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  1. So sorry. while checking i realized the field was "file" instead "image". Corrected this and it works now. Sorry again and thank you for your effort.
  2. I have 2 fields one is single item, the other is multiple items. With the single item field it works. But i need also the other multiple items field and with the multiple items field it should work also..
  3. Hello, i use PW 3.0.148 0n local XAMPP. It works like this when i have single image field : $page->image->size(z,y)->url But as soon as i have multiple images field and add "first" or "first()" or "eq(0)" than i get no output. ERROR : $page->image->eq(0)->size(z,y)->url WORKS : $page->image->eq(0)->url Can anybody reproduce this and find the reason?
  4. Any comments about this CSRF problem. (see former message) Can anybody reproduce this?
  5. I wanted to test the CSRF Validation. Have PW 3.0.148 running on local XAMPP. Installed the LoginRegister Module. While Profile edit i changed the token and/or value of token on the form. After submit no error no exception. The edited value was accepted. On line 895 is coded : $session->CSRF->validate(); (Which should throw the exception, but did not) If change this line from "$session->CSRF->validate();" to "echo $session->CSRF->validate();" than i get the exception as admin errorpage (See attached) . Can someone test the same?
  6. There is not much information. You say "I am working on a website". At which state are you? What is your experiance with Processwire? You may get more targetted answers if you ask steps for only a part of your project instead of the whole..
  7. As i mentioned before; I started my own e-commerce project and had to say i was afraid at beginning. This is my first OOP project, so i spent some time to find my way. But i am very happy when i see my progress and the results step by step... It will surely not as future rich as Padloper but my clients do not use many futures anyway. Mainly the general things.... Hope to present my first Ecommerce project on PW here soon....
  8. The key would be the "page-edit-created" permission. Read : https://processwire.com/blog/posts/language-access-control-and-more-special-permissions/#limit-edits-to-pages-user-created-page-edit-created
  9. Without further information it is like "fortune telling" Test your database connection.
  10. Paying a percentage of the turnover is never an option for me.
  11. With Covid19 there are many shop requests. I did not wanted to lose them and so i startet to code on my own. After Padloper will be released than i will see if i switch to it for future projects...
  12. Hello, Do you think it would be possible to build a "Macro Rocorder"? A module where we click on a button and every action on admin will be saved to a file (may be with the aftersave Hook) with every detail in a way that all steps could be repeated when ever we want. Imagine you have crm project with a huge amount of templates and fields and want to reuse it on new projects... Such a solution would help. Is there something like this? If not is this possible?
  13. We used the above module on www.kentvitrini.com As this a turkish city portal i suggest the search word for testing ; "corlu" (the name of the city) The results are segmented as News, Companies, Events etc..
  14. https://modules.processwire.com/modules/ajax-search/ This module will do it. You can style and sort your results as you want.
  15. Hello, We have nearly 500 hosted clients on 2 dedicated servers. From time to time there are moments where a server gets down or has any problem that websites on this server could not be reached. These are horrible times. The phone is ringing all time and angry clients are asking for information. The majority is asking to use their emails, downtime for websites are accepted. Besides of server problems many clients are contacting us with questions we normaly not should be answering; like setup an email account on hosting panel and/or outlook etc. (as we are the hoster) I think about to move the clients accounts to a shared hosting service and inform the clients about their new hoster they should contact in case and to have my freedem to only design websites and not wasting time with hosting issues. But the downside of this could be loosing returning clients. We have long term clients where we renew websites every 3-4 years. Wanted to ask the community how do you handle this? Do you have servers or independent shared hosting accounts for client accounts? Would you suggest to do a step like this? (give up the servers and handover clients to a hosting company) Have to mention; The yearl profit of serving hosting to clients is not as high to be an argument to decide either..
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