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  1. I have setup the module and all work fine: my api send data to a client axios, but i have a problem with a file My api send this data json { "data": [ { "url": "http://p1.test/site/assets/files/1017/gpx.gpx", "title": "prova" } ] } and in the quasar app i need to use the file gpx for show a leaflet map. I get this error Access to fetch at 'http://p1.test/site/assets/files/1017/gpx.gpx' from origin 'http://localhost:8081' has been blocked by CORS policy: No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource. If an opaque response serves your needs, set the request's mode to 'no-cors' to fetch the resource with CORS disabled. in the .htaccess file i have set this lines at the bottom RewriteEngine on Header add Access-Control-Allow-Origin "*" Header add Access-Control-Allow-Headers "origin, x-requested-with, content-type" Header add Access-Control-Allow-Methods "PUT, GET, POST, DELETE, OPTIONS" but the file is not fetched.... What i broken? Thank you (excuse me for the poor english language)
  2. THank you: this work very fine!
  3. I need to manage a simple database: movies and genre (cinema related). I have made two templates (movie and genre). In the movie template a repeater page field manage the relation. All work fine. But i want to get also in the genre backend page the list of related movies, ideally in a new tab. The only way i have found is using the custom markup module, but there is AN alternative way? Thank you in advance
  4. I Think the problem is for the app not approved
  5. Yes: i know this.... but in this case i need to create an admin interface for crud in custom tables... your tutorial may be a good start point for this? Thanks #bernhard!!!
  6. i'm evaluating the feasibility of an application web PW based from a custom php site; actually the site as 10.000 records in a table named articles and about 500.000 record in 4 table related to the articles table . I have two doubts : 1) in the two next year i think the number of articles will increase to 20.000 and 1.000.000 of related records: i think this big data is not a problem, also when there is a complex query. Is correct? 2) most of the related fields are , in PW logic, repeater: there is a right way to import these data in PW database? Thank you
  7. Yes: @Pete after you grab my github, i delete 🙂 For 503 i have no time now for implement 😞
  8. I have refactor a little for using in php 7.2 https://github.com/abmcr/MaintenanceMode Thank you Fatal Error: Uncaught ErrFatal Error: Uncaught Error: Access to undeclared static property: MaintenanceMode::$fM in /home/vl303ic7/envers.vda.it/site/modules/MaintenanceMode/MaintenanceMode.module:94or: Access to undeclared static property: MaintenanceMode::$fM in /home/vl303ic7/envers.vda.it/site/modules/MaintenanceMode/MaintenanceMode.module:94
  9. Php 7.2 : i have an error at line 96 Fatal Error: Uncaught Error: Access to undeclared static property: MaintenanceMode::$fM in /home/vl303ic7/envers.vda.it/site/modules/MaintenanceMode/MaintenanceMode.module:94 self::$fM['type']($f, $fM['label'], $data[$f], $fM['desc']) I am the only? Thank you Fatal Error: Uncaught ErrFatal Error: Uncaught Error: Access to undeclared static property: MaintenanceMode::$fM in /home/vl303ic7/envers.vda.it/site/modules/MaintenanceMode/MaintenanceMode.module:94or: Access to undeclared static property: MaintenanceMode::$fM in /home/vl303ic7/envers.vda.it/site/modules/MaintenanceMode/MaintenanceMode.module:94
  10. Hello: i use https://www.shellrent.com I am italian and i have many sites with shellrent
  11. Hello Marco: in the code there is no instruction for restrict the field only to super user... What happens for a no super admin?
  12. Yes! But my question is not about Processwire and Builder (as Repeater Matrix), but in general talking about the approach of building website with page builder. In processwire an approach like builder is made with repeaters etc... but i have interest about your opinion in builder approach
  13. What you think about visual builder approach? in the wordpress ecosystem the Gutenberg project, the DIVI theme ecc are commons... for the client may be useful a toy as a visual builder... Thank you
  14. This is a old question,but i want rebuild the discussion. I don't know drupal, but PW is reale a good cms. Drupal is better? the UI for final user is very complex... PW as an UI simple and clear.. drupal is symphony based... but PW as a clear and powerful API... thank you
  15. but if you use a ajax call: you bibnd an event click at the button to an ajax... This is possible?
  16. It look good Anyone has experimented with yeoman?
  17. Bravo!!!! Very very beautiful; i have buyed the module a year ago.... and it work very well. The new ProcessWire 3 UI seems perfect.... Do you release a beta?
  18. https://github.com/processwire/processwire-requests/issues/156
  19. I have a field FileType named allegato into a repeater named documenti I want to retrieve the value of the field allegato for all pages for creating a custom field module; Into the module i have this code foreach($output->documenti as $item) { echo "PRINT ALLEGATO"; var_dump($item->allegato); echo "PRINT ALLEGATO -> count"; //this line echo the count as 1 var_dump($item->allegato->count); echo "PRINT ALLEGATO -> items"; /(/this line get NULL.... WHY? var_dump($item->allegato->items); echo "PRINT ALLEGATO -> url"; var_dump($item->allegato->url); // this line get me the url ... without the name of the file ???? echo "PRINT ALLEGATO -> description"; var_dump($item->allegato->description); //this line get me null though the value exist in the table (see image below) The result is where i show only one row (id 2003). Why i am not able to retrieve the value of $object->items?? And why $item->allegato->url show a partials url of the attachment and $item->allegato->description print null??? the same code into a single template work fine and output the correct values Thank you in advance
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