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  1. abmcr

    Thank you
  2. abmcr

    Hello Marco: in the code there is no instruction for restrict the field only to super user... What happens for a no super admin?
  3. abmcr

    Yes! But my question is not about Processwire and Builder (as Repeater Matrix), but in general talking about the approach of building website with page builder. In processwire an approach like builder is made with repeaters etc... but i have interest about your opinion in builder approach
  4. abmcr

    What you think about visual builder approach? in the wordpress ecosystem the Gutenberg project, the DIVI theme ecc are commons... for the client may be useful a toy as a visual builder... Thank you
  5. abmcr

    This is a old question,but i want rebuild the discussion. I don't know drupal, but PW is reale a good cms. Drupal is better? the UI for final user is very complex... PW as an UI simple and clear.. drupal is symphony based... but PW as a clear and powerful API... thank you
  6. but if you use a ajax call: you bibnd an event click at the button to an ajax... This is possible?
  7. It look good Anyone has experimented with yeoman?
  8. abmcr

    Bravo!!!! Very very beautiful; i have buyed the module a year ago.... and it work very well. The new ProcessWire 3 UI seems perfect.... Do you release a beta?
  9. abmcr

    Thank you very useful
  10. https://github.com/processwire/processwire-requests/issues/156
  11. I have a field FileType named allegato into a repeater named documenti I want to retrieve the value of the field allegato for all pages for creating a custom field module; Into the module i have this code foreach($output->documenti as $item) { echo "PRINT ALLEGATO"; var_dump($item->allegato); echo "PRINT ALLEGATO -> count"; //this line echo the count as 1 var_dump($item->allegato->count); echo "PRINT ALLEGATO -> items"; /(/this line get NULL.... WHY? var_dump($item->allegato->items); echo "PRINT ALLEGATO -> url"; var_dump($item->allegato->url); // this line get me the url ... without the name of the file ???? echo "PRINT ALLEGATO -> description"; var_dump($item->allegato->description); //this line get me null though the value exist in the table (see image below) The result is where i show only one row (id 2003). Why i am not able to retrieve the value of $object->items?? And why $item->allegato->url show a partials url of the attachment and $item->allegato->description print null??? the same code into a single template work fine and output the correct values Thank you in advance
  12. very simple.. thank you
  13. There is a way for change the label "Children" (see attachment) only for a template? In the hook https://processwire.com/api/hooks/captain-hook/ i have not found a hook for made this.... The idea is $pages->addHook??????('?????', function($event) { $page = $event->arguments[0]; if($page->template->name == 'my-template') { //rename the label children Thank you
  14. abmcr

    May be another problem: i have a ckeditor into a repeater and the drag and drop into the editor don't work; in the same repeater there is an images fileds.