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  1. Hello, I made one page in a way that it gathers content from its children, and displays them all as paragraphs of a text. Now, having used one of those crawlers who find errors in websites, I discovered all the children pages are reachable (can't say from where, maybe a sitemap). Loading them with their own Url, the result is a blank page. How can I make them hidden as children, but loaded in the parent page? Thanks
  2. Is there a module or hack for editing markdown code, within the text field, having buttons for bolds, syntax highlighting etc? Thanks!
  3. For the sake of brevity, I'd like to just duplicate a previous article I published, instead of copying/pasting the content and just change a couple of details. Is it possible? Thanks
  4. Hello, I'm trying out TemplateEnginePug, and I get a blank page. I have a empty home.php and a views/home.pug. This one has a very basic paragraph. Still I get a blank page, without any error. Same with TemplateEngineJade. Can't manage to see a byte on screen no matter what. Tested other template languages (twig, processwire, latte), and it works fine. Config debug is `true`. Thanks!
  5. As I read from the Cheatsheet, $page->get returns a field, not a page. Is this correct?
  6. Hello, I have a parent holding two children, whose name can be foo|bar. Both can have children, but usually I have foo or I have bar. What is the selector I have to use when coding in the parent page? I'm trying $mypages = $page->find('name=foo|bar')->first()->children() But I get a Call to a member function children() on a non-object. Oddly, I managed to get this selector working $mypages = $page->get('name=foo')->chilren() But this is not working when I put a foo|bar OR selector. Thanks
  7. I tried a bunch of combinations in the key=value range, but I see nothing changing... Title=Title|template.name page.title=page.title template.name title="hello"
  8. Thanks Dragan, at the moment I'm on 2.7.2...
  9. Hello, is there any plugin to show the template assigned to some page, as navigating the pages tree? Usually I have to go to pages details, then settings, I'd like to skip that.. Thanks
  10. Hello, I have a local development website, holding the skeleton, and the production website, where articles are being published regularly. I developed a new section locally, creating templates with fields, family rules and so on. I'd like to know if there is a quick way to copy such templates and fields on the production site, or do I have to create them manually one by one, and check their family relations etc. Thanks!
  11. Thanks Wanze, sorry I'm a bit dumb, what do you mean by "behind the $view API variable"?
  12. @wanze Global file should make {extends} useless if I understood right. That's because in child templates {extends} works also if no Global File is specified in the admin pane. I hope I clarified the issue...
  13. Thanks Wanze, still I noticed that if I use the Global File instead of the {extends} instruction, no block is being passed. Anyone tested this happening?...
  14. Hello, in the settings page I'd like to know what "Global Template File - Filename of a template file that is used as main template behind the API variable" is for. I tried to make up a layout.tpl and use the file name as field setting, but looks like {block} contents are not passed to the file. Thanks!
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