for the response
  12. I read some articles about the Django/Python super-man abilities and I got excited. Then I tried to run a test project and realized that I cannot simply setup the server just as LAMP does ! This is real pain in the as$$ to setup a Django/python server, I guess PHP is more than enough for Web Apps.
  13. Hi All, I am seeing so many places and been told several times that Python is going to over take PHP. Is it true ? what you think about this most heated debatable subject ? Any one think switching from PHP to Python / Django is a better option for future ?
  14. Hello All, Recently, I got an inquiry for a new project. This is about taking survey of demography. A person will go to each house and get details from and enter in fields and click save. Just straight forward, but the catch is what if the person go to a house which is actually a bit rural where no internet coverage available. In this case, whatever data input via the forms, Is it possible to store in local storage / buffer storage and whenever internet is available, it can be stored to the actual database ? I know this is easy for Mobile Android App, that data can be stored in Local Mobile Storage device. But is the same feature available for PHP web app ? If the person uses a mobile and access the mobile view of the webapp and input all these information when no internet available, is it possible to keep it in buffer and save to database when internet is available ? Please let me know if is there any such workarounds or methods thanks
  15. Content Management with WordPress : A Case Study 4-5 minutes We all agree that wordpress is the leading CMS in the arena, the most famous one. But how much it really helps the user to fulfill the purpose : ‘ Manage Contents ! ” . Well, Lets see, recently I had to create a website in WordPress, nothing fancy or custom requirements, but a simple school website. So there was a purchased theme I had to integrate with contents. All these sounded cool but once I started to do the actual work, I realized a few bits and odds about the WordPress which I will share with in this article. I am a developer with a basic sense of design layout. So I see the design first, then fill the content into the layout once its finished. So this content has to be free and separated from the design layout. A person who manages the content should not be worried about the design layout tags ( Row, column, padding, margin etc ), hence the content management system serves its purpose. But in this WordPress theme, everything is inside the design itself. I will show you an example. In modern WordPress Themes, they come with lots of plugins packed. One of the most important plugin is the Visual Composer which is a kind of cool plugin helps the user to drag and drop HTML elements ( like text block, image, wp components etc ). This looks good at first but once you finished, your home page, for example, the Page Editor will show you the source code like this below. [vc_row css=”.vc_custom_1461134371794{margin-bottom: 0px !important;}”][vc_column offset=”vc_hidden-xs”][stm_spacing lg_spacing=”112px” md_spacing=”112px” sm_spacing=”112px”][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row css=”.vc_custom_1461134371794{margin-bottom: 0px !important;}”][vc_column offset=”vc_hidden-sm vc_hidden-xs”][rev_slider_vc alias=”hero”][/vc_column][/vc_row] Those are the Short Codes generated by this Visual Composer. Now what if you want to edit / add content to the page, say in Home page ? well, you have this edit with Visual Composer feature which shows as below. This is how to add some new content elements to a Page Now you can see, if you want to edit or add content, then you will need to do it with lots of options, which requires a little more technical knowledge than a normal Content Manager. For a Web Developer as I am, this seems ok, but what if this is for a Normal User ? For example, this school website, there will be a teacher or a school staff is going to manage the contents. Now, they have to learn the WordPress way of managing contents including Row, Padding, animation, margins etc etc. Look above, we have a plethora of components to be added to a Page / Post as in content, which is good for a Developer/Technical person. This reduces works in code level editing but this is an overkill for the purpose of Content Management System. The idea of separate the content from design is the backbone of a content management system ( CMS) But now the content is actually very much strangled inside the design. The Normal User cannot manage the content any more, so the requirement is now doubled. One can argue that, even in WordPress we can do the old fashioned way to separate content and design. But the complicated structure of WordPress is not at all user friendly for Rapid Dev in that manner. WordPress’s basic structure is built on Posts > Categories | Blog way. Now a Page in WordPress is either a single post content or compilation of various posts, which means, to manage the content in a single page, the user has to edit various posts. Now this issue is overridden by this Visual Composer thing, but the Content is strangled in Design. In addition to these the user who actually manage the content should be aware of all the design elements and its repercussions. One of the advantage of using WordPress is that You Have A Plugin for Every Requirement. But these plugins are third party, may not get updated as with the WordPress versions, which arises another extra responsibility for the content manager, again requires some technical skill. Considering all these, I prefer and suggest another Content Management System known as ProcessWire to my clients. PW is well designed in a way that to serve the purpose of Separate the Content from Design.
  16. Hello All, This is just simple thought of mine over a simple a WordPress work I had to take recently. I am just discussing how I felt about WordPress is falling apart on the Content Management. My Article is here P:S :- My blog is still uses WordPress 😛
  17. you are right. I just fixed it with a dirty work around 😛
  18. I am not sure about the php.ini settings in my shared hosting. One more query, can I just disable this verification link sending to registrant email feature ? can I just proceed and complete the registration with out that step ?
  19. thank you but I cannot find our why it takes so much time to reach the registrant email address. Is there any way I can disable this Link Sending feature in Login/Register module ?
  20. Can you please explain, how Login/Register send email ? Is it using the SMTP of admin email ? I have gmail for the admin email, so is there settings for permission in google to use the SMTP ?
  21. thank you, I will install TD but what should I be looking ? what kind of messages ?
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