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  1. I'm doing something similar with MobaXterm. My dev machine for this project is an Acer W10 laptop, then I use MobaXTerm's VNC (as well as SSH & SFTP tools) to remote into a CentOS 7 server running TigerVNC server. If using VNC, you should set it to only serve on localhost, then you're SSH-ing into that securely. Haven't tried VcXsrc, but VNC in this setup has no noticeable latency. While I also have Ubuntu running though Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) on my dev machine, the MobaXTerm tools wrap up the remote access tools in a decent desktop GUI, and also serve as a good multi-tabbed, configurable terminal frontend to WSL (which appears to use the same basic wretched Windows teminal as CMD.exe). Coder.com looks interesting, will have to check that out!
  2. New forum is looking great - however, there needs to be an added space between "Location" and actual user location per post.
  3. WinnieB


    I don't use PayWhirl but am writing a PW module to wrap an external API so reading the code is very helpful, thanks!
  4. Thanks so much for continuing to develop this awesome tool! Happy to report I just bought my first Pro module this week (ProFields) and it's really streamlining my workflow. You are the rare developer who understands the essence of why people adore the product (your frequent use of the words "fun" and "love" regarding PW is apt) and just continue to make it better. Curious about the non-profit data research project you mentioned in the blog post? I am using PW to interact with the REDCap API for a large public mental health research project. I was initially asked to do it this project in R (which I use for data analysis in my dayjob). As discussions continued, I realized what they actually needed was a highly configurable web interface with a few data score norming and graphing features...PW to the rescue, and it's inspired me to make my first module (REDCapi) and Process Module for the admin interface.
  5. Interesting topic. From my experience using the Gantry framework with the Grav flat-file CMS, the extra level of "ease"/abstraction visual builder tools offer can be a hassle when things don't work 100% as expected (which is at least 50% of the time). It gets complicated if the builder magically (meaning in ways not well-documented) overrides standard settings that are documented in the CMS itself but are suddenly not working. That said, building your own within PW to speed workflow with clients a la @grimezy / @maxF5 makes a lot of sense.
  6. Wow, RockDataTables would be perfect for an upcoming project, and for where I'm working in general (dashboards collating info from diverse sources via external APIs). Please keep us updated, I would definitely pay a reasonable fee for a Pro module!
  7. WinnieB


    cstevensjr beat me to it, then make sure Markdown is set as Text Formatter for the field in the "Details" tab.
  8. I feel you on number 9 (number 9, number 9) . It's been a while since I've used Linux in earnest, and it was the impossibility of getting a functional music production setup that was the nail in the coffin. Funny thing is that while desktop Linux never really caught on with the general public, it spoiled me for things like real virtual desktops and multi-tab file browsers WAY before they came to Mac/Windows. I'd recommend Bitwig Studio or Renoise, both of which have native Linux support and will run VST plugins compiled for Linux. At least on Mac/Windows RME is known for best-in-the biz-hardware, drivers, and low latency performance, not sure about Linux (especially if FireWire). I use Mac at home, Windows 7 at work, and would be happy to use a stable Linux again for development. Each OS has its flaws and strengths. I try to use cross-platform tools as much as possible (Sublime or Visual Code and MAMP/MAMP for Windows) to minimize mental gear-shifting.
  9. Would you mind discussing what RBAC/Permissions features Yii2/Laravel have that ProcessWire doesn't? Is it text-based configs, console tools, pre-made modules/API features, or something else? I'm starting to design a couple systems that need to have very clear & strong roles/permissions established. Thanks!
  10. I don't see the Gurdjieff/De Hartmann music name-checked too often, I'm familiar with Cecil Lytle's recordings. Are you into Gurdjieff's teachings? Such an interesting person with some amazing ideas! When I'm working and things are crazy, ambient music helps get me in a productive frame of mind - my favorites include: Brian Eno's "Discreet Music" "Music for Airports" and "Another Green World" (I've listened to this maybe 1,000 times and still hear new things!) Daniel Lanois' "Belladonna" and "Apollo" (one of many Eno collabs) Bill Laswell "Radioaxiom: Bass the Final Frontier" and his remix of Gigi's "Illuminated Audio"
  11. Thanks for sharing, gave me insight on how to implement some frontend-only user ideas. I saw the frontend/admin screenshot before I knew what business CalTex was in, and I thought that "Silver, Platinum, Lubricants and Diesel" was an odd set of fieldnames. Now it makes sense!
  12. I'm getting the following error trying to install module to PW 3.0.34. Do you think it's a version 3 compatibility issue or a configuration on my end? Thanks! Error: Call to undefined function Jos\Lib\wire() (line 34 of /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/pw3/site/modules/ImportPagesXml/lib/Parser.php)
  13. Excellent walk-through on the blog, Ryan! I'm sure this will also broaden PW's appeal outside the current community. However, as a musician, every time I see Composer's logo I cringe...it's a conductor, not a composer FFS! Oh well, close enough for PHP, I guess.
  14. @ Sergio Curious, did you ever develop this further? I've been building a Moodle training site at work, came across your post as I wondered how I might implement a simple question bank/student quiz outcome tracker in ProcessWire.
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