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  1. Sorry that I wasn't precise enough. I intend to create a directory of craftmans here in my region. So we are not talking about millions of records, rather in the lower thousands. It should be categorized after industry and location and should be a little bit like the "The Better Business Bureau" in the US. And I thought I could use the Skyscraper profile as base. Because it's already a directory itself. And I was already asking a person here from the community but unfortunately he's not answering anymore.
  2. I was asking someone on Fiverr for a little bit help, because I'm new to processwire. I want to setup a directory. He did answer: we should do it in Laravel, it's faster and more stable. I'm absolutely convinced by processwire anyway this makes me a little bit unsure how to proceed. What do you think?
  3. Did it already. Worked like a charme, without any problems. Now I'm ready for playing.
  4. Yes, exactly. Was here https://github.com/ryancramerdesign/skyscrapers2 and there couldn't be found these instructions. Got it now. Thanks.
  5. Means I've to do a new installation. No problem. Will do so. But for this I've to include these files at site/templates?
  6. Can I ask a question? After successful installation I want to install the Skyscraper profile from GitHub. But I'm not sure where to upload the files. All files into site/templates?
  7. A piece of cake for people knowing processwire well. Maybe for me hard work. But anyway. Can I ask a question: for building a directory I think ListerPro will be the right plugin for this to make the things easy. Is this right?
  8. All good now. Second installation process was successfully. Now I'm ready for testing. I want to create a directory site for local artisans. And after viewing and testing some other CMS I came to the conclusion that processwire will be the first choice and I think it's highly qualified for this case. Hope do not regret this.
  9. Thanks for your quick answers. The installation process went fine, every steps were fullfilled. At the end I've got this message. Will try a new installation, maybe the error will disappear. Let you know.
  10. Tried to install processwire. Everything went fine until this appears: Fatal Error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function ready() on null in /............/public_html/processwire/wire/core/ProcessWire.php:692 This error message was shown because: Superuser has never logged in. Error has been logged. Any idea to solve this?
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