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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, this module can publish content of a Processwire page on a Facebook page, triggered by saving the Processwire page. To set it up, configure the module with a Facebook app ID, secret and a Page ID. Following is additional configuration on Facebook for developers: Minimum Required Facebook App configuration: on Settings -> Basics, provide the App Domains, provide the Site URL, on Settings -> Advanced, set the API version (has been tested up to v3.3), add Product: Facebook Login, on Facebook Login -> Settings, set Client OAuth Login: Yes, set Web OAuth Login: Yes, set Enforce HTTPS: Yes, add "https://www.example.com/processwire/page/" to field Valid OAuth Redirect URIs. This module is configurable as follows: Templates: posts can take place only for pages with the defined templates. On/Off switch: specify a checkbox field that will not allow the post if checked. Specify a message and/or an image for the post. Usage edit the desired PW page and save; it will post right after the initial Facebook log in and permission granting. After that, an access token is kept. Download PW module directory: http://modules.processwire.com/modules/auto-fb-post/ Github: https://github.com/kastrind/AutoFbPost Note: Facebook SDK for PHP is utilized.
  2. https://github.com/benbyford/PublishAsHidden Adds new button on edit page if page unpublished. Button saves page and sets flags to hidden and published.
  3. I am currently running the Processwire 3.x branch (specifically 3.0.36 at the moment) and am back-porting data from a previous website that was created back in 2010. In trying to provide seemingly accurate publication dates to the older articles that I'm manually porting, I was thinking of adding a `published` field to the pages. Upon closer inspection I found that all pages do indeed have a `published` field already (in this version of ProcessWire anyhow). I suspect it was added to core back when ProDrafts was created. I see that there's a module to handle the ability of providing this field to all pages. http://modules.processwire.com/modules/publish-date/ I'm not sure if this is necessary now though if all pages already have an associated `published` date field? Would a module need to be created to expose this database field to the admin side, or is there another way to do this? Would modifying this field cause any detrimental side-effects (I do own a ProDrafts dev license, though am not currently using it in this project).
  4. Hi. I am trying to create a button on specific admin pages, that when pressing this button, it creates and publishes a new page with some of the input data from the current page. I have been able to add a button to the admin pages with this code in the admin.php template file: $page->addHook('ProcessPageEdit::buildForm', null, 'addButton'); function addButton(HookEvent $event) { $page = $event->arguments(0); $href = wire()->config->urls->admin.'page/add/?parent_id=1089&credit='.$page->credit->value.'&partner='.$page->partner->value; $field = wire()->modules->get('InputfieldButton'); $field->attr('id+name', 'create_new_log'); $field->attr('class', $field->class); $field->attr('value', 'Create new log'); $field->attr('href',$href); $event->return = $event->return->append($field); } require($config->paths->adminTemplates . 'controller.php'); I have attempted to add some url parameters, but this method does nothing good. Is it possible to do what I am trying to do?
  5. Is there a way to lock down (via role) the ability to update / publish a page live? My client needs some people to be able to edit a page, but the page changes must be reviewed by another member of staff who have access to push the update live. Is this possible? Thanks
  6. Good day! I am building a subscription based site. I created additional template for subscribed users. When I create a user he is created unpublished with the same pass for all. When the payment is completed, the status is changed to published via API. It works as expected. But when I try to publish a user from the admin, I am asked to input a password, though it already exists in the database. Each time I unpublish/publish a user from the admin I have to change a password. Is this a normal behaviour or a bug? Can it be overriden somehow as this is not desired behaviour for my case (I want to let admin publish a user without changing password)?
  7. Dear Community, As I checked "unpublished: Not visible on site" in the settings of the "home"-page, it is still available in the frontend! I know there must be something reachable under "/". But is there any option of a "maintanance work" site? Usually I do it with .htaccess. But would be nice to have a standard redirect after unpublishing the home site. ideas welcome! kixe
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