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  1. Wow, this is really amazing. Thank you that you took time to explain all this details. I will read them once more and take notes.
  2. Hello, i usually make a very basic plan (say a A5 paper) and start my project. (We say this is a turkish type of project planning) This way i need to correct many thing later while work on the peoject. Want to how others make the planning of a project. How detailed are you planning in advanced before begin coding or templating? Write down all workflow with tables and field names and relations? Drawing every page layout? Do you use ant tools or software for planning the outline of a project? Thank you in advance for your shares...
  3. Hello, we were using TYPO3 for the last 10 years before we met ProcessWire. I regret the time before ProcessWire. So i want to ask you which Shopping Cart are you using for client projects? For now we use CS-Cart. But it is expensive and really difficult to modify for custom requests. May be there is an alternative shopping cart solution like ProcessWire istead of TYPO3. Await you suggestions and if possible with pros and cons. Thank you.
  4. No problem, your wellcome. I could learn much from your project. I have a website where i want to have user registration and let users add their company and products or services related to theese companies. I have not build a website with api user registration and api user managed content before. So little bit afraid of doing unsecure logic. Do i need the pro login or is it ok with the regular login module. What have i to take care especialy for secure user driven site. The site is : www.kentvitrini.com News, business directory, event calendar. Categorised by cities.
  5. I thing it is resolved. Please test. If it is resolved you may uninstall Tracy debugger. The reason was; The "Add Page" under Admin>Pages was unpublished.
  6. Do you allow me to install the Tracy Debugger Module?
  7. Did you made any hook additions like in the 2. second message of this topic:
  8. sorry, wanted to try something and now i cant access the admin page.😌 at last action i changed the access option for the admin template to "No". See attached image. after this setting the admin login disappeared. Hope this can be reverted from the database.🙏
  9. My english knowladge is no very well. I have read your first message after and after but did not understand the problem. Either i was not able to anderstand or there is not enough information to describe the problem. Do you get any error message while you try to create page with an other user except superuser role. Any detail could help to understand the problem.
  10. In an old project i can see that i put this into find ....parent=/trash/, include=all,.... Was not able to test it. Hope it helps.
  11. huseyin


    In Turkey we have offically 1 covid-19 case. Today the Govermant has decided to close all schools and universities for 2 weeks. All sports events will be held without spectators. All public servants are prohibited to leave Turkey. Some kind of food is rare at the warehouses. We have not noticed any donws of our work or clients, but expecting bad for the near future.
  12. It is only an example. 1000 peojects have 250 tasks each and no one commen. The question is When i list one project with 250 tasks which approach is better for performance. 1 - have a find with parent where pool is 250 pages large Or 2 - have a find with project id page field filter where the pool is 250.000 pages large
  13. I am sure this asked already but i could not found a clear answer. Assume i have a list of 1000 Projects. Each project has 250 tasks. Should i create; 1 - 1000 project pages and a Tasks parent page with 250.000 tasks subpages (Page Field connection between projects and tasks) or 2- 1000 project pages and 250 subpages for each project page In total there will be the same amount of pages only the structure is different. Which one is better for better performance? With the first approach i would make a find request to 250000 pages with project id filter for each project With the second approach i would list only 250 subpages for each project. So it seems to be better performance with the second one. Is this right?
  14. I recieve SPAM emails with email addresses like **name**@domain.com. For such emails the the module throws error messeges and stops reading further. No emails after this SPAM are downloaded. The error shown in Tracy Debugger is like this : Unknown Selector operator: '=**' -- was your selector value properly escaped? field='email', value='DialVision**@carsvasite.us', selector: 'email=**DialVision**@carsvasite.us, sort=sort, parent_id=29, templates_id=3' (in /wire/core/Selectors.php line 419) How can i bypass this error...
  15. Hello, i have installed Frontend Edit. After this i got errors on the web page. Before the install i could call the title field like "$pageobject->title". After the install the title was rendered in an additioanl ARRAY. Now i need to call the title field like this "$pageobject->data[title]". But even with unstalling the Frontend Edit Module this error was is not corrected. I can go on and change all code but wanted to ask if somebody knows the reason for this and also a easy solution. (Sorry for my bad English)
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