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  1. Please pardon me if this is a silly question. I was wondering if anyone has designed a subscriber based system or any system where a user would create content and have rights to edit only that content. Something such as a listing site, craigslist etc? In my case I'd like to build some CRM management into my existing website. I'm asking roughly what your approach would or might have been πŸ™‚ I need a push. Thank you.
  2. Hi, I'm getting apostrophe's being rendered as HTML in the Maestro Output. What is the best recommended way to fix this? <meta name="description" content="Greg&apos;s wedding photography is fun, creative and natural. Capturing moments when know he&apos;s there. He makes you feel comfortable and his enthusiasm is infectious."> Thank you.
  3. Thank you BitPoet! I hadn't thought of that. πŸ€ͺ
  4. Okay, I'm still stuck on this... if the main.css is empty, where does the styling stored? In other words if I wanted to modify any styling where would I do it? Thank you. Greg.
  5. Aha! That makes total sense. Heck if I'd used my brain for a moment I probably could have realised that. Thank you Eydun. G
  6. Hi! In busy learning to know PW better I'm looking at existing code. I have Bitpoets Editorial Responsive Blog as example. While looking through the code I've just found this line in the blog-head.php <link rel="stylesheet" href="<?= $config->urls->templates ?>assets/css/main.css?ts=<?= time() ?>" /> I hope it's not a stupid question but I've never seen this before... main.css?ts=<?= time() ?> I notice the main template is empty but of course renders on the front end. Using a timestamp really has me totally confused. Can someone explain it to me please. Thank you! Greg
  7. Okay then I'm booting the module 🀣😁 no really, I am. And for the exact reason of learning ProcessWire. Thanks for the welcome! G
  8. Aha! I hadn't thought of the Roles part of it. That makes total sense. Thank you for replying.
  9. I realise this is actually a bit of a stupid post. I'm busy re-inventing the wheel here when Kongondo has created the ProcessBlog module with docs and pretty much all the questions answered. I guess I'm so used to being fed rubbish in the WordPress environment. 😁 I'd delete this if I could.
  10. Hi! I'm busy building a blog into my first test/learning/free/clients/project 😁 I've had a look at all the blog examples and there seem to be different ways of doing it. (the point of Processwire, I know) It seems this is generally how it's done: Master Blog Page - Blog Post Child Page - Blog Post Child Page - Blog Post Child Page What I'm particularly interested in is the Categories. What would you advise? Repeater Field? Tags? I think I've even seen Categories set up as Children of a master Category page too. The pages were hidden containing no What would you recommend? Thank you! Greg. Bare with me, I'm bashing my way through while I learn.
  11. It's like I walked into a hardware store and they said I can have every tool I'd ever need 😁
  12. Thank you Robin for your incredible answer. You've virtually given me a tutorial. This thread is gold!
  13. Thank you everyone! All this info is awesome! This feels like the old days. Anyone remember 4guysFromRolla? 1999 ish... I learned so much from that forum, long before the days of Youtube, Apache and PHP were a nightmare to setup and CGI was king.
  14. I've only recently stumbled across Processwire. Thanks to ADHD and avoiding doing other work. I'm blown away at the power of Processwire. Ryan and all those who've built modules have done an incredible job of making a system that is fully customizable with incredible dev speed. Wordpress has so much bloat, it isn't very user friendly when all you want to do is quick a blog post or change. In fact unless you're a geek, It's actually quite daunting. Hell I'm still daunted by it all the time. I've never got my head around the interface layout and placement of menus and settings. On top of that, most plugins are trying to cater for anyone everyone and they have more junk to 'impress' than anything else. I love that I can just build my own functionality with PW easily or find a way to do it. What I'm particularly excited about is the end clients point of view. I could show a client in 5 minutes what they need to do to maintain their site. Changing look and theme as looks and trends move on would also be a cinch because no mark-up data is stored within the fields, unlike all the WP editor themes out there. Change templates, new site and look. All legacy data looks as good. So thank you to Ryan and the community for Processwire. I've only recently restarted developing after 15 years and frankly really didn't want to but PW has excited about web development again. I'm not one for blowing air up peoples arses but when something excites me, it excites me. 😁 Now I have to decide on whether I'm going to import my existing website's data or start an entirely new one πŸ™‚ G
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