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  1. Hello, i have installed Frontend Edit. After this i got errors on the web page. Before the install i could call the title field like "$pageobject->title". After the install the title was rendered in an additioanl ARRAY. Now i need to call the title field like this "$pageobject->data[title]". But even with unstalling the Frontend Edit Module this error was is not corrected. I can go on and change all code but wanted to ask if somebody knows the reason for this and also a easy solution. (Sorry for my bad English)
  2. Hello, i want to build a page for product add and edit. Products have also images. Is there any way i can include the image user interface like on the backend image field. Drag drop images and editing images. Is there any complete manual for such a page. Or any module for editing with page api (not frontend editing)
  3. Is it possible to create cinema seat reservation system based on this module?
  4. Sorry @teppo, i am new here. Will learn the rules... Thank you..
  5. www.kentvitrini.com - It is a City Portal of Corlu (Turkey) , our hometown. After using TYPO3 CMS for more than 10 years for our projects, this is our first PW project. With PW less effort, less stress but much more fun. I am impressed. For Mobile Chrome Users : The site is a PWA (Progressive Web App), so it can be downloaded to the homescreen of the phone for future visits. As it is in turkish let me describe it: It has 3 main data groups - "Haberler" are News - "Firma Rehberi" is a Company Directory - "Etkinlik" are Events As there will be more and more information on the site a Live Search will help the visitors to find everything they need. For trying type "corlu" as search word, after 3 letters the search will be loading results. The Top Menu is "Mega Menu" enabled. Looks pretty good on hover On top (under the main menu) there is mix of all content. It looks like a billboard. Below are "Featured Companies" in random order, so the order of the companies changes with every load of the page. Below (Left) News Below (Left) nearest Events. And below (Sidebar) A summery of all content, Weather, pharmacy on duty. We will add Classified ads and "Who is Who" sections in near future.
  6. Thank you @David Karich, it is late night here in Turkey. Will try this tomorrow, when back at the office.
  7. I looked deeper on the page. The records i was missing after the pagination were in megamenus and these were in owlcarousel contents. This problem is probably a conflict with owlcarousel. owlcarousel has also many js variables named "pagination" May be that is stupit, but this the only thing i could see....
  8. Hello, i tried to use pagination for news entries listing. This worked as expected. But i discovered a problem. While on first page of the pagination everything is OK. After changing to page 2 other data on page are affected. Some datasets have fever amount of results, some are disappeared totaly. Is this a known beginner mistake? What do i wrong?
  9. Hello, I am working on my first PW project (this is also my first post here) We are a 5 person web design and service company in Turkey. The project is a City Portal with News, Events, Company Directory and Classified Ads. Which one of the following is better for performance? Why i am asking this : Using "pages->find" seems to me like a MySql query and using " $data->find" seems to work on already requested data and no MySql request. I dont know how this works in PW. 1-) $data = pages->find("template=news | template=events | template=directory | template=ads"); $news = $data->find("template=news"); $events= $data->find("template=events"); $directory = $data->find("template=directory"); $ads = $data->find("template=ads"); 2-) $news = pages->find("template=news"); $events = pages->find("template=events"); $directory = pages->find("template=directory"); $ads = pages->find("template=ads"); My second question; This project will cover multiple cities. The website visiter will be forced to select a city and this selection will be stored in a cookie for lates visits. The web site should only load content for the selected city Is there any tutorial for such category handling or could anyone give me a short explanation to direct me to the right path. If there is no simple general filter trick so do i need to add a city filter to any find()? Thank you.
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