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  1. As far as I know there are these two methods: adding it to each templates via the 'Files' tab, or including it on every .php template file. Are there other ways? Thanks
  2. Hello, is there any template displaying the template associated to each page? some to inspect on the fly, without entering each and every page in the tree? Thanks
  3. Hi Toni, I'm having the same problem, could you be more precise on you solved this? Thank you
  4. Hello, I'm using the Smarty Template engine, and I would like to include a 'variables' file in each page, without explicitly including it in every file (I'm lazy and dry 🙂, either .php or Smarty template. Something like functions.php in WP environment. If not possible, what is the best way? Thanks
  5. Hello, I made one page in a way that it gathers content from its children, and displays them all as paragraphs of a text. Now, having used one of those crawlers who find errors in websites, I discovered all the children pages are reachable (can't say from where, maybe a sitemap). Loading them with their own Url, the result is a blank page. How can I make them hidden as children, but loaded in the parent page? Thanks
  6. Is there a module or hack for editing markdown code, within the text field, having buttons for bolds, syntax highlighting etc? Thanks!
  7. For the sake of brevity, I'd like to just duplicate a previous article I published, instead of copying/pasting the content and just change a couple of details. Is it possible? Thanks
  8. Hello, I'm trying out TemplateEnginePug, and I get a blank page. I have a empty home.php and a views/home.pug. This one has a very basic paragraph. Still I get a blank page, without any error. Same with TemplateEngineJade. Can't manage to see a byte on screen no matter what. Tested other template languages (twig, processwire, latte), and it works fine. Config debug is `true`. Thanks!
  9. As I read from the Cheatsheet, $page->get returns a field, not a page. Is this correct?
  10. Hello, I have a parent holding two children, whose name can be foo|bar. Both can have children, but usually I have foo or I have bar. What is the selector I have to use when coding in the parent page? I'm trying $mypages = $page->find('name=foo|bar')->first()->children() But I get a Call to a member function children() on a non-object. Oddly, I managed to get this selector working $mypages = $page->get('name=foo')->chilren() But this is not working when I put a foo|bar OR selector. Thanks
  11. I tried a bunch of combinations in the key=value range, but I see nothing changing... Title=Title|template.name page.title=page.title template.name title="hello"
  12. Thanks Dragan, at the moment I'm on 2.7.2...
  13. Hello, is there any plugin to show the template assigned to some page, as navigating the pages tree? Usually I have to go to pages details, then settings, I'd like to skip that.. Thanks
  14. Hello, I have a local development website, holding the skeleton, and the production website, where articles are being published regularly. I developed a new section locally, creating templates with fields, family rules and so on. I'd like to know if there is a quick way to copy such templates and fields on the production site, or do I have to create them manually one by one, and check their family relations etc. Thanks!
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