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  1. Hi, years ago I build a website with about 12 subdomains. It’s representing an association with 12 local groups. There are 12 users, each user has access to only one subdomain. The current cms is Contao (a german cms), some of you probably heard about or worked with. The problem now is a human one. Many users are uploading a lot of sh*t, such as a ton of almost the same gallery images, that are too big or too small. You can’t educate them by setting limitations like in the fields with PW. I found also whole html tables with inline styles, that were copied from somewhere and pasted into the editor. So I’m wondering, if this would be a good strategy, to install PW with the multisite plugin and to rebuild the old website with all subdomains. Which problems could I face with 12 subdomains and 12 users, that should have access only to their subdomain pages? Does anybody of you guys has some experience of this kind?
  2. You're absolutely right. I wrote my question too hasty. I'm gonna find a different way for applying a color to a teaser.
  3. Hi there, meanwhile the client had a new wish and I need your help again. An archive page shall contain children, which will be moved there manually. Structure:archive (archive) --> shows teaser from child pages child-page 02 child-page 01 child-page 03 child-page 01 child-page 01 child-page 02 The classical way to echo child pages is by: <?php foreach ($page->children() as $teaser) : ?> But I need again the data from the color_field mentioned above <?= $teaser->parent->select_color->title; ?> The logic now would be something like this: Find all children from parent=1223|1224|1225 and echo a teaser only if they are children from archive
  4. Hi guys, 5 years later… for separating the date components from a date field, I found this solution. This works fine. <?php $d = strtotime($page->datefield); echo date('d', $d) . '<br>'; //e.g 8 echo date('F Y', $d); //e.g. November 2015 ?> But I want to germanize the output. I tried this: <?php setlocale(LC_ALL, 'de_DE.UTF-8'); $d = strftime("%d. %B %G", strtotime($veranstaltung->datefield)); echo date('%d.', $d) . '<br>'; echo date('%B', $d); ?> But I'm getting an error: A non well formed numeric value encountered In my config.php I have these lines: $config->timezone = 'Europe/Berlin'; setlocale(LC_ALL, 'de_DE.UTF-8'); I don't know, if these settings from the date field are correct
  5. Thanks! Now it works fine ? I'm going to have a look at this »Latte«
  6. Thanks, but now I'm getting this error from this line: Trying to get property 'children' of non-object
  7. I'm still getting an error. I this think, that this line causes trouble <?php foreach ($pages->findIDs('1223|1224|1225, sort=-created')->children as $item) : ?>
  8. Thanks for the hint. I created this, but it gives throws me an error: <?php foreach ($pages->findIDs('1223|1224|1225, sort=-created')->children as $item) : ?> <?php if ($item->matches('parent=1223')) : ?> <a href='<?= $item->url; ?>' class='teaser-angebot-wrapper <?= $item->select_color->title; ?>'> <section> <h3><?= $item->title; ?></h3> <p>Ausstattung: <?= $item->textfield_01; ?></p> </section> </a> <?php elseif ($item->matches('parent=1224')) : ?> <a href='<?= $item->url; ?>' class='teaser-angebot-wrapper <?= $item->select_color->title; ?>'> <section> <h3><?= $item->title; ?></h3> <p>Wo / Wann: <?= $item->textfield_02; ?></p> </section> </a> <?php endif ?> <?php endforeach ?>
  9. Hi guys, I'm struggling with the following situation: Structure: parent_page 01 (template01) --> shows teaser from child pages child-page 01 child-page 01 child-page 01 parent_page 02 (template01) --> shows teaser from child pages child-page 02 child-page 02 child-page 02 parent_page 03 (template02) --> shows teaser from child pages child-page 03 child-page 03 child-page 03 collect_page (template_collect) --> //This page shows teasers from all child pages In the template01 and 02 is a select options field (select_color) for 3 colors. The child pages gets the parent color by: $page->parent->select_color->title; Now I need the parent colors for all teasers on the collect_page. Something like: <?php foreach ($pages->findIDs('1223|1224|1225, sort=-created')->children as $item) : ?> <?php if item is child page from parent with ID=1223 -> select_color->title : ?> <?php elseif item is child page from parent with ID=1224 -> select_color->title : ?> <?php elseif item is child page from parent with ID=1225 -> select_color->title : ?>
  10. There is a long comment (in german) from a guy, he's complaining about PW. Part of the stuff, he's talking about, is beyond my knowledge (MySQL, queries). He mentions, that he must work with PW, maybe that's why he is unhappy. https://www.heise.de/forum/heise-online/Kommentare/WordPress-Alternative-Websites-flexibel-gestalten-und-verwalten-mit-ProcessWire/Bitte-nicht/thread-7053784/#posting_40820682
  11. Thanks for this comparison, a lot useful informations. I remember how many years ago (around 2013–14) I was looking for a new CMS and for some time I played with Craft. Later I found also Bolt CMS (also with TWIG support) and Kirby interesting.
  12. Hi, today I had to move a PW installation (3.0.193) to a client hosting company with Plesk. For some reason an image with multi-file array of items (Pageimages) won't be rendered. The front end will be empty, no error messages at all. The single-file (Pageimage) works, but only as long as I'm logged in. I'm using the matrix repeater with the ISOLATING ITEM OUTPUT TO SEPARATE VIEW FILES method. I have to admit, that during writing this, it came to my mind, that the Matrix Repeater could be the problem. So, I'm going to ask Ryan .
  13. Hi Chris, thanks for the help. Meanwhile the website I needed it for, is »on stage« with a solution from @elabx. But I'm going to check your code in a cloned version of the website. You're right! greetings, Nikolai
  14. Hi guys, I need some help with this gallery: <?php $options = array('cropping' => true, 'upscaling' => false, 'quality' => 80); // cropping => true is default and same like 'center' foreach ($item_gallery->gallery as $img) { if ($img->width > $img->height) { // check for orientation $slide = $img->size(2400, 0); // we have a landscape oriented image } else { $slide = $img->height(1800); // we have a portrait oriented image } // output your markup here echo " <figure> <a class='uk-inline' href='{$slide->url}' data-caption='{$slide->description}'> <img class='photo' data-src='{$slide->size(760, 0,$options)->url}' alt='{$slide->description}' uk-img> </a> <figcaption class='uk-hidden@s'> <p>{$slide->description}</p> </figcaption> </figure> "; } ?> The goal is to show in a uikit lightbox images that are max. 1200px wide and the max height is 900px. The client will upload images that are 2x bigger, to have resources for the retina output. How should I define the srcset and the sizes if you have all these different proportions and orientations? I saw that in sizes I can use this: (orientation: portrait) Thanks in advance.
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