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  1. You could use a masonry-like component, f.e. Filter from UI-Kit (https://getuikit.com/docs/filter). Place the tags from the images in the filter-tags. For creating the filter elements, you could create an array of unique tags and then loop over the array for creating the selectors.
  2. I would also be interested in testing, thanks in advance.
  3. I used delayed output and markup regions to make clear, they are just other concepts of templating (engines). Delayed output-strategy is about inheritance and markup regions are the so called blocks in twig. Templating in other languages/engines than php is about using other syntax and replacing php-tags with something else, e.g. {%...%} for twig... And for terms of reusability: If you are using different fields, you cannot reuse your twig-files, or am i missing something here?
  4. Pls tell us, what is the advantage of twig templating over pure php and using the delayed output strategy with markup regions?
  5. Is it not possible to use recurme within an Repeater? In Repeater Matrix it works, so it is not a big problem, but for my purpose a repeater would suffice... BTW great module and support, Joshua!
  6. Hey joss, like that little hanna-snippet. But why are you using it in this situation? Would it be not better having a page reference field selecting the tags?
  7. Really nice features! But sounds really not easy to use for everybody right away, maybe it could be a baseplate for theming in pw. Maybe sharing a future version which is less specific would make more sense.
  8. Would be great if you would that module with us.
  9. Hi diogo, really nice site, your minimalistic style fits really well to the artistic magazine and i love the typography. As a little sidenote, i noticed a little glitch when viewing at smaller width: the "hamburger" and shop icon are placed over text when scrolling.
  10. hi, there buddy ;-) it would be nice if you post your nice modules for all.
  11. Thanks for all your thoughts about this (especially the beardman). Maybe my first post did not express what i wanted to say. Draft and versioning isn't a must for being in core, but a free available module with reduced functionality would be good. Sure, you could build that by yourself and PW makes it easy, but for one coming from an other CMS this is not the best answer for convincing to switch to PW. I agree that versioning is not needed in every situation, but a workflow or being able to preview a pagewihtout publishing are often demanded features also here in the forum. Everyone who is evaluating PW for using it for a larger scale website or working in a team asks for this.So telling them: "yes, it's available, but only if you pay something" (regardless how cheap it is), may they move along looking for others. It comes down to the question: what is the fundamental functionality a free CMS should offer. And here are the opinions different from one to another, so Ryan as the leader is settling the path where PW is heading.
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