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  1. @Mats can you give an example for it. i think that there must be a simple way to filter page array to current language but i coundnt figure it out
  2. i tried it but its not working. thanks for your reply @3fingers
  3. no 😞 i also tried but its not working. i think find function does not accept variable parameter. maybe if i know the value of the laguage param it can be something like that
  4. @bernhard I used the module below. I dont really know about json files. Just what i want is live search system. https://modules.processwire.com/modules/pages2-json/ What does this do? Simply adds method toJSON() to Page and PageArray elements, is capable to converting image and file arrays to URL containers, travels recursively all objects before outputs actual JSON.
  5. Hi, i am using multi language system i have ajax search system (live search) When i enter the word into search box it find the related topics but also show the other langugae titles. How can i made it for current language? Here is the code that i use result attached as image
  6. The url segment l try to get is on the sub category of treatments page so url segment is for the present page i think. I get the url of treatment url or title of treament bit i cannot get the last segment of treatment url
  7. <div class="dropdown-menu" aria-labelledby="dropdownMenuButton"> <?php foreach($pages->get("/treatments/")->children as $t) { $count = $pages->count("template=clinic, cliniclocation=$page->id, treatmentprice.clinictreatments=$t->id"); if ($count!=0){ echo "<a class='dropdown-item' href='$page->url$t->name'>$t->title ($count)</a>";} } ?> </div> Hi you see code above. Its a multi language web site. When i change the language instead of default language, url section ( t->name ) not change! for ex: default language english http://www.domain.com/en/locations/turkey/dental-implant select turkish language http://www.domain.com/tr/konumlar/turkey/dental-implant it must be http://www.domain.com/tr/konumlar/turkey/dis-implanti if i use $t->title instead of $t->name translation works fine but not as url. as usual it echoes title it look like http://www.domain.com/tr/konumlar/turkey/Dis Implati if i use $t->url it echo konumlar/turkey/dis-implati so if i get last segment of url it will works fine. What can i do for that?
  8. Thanks for reply @dragan I will try my chance What i understand from your post is. There is 2 way i can do this search system. 1. Admin search module /wire/modules/Process/ProcessPageSearch/ 2. http://www.runningcoder.org/jquerytypeahead/ - for autosuggest / type-ahead functionality right?
  9. Hi, I am trying to implement a search section for a project Can any body tell me about this search method of the site . Link below https://www.qunomedical.com/en/ I think its called morping search It cover screen and filter results by characters you type. It lookslike live search i think. Is there any module for processwire? I found Ajax search module by @Soma If anybody show me a way about this i will be appricate.
  10. Thanks alot @MoritzLost Thats exactly what i am looking for. And its really super easy way.
  11. Hi again, This time i am trying to implement a faq section for treatments. Every treatment has its own question Answer section. Treatments Dental Implant Hair Transplant FAQ Sample Question 1 Sample Question 2 faq template has question and answer fields I can use page reference field for Faq but on the Treatment template when i hit new Faq button it only creates new question. So i should go back to question under FAQ category and edit it then fill answer field. What i want is when i click on new faq button. i should fill question and answer fileds to gether ? Or any other way to do this instead of page refrence?
  12. Thanks for your help @elabx and @bernhard Here is my solution just with location template and sublocation page reference field May be it helps someone else.
  13. Hi, On my web site i am using only location for countries and also cities or states Locations Turkey Mexico USA Istanbul Ankara Newyork Chicago I am using page refence field as "sublocation" For ex: Istanbul located in Turkey I edit Turkey and add Istanbul as "sublocation" when i call code below i see all the related cities with Turkey What i want is if i am on city page how can i call Turkey (parent of city) and other related cities (siblings of city) ? If i am on Istanbul Page i want a section called Istanbul related locations. Turkey, Ankara will be listed on it.
  14. Thanks for reply @dragan it will be one-to-many relationship there is 2 template file location.php and list.php xxx.com/location/turkey/ uses location.php template when i enter xxx.com/location/turkey/clinics i want to use list.php template because list will be new designed page. not the part of location template design. how can i achive this? So there is 2 question. 1. how can i assign list template with xxx.com/location/turkey/clinics 2. same code works on list.php template?
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