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  1. Hi there, five years later… 🙂 Is it possible to hide a page in a breadcrumb depending on the template? Something like this (it's not working): <?php foreach($page->parents() as $item) { if ($item->('template=myTemplate')) continue; echo "<li><a href='$item->url'>$item->title</a></li> "; } echo "<li>$page->title</li>";
  2. Thanks a lot. This is of course the better solution for the long run.
  3. @ukyo Teşekkürler! This is the solution!
  4. The image field is »array of items« with 0=no limit. And this is the code the template: <?php foreach($page->images_slider as $slide_image) { $slide = $slide_image->size(0,700); echo " <li class='uk-width-3-4'> <img class='photo' src='{$slide->url}' alt='{$slide_image->basename}' height='700' /> </li> "; } ?>
  5. Hi, I was searching in the forum about a method how to remove a file extension, like .jpg, but couldn't find anything. There are some php methods out in the wild, but I wanted first to get sure, that Processwire is offering a solution. The background is, that a clients website has a lot of images, packed in different galleries. All image files contain the name, dimensions and other stuff about the image (painting). I want to echo the image name in the image tag. thanks
  6. Hi guys, I'm definitely interested in such meetings, but Monday is always my volleyball-day 😞
  7. Thanks, (2) is the solution for me 🙂 I'm using the markup regions output strategy.
  8. Hi, thanks for this extension. I'm working now on a website with audio samples. I found and installed your module but can't get it work. I installed and setup everything, following the descriptions step by step. What I also did is: Created a file field – "audio_file" (0=No limit, Automatic … ). In the soundmodule-setup I applied this "audio_file" to the Audio Files Field. I created a text-field and under details -> »text formatters« I applied the Soundmanager2 Audio… . In the soundmodule-setup I applied this text-field to the Tag Field. This is in the template file: <?php $options = [ 'type' => 'bar-ui', 'skin' => 'gradient-fat', ]; foreach($page->audio_file as $track) { $content .= $sm2->player($track, $options); } ?> The template has the two fields ("audio_file" and the text field). And on the page I uploaded a file – brahms_01.mp4 in the audio_file field. In the text field I'm trying to echo the mp.4 file with this: [smplayer tag=brahms_01] Tracy doesn't show any errors.
  9. Thanks for these informations. I'll have a closer look at this next week.
  10. Hi, I launched a site with comments functions. Now the website is online and I totally forgot about the missing honeypot option in the comment form. Are there, besides the Akismet option, other possibilities for spam fighting? The module here is 3 years old and there is a warning: Do not use yet!!! Is this still the only solution?
  11. neophron

    useful styles

    From time to time, when I'm on a website, I'm checking the source, because I'm curious. But may be since two years, I got the feeling, that the more and more websites are stuffed with interesting crap. Today I found these body styles. It's from Squarespace. There were times, when a webpage was stuffed with table constructions and local styles. Now this madness appears again.
  12. Thanks for the tip. I never tried this module, now the time as come 🙂
  13. Hi, for a new website project, the client wants a horizontal menu and some of the end items are parent pages. The problem ist, that the »home«-page item also should have subpages as the other items. If I have two »home«-pages with the same content, this could be problematic, due to the double content (solution echo $pages->get(1234)->render();). If I create a redirect from "/" to "/fakehome" and I leave in the sitemap.xml the "/", how google would show and list the website? My goal is, to create a search result like e.g. Processwire in the attached screenshot.
  14. http://blog.chriszacharias.com/a-conspiracy-to-kill-ie6
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