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  1. dimitrios

    Hello, you can update this module, because the issue has been resolved with the next version of php-graph-sdk. Then, remember to go to your app in Facebook for developers -> Facebook Login -> Settings and add "http://www.example.com/processwire/page/" to the list of Valid OAuth Redirect URIs. I only used it because I was allowed to, until recently; it was convenient to go back to the exact page we were editing.
  2. Hello, the issue has been resolved. To anyone facing the same problem, do NOT set permission 'page-edit-created' role-wide; instead, add it as an additional edit permission in each template relevant to the role. Thank you
  3. Hello, I meet the requirements you mention, and the role in question has edit and create page permissions on the corresponding pages and can add children under the parent. Are the above all you had to take care of, for the non superuser role to work properly?
  4. Hello, I have created a field of type Page Reference and input field type Page Auto Complete, so that users of role 'writer' can add new tags to their articles. However, only a superuser can add new tags through the field, even though 'writer' roles have the permission to create pages of template 'tag', and the permission to add children in the parent template. New tags in the Page Tree can be added normally. Is there something I am missing?
  5. dimitrios

    Hello @Hurme, on the Facebook for developers page, in your app's settings, provide the App domains field with your domain. I believe this is the only problem.
  6. dimitrios

    That's great @palacios000. Thanks for posting the solution.
  7. dimitrios

    Hi @palacios000, the facebook app should work in development mode. Is everything in Settings->Advanced configured properly?
  8. dimitrios

    Hello, this module has been updated and it is now compatible with Graph API version 2.10. Parameters 'description' and 'name' are not supported by the new Graph API version. Therefore, fields for description and name cannot be provided anymore.
  9. dimitrios

    Hello, thank you for your kind words @alexmercenary, I'm glad it was of use to you. @flydev, that is absolutely right, you need to create a checkbox field as with any other field or use an existing one and insert it into the template.
  10. dimitrios

    Hello, I will consider it, although I am on a tight schedule lately. However, I'm not sure if it would be wise, because the old Facebook PHP SDK v3 is now deprecated, so there will be zero maintenance from their part.
  11. dimitrios

    Hello Juergen, I am sorry for such a late answer. You are right, this is not needed since PW manages the session. I will try to test this module with various PW versions and update it. Thank you for your post!
  12. dimitrios

    Hello netcarver, you are absolutely right, I just updated my post. I have submitted the module and it is currently pending approval. Thank you!
  13. dimitrios

    Hello, I have created a module that, given a Facebook app ID and secret, posts on Facebook on behalf of a user profile or page after a PW page is saved. This module is configurable as follows: Templates: posts can take place only for pages with the defined templates On/Off switch: specify a checkbox field that will not allow the post if checked Specify a message and/or an image for the post Usage edit the desired PW page and save; it will post right after the initial Facebook log in and permission granting. After that, a token is kept. Download PW module directory: http://modules.processwire.com/modules/auto-fb-post/ Github: https://github.com/kastrind/AutoFbPost Note: Facebook SDK for PHP is used.
  14. dimitrios

    Thank you for your post, I had the same issue. There was a noticeable delay, especially when loading an edit template page. I switched xdebug off and the waiting time dropped from ~10s to ~1s. I don't know why xdebug would cause such a big delay.