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  1. Hello All, I have a new project in hand, which is a new magazine news website. I am just giving a thought about to choose whether wordpress or processwire to build this website. This website will have many editors ( multiple users ) and each of them need a login and they can post the articles. Once the article posted, the main editor should check and validate and confirm for the publishing. Another feature I would want is some thing similar Jetpack in Wordpress, the analytics of website articles ( most read, visitors from which country etc ) . I know wordpress has so many plugins for all these, but I am always a bit hesitant about the Wordpress Plugin system because of their non-linear update cycle. So any one of you have done a professional news magazine website in ProcessWire yet ? What are the features / concepts for a news website project in Processwire ? expecting your replies. thank you
  2. https://modules.processwire.com/modules/video-or-social-post-embed/ this works very well in my website : http://wingsrobotics.com/videos/
  3. thank you very much @Tom. for your insightful reply. Now I understand it better
  4. Hello All, Recently I have read a series of articles about some new terms like Headless CMS, Hybrid CMS and Digital Experience Platforms ( DXP). I cannot get a clear picture of these but I could understand that these are different from the traditional CMS as we use now, at least in theoretical level. Does any one here have any better understanding on these topics ? may be what / how we can apply these on the processwire CMS ? just for the talk
  5. this doesnt return any values, meaning displays nothing. The page loads fine but no result for the code. I made sure the PDF file is attached in the page
  6. yes the page loads fine when I remove the code. I even updated the core to latest dev from the standard, thinking if thats an issue
  7. How do I do that ?? I just added your code $pdfUrl = $page->PDFFILE->httpUrl(); but the page is just loading and loading and keep loading. So how should I declare the $pagefile ?
  8. Hello, Please help me on the below issue. I am creating a school text book website, simply displaying the PDF files of books to download by the visitor. Here I have created a new single page for a chapter and added a PDF file to that page from Admin Dashboard. But in the front I am not able to get the File Download url link to that PDF using API / Page references. Steps I followed as below : 1. created a new fields item as PDFFILE 2. added this filed into the Page template for Book 3. uploaded the PDF file to that page in Admin page edit 4. Saved and tried to use the API reference to get the full URL to the PDF file. I used this below api to get the download PDF url but this code is not working. when I load the page in browser, it keeps loading and loading and on..... $string = $pagefile->httpUrl(); Is there any other options available ? I simply a need a download PDF button to the attached PDF to that page itself thank you Jeevan S
  9. Thank you, this code works like charm....
  10. Fedora 29 is rock solid for development requirement. Manjaro is another UI friendly LinOS if you are ok with rolling release model. Elementary OS is another eye-candy one
  11. Hi All, I have some web application projects ( not website, but custom application lots of admin management). So is it possible to use ProcessWire as a framework ? I mean, just like Laravel ? Since these projects are web application, the existing PW Admin panel is not sufficient, I will have to create many options from the scratch. I am thinking of doing such projects in Laravel but if PW can handle such tasks, then I would stick with PW. I checked out another framework called SilverStripe but it seems a lot of more closer as Laravel. Please let me know if I can use ProcessWire as a framework, if yes, pls point me to the Getting Started. thanks in Advance
  12. btw, I made really quick dirty ugly fix as below 😃 but the result is not as expected. //$this->moduleUrl = '/'.str_replace([$config->paths->root, $this->className.'.module'], ['', ''], $reflector->getFileName()); $this->moduleUrl = $config->urls('MarkupProcesswirePhotoswipe');
  13. Something similar happened to me also, my error codes as below Loading failed for the <script> with source “http://localhost/site/modules/MarkupPwpswpGallery/photoswipe/photoswipe.min.js”. gallery:299 Loading failed for the <script> with source “http://localhost/site/modules/MarkupPwpswpGallery/photoswipe/photoswipe-ui-default.min.js”. gallery:300 Loading failed for the <script> with source “http://localhost/site/modules/MarkupPwpswpGallery/pwpswp.js”. so the issue is with wrong url pointing to the file, as you can see, in the UR, the projectfolder name is missing ; my foldername is ' mcp ' but its not in the provided URL. The url is generated from a file modules/MarkupPwpswpGallery/MarkupProcesswirePhotoswipe.module The line number is 87, code is as below $this->moduleUrl = '/'.str_replace([$config->paths->root, $this->className.'.module'], ['', ''], $reflector->getFileName()); I dont know how to change the code to pickup correct URL with project folder name. I guess, the existing code will work, if there are no subdirectories, but for me, I have projectfolder as subdirectory. I will try to put a fix later, now this is all I can share
  14. I will explain my issue again : As you can see my HTML Design, there is a page division block between different sections in layout. Example - in the design here you can see a background image with text on top div bar just above Our Message. The same block is used just in the footer ( above footer log, supporr , learn more menu ) . So, in Processwire, we create fields to manage dynamic content right? Now, this division block, I want to do different text content in different places. For example, in footer, the text content would be , " hello this is footer " , an on top side, the div will have "Hi, this is not a footer". I know I can create a field for this in PW Admin, display the content, but I can only add this Field only one time in a Template right ? I mean, I am adding this in my Home Template. What to do, if I need to use same field twice or multiple times in same Page template. Right now, I can create two fields to solve my issue , one field for top side, one field for footer side, but I just wanted to make sure that I was not doing a dumb method, if a better approach is available in PW. Note that I know I can use Repeaters, but it should be in a consecutive blocks, I already implemented that in the section "Our Message" . this is was query, hope no more confusion
  15. thanks for quick reply, yes I was reading about Repeaters but I could not figure how to use it in two different place in a same Page Template. I understand that I can use Repeater to convert 3 static HTML col-6 Blocks, but this is in a consecutive manner. For example ( 3 block divs, showing one image with small descr in Homepage ). But my situation is different. I need to show a content block in different places in a Page, its not in a consecutive way. Say, I have a field <Simple Quote Display > , I want to display Different Quote in different places in my home page. Right now I am creating field Quote 1, Quote 2 etc. I wanna know is there any another method to achieve this ?
  16. Hi All, I am trying to build a PW website upon the HTML design as shown here : https://bit.ly/2HxZbwr As you can see, I use a repeated block to display a divider between sections on the page, its an image background-text on top. The screenshot is here : Now, I created a new field for this block content and attach that field to my Home Page template. But in HTML design, I used this block in two places, on on top side, and one on the footer. Now, when I do it in PW, can I use one same field multiple times in a single page template ? I have read this thread about using fields in efficient way, but I could not figure out, how to use same field multiple times in a page template. I hope I did not confused any one with my query, please let me know the correct PW way to achieve this. thanks Jeevz
  17. Awesome Reply... @flydev Just wanted to add a side-query to OP. Below is a situation :- #. Once a new user logged in, this user can see list of current Online Users. ( I have seen this feature mainly in Forums websites / Social N/W sites ) Can we do this in PW ?
  18. Hello All, This is just a thought, is it possible to create a CRM web App using ProcessWire ? Any suggestions ?
  19. Yesterday - MS Today - Google Tomorrow - ? Really nice website.
  20. Hi, This is my another PW website - http://pkrosifoundation.org No Modules used
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