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  1. Thanks for your suggestion. I placed a checkbox in the child template (not file) and pasted your code in the parent template. Then I checked the link in backend The thing is, that this code must be inside a foreach loop. The main loop starts with this: <? foreach($page->children() as $garten):?> After pasting your code, the front-end shows all subpages as a ul and this doesn't make sense. I need only the link to the source (child) page. Usually I would paste this code for showing all links to the subpage: <a href="<?=$garten->url;?>">Weiterlesen...</a>
  2. Hi, this is the website structure: root -gardens -garden01 -garden02 -garden03 -garden04 -etc -contact -stuff On the gardens site I'm looping part of the fields from the child pages (garden01, garden02 etc). Some of the pages shall be linked from »gardens«, some not. I wanted to offer the editor a simple way to activate the link with one or to clicks. What I tried, was a way via hanna code. I created a hanna code with this code: <a href="<?=$garden->url;?>">read more...</a> I pasted this hannacode in a textfield (with hannacode formatter). This textfield is inside the foreach loop in the template from gardens. But the system gives me an error. I was thinking with a checkbox field and hannacode, but with no success. Do you guys have some experience with that?
  3. neophron

    Hi, first, thanks for this cool module! I have a question: Is there a way to detect the browser and show it by name? Like firefox, safari or chrome?
  4. I found (trough smashing magazine) these two cool links with a good overview with all properties about grid and flexbox:
  5. Thanks @bernhard, it's time to have a closer look at this module. Since September 2017 ProCache supports less and css:
  6. Hi, just found an strange bug. If I activate the »HTML minify« option, a simple gallery (uikit v3) with this structure <ul class="uk-slideshow-items"> <li class="uk-active uk-transition-active" style="transform: translateX(0px); z-index: 0;"> <img src="/site/assets/files/1080/sample01.jpg" uk-cover="" class="uk-cover" style="width: 1828px; height: 934px;"> </li> . . . . . . </ul> is converting into this structure: <ul class="uk-slideshow-items"> <li class="uk-active uk-transition-active" style="transform: translateX(0px); z-index: 0;"> <strong> <strong> <img src="/site/assets/files/1080/sample01.jpg" uk-cover="" class="uk-cover" style="height: 0px; width: 0px;"> </strong> </strong> </li> . . . . . . . . . </ul> Does it make sense to count on this module for the future? Cause to me it looks like, as if there is no longer support for this module. Are there alternative solutions?
  7. Thanks for this. Currently I'm testing the PIA-Module, now it's clean again
  8. Yes, everything is fine. For the next days it's here in a temporary subdomain: I replaced the js stuff (except the parallax) with uikit ( As you mentioned in your introduction, this is really a good way to enter the Processwire world.
  9. neophron

    Hi, thanks for this idea. Due to time pressure, I installed the »Sublime PW« profile and started to adapt it. This single page concept is build upon a Page Reference Field. In every page(= sections) you can throw your html structures.
  10. Thanks, now it works. If I want to deactivate a section, do I have to remove it from the Sublime PW? Cause, if I unpublish a page, the content is still visible.
  11. It's right below Sublime PW
  12. Hi, thanks for this site profile. I installed it to learn from it, cause a client asked me for a single website and after a break of two years, I wanted to create my second Processwire website. I have a question about the sections. If I want to add a new section, is it enough to duplicate an existing section.php in the _view folder and create a template for the new section/page? Cause I have now a new sectionTest.php in the _view folder, created a new template (without file) and added a new page (based on the new template). But .there is no sign of this new section in the frontend. In the master page (Sublime PW) the new section is not visible (check attachment screenshot). Do I'm missing something?
  13. neophron

    Ok, this could be my backup I'll have a look at this.
  14. neophron

    Thanks Tom, in your solution I have to create for every section a <h2>textfield</h2> and also for the body. My first intent was, to use only one field (f.e. for the h2).
  15. Hi guys, I'm struggling with my basic knowledge. I want to build a one- or single page website, with different sections. These regions have partially a different background color. I have, lets say four sections: section_one … till section_four. I created four templates, with some a few fields. Then I created four subpages, and each subpage has its own template. The simplest way, to render all subpages is with: <?php foreach($page->children() as $p){ echo $p->render(); // will render the above } ?> But this will render everything, without any control about the markup. Then I tried this: <?php $section_one = $pages->get("/home/section_one/"); echo $section_one->section_body; ?> But it gives me an error.