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  1. Thanks for reply @dragan I will try my chance What i understand from your post is. There is 2 way i can do this search system. 1. Admin search module /wire/modules/Process/ProcessPageSearch/ 2. http://www.runningcoder.org/jquerytypeahead/ - for autosuggest / type-ahead functionality right?
  2. Hi, I am trying to implement a search section for a project Can any body tell me about this search method of the site . Link below https://www.qunomedical.com/en/ I think its called morping search It cover screen and filter results by characters you type. It lookslike live search i think. Is there any module for processwire? I found Ajax search module by @Soma If anybody show me a way about this i will be appricate.
  3. Thanks alot @MoritzLost Thats exactly what i am looking for. And its really super easy way.
  4. Hi again, This time i am trying to implement a faq section for treatments. Every treatment has its own question Answer section. Treatments Dental Implant Hair Transplant FAQ Sample Question 1 Sample Question 2 faq template has question and answer fields I can use page reference field for Faq but on the Treatment template when i hit new Faq button it only creates new question. So i should go back to question under FAQ category and edit it then fill answer field. What i want is when i click on new faq button. i should fill question and answer fileds to gether ? Or any other way to do this instead of page refrence?
  5. Thanks for your help @elabx and @bernhard Here is my solution just with location template and sublocation page reference field May be it helps someone else.
  6. Hi, On my web site i am using only location for countries and also cities or states Locations Turkey Mexico USA Istanbul Ankara Newyork Chicago I am using page refence field as "sublocation" For ex: Istanbul located in Turkey I edit Turkey and add Istanbul as "sublocation" when i call code below i see all the related cities with Turkey What i want is if i am on city page how can i call Turkey (parent of city) and other related cities (siblings of city) ? If i am on Istanbul Page i want a section called Istanbul related locations. Turkey, Ankara will be listed on it.
  7. Thanks for reply @dragan it will be one-to-many relationship there is 2 template file location.php and list.php xxx.com/location/turkey/ uses location.php template when i enter xxx.com/location/turkey/clinics i want to use list.php template because list will be new designed page. not the part of location template design. how can i achive this? So there is 2 question. 1. how can i assign list template with xxx.com/location/turkey/clinics 2. same code works on list.php template?
  8. Yes. On the clinic page treatment and location uses page reference field.
  9. Hi, I m confused on how to filter results using url segment. It must be very easy question but i can not figure it out. Here is my admin tree Home Clinics Clinic1 Clinic2 Treatments Dental Implant Hair Transplant Locations Turkey Mexico Germany I am using location template, treatment template, clinic template My question is How can i create a link on location template to show the clinics on that location. For ex: on the www.xxx.com/locations/turkey url i have a button called clinics. When i click on that button i want to goto www.xxx.xom/locations/turkey/clinics and it will show the clinics located on Turkey. I hope my explanation clear.
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