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  1. Updated to Version 1.0.3 with one more Inputfield Option which allows to use any custom JavaScript.
  2. Hi @bernhard I added some screenshots.
  3. Try lazyload: $pages->findMany();
  4. 2 approaches: Textformatter Use a textformatter like or create your own. Use this as a starting point: CKEditor Plugin Use a Filefield to upload files. Enable pwlink module in your CKEditor which allows you to link PW pages and files too. Add a css class to show the icon
  5. Did you check Family > Allowed Templates for Children in the parent page template?
  6. I am not sure if WireArray::sort() handles runtime vars. Try it out. foreach ($page->listing_images as $image) $image->aspectRatio = $image->width/$image->height; $page->listing_images->sort('aspectRatio');
  7. Module

    @adrian First of all: Welcome back! Great, Thanks! Check out my fork to see the changes I made. Everything is working pretty good together with the small changes in ProcessPageList::executeNavJSON() Ryan is very busy and there are some other unsolved issues I am interested in. Furthermore there are many other places in the core where '1' is used instead of $config->rootPageID. I think it should be consistent but its not so easy to change this.
  8. What about putting a semicolon to the end of your echo line?
  9. FieldtypeColor is on github Fieldtype stores a 32bit integer value reflecting a RGBA value. Input 4 types of Inputfields provided Html5 Inputfield of type='color' (if supported by browser) Inputfield type='text' expecting a 24bit hexcode string (RGB). Input format: '#4496dd'. The background color of the input field shows selected color Inputfield of type='text' expecting 32bit hexcode strings (RGB + alpha channel) Input format: '#fa4496dd' Inputfield with Spectrum Color Picker (Options modifiable) Inputfield type='text' with custom JavaScript and/or CSS (since version 1.0.3) Output Define output format under 'Details' tab in field settings. Select from the following 8 options string 6-digit hex color. Example: '#4496dd' string 8-digit hex color (limited browser support). Example: '#fa4496dd' string CSS color value RGB. Example: 'rgb(68, 100, 221)' string CSS color value RGB. Example: 'rgba(68, 100, 221, 0.98)' string CSS color value RGB. Example: 'hsl(227, 69.2%, 56.7%)' string CSS color value RGB. Example: 'hsla(227, 69.2%, 56.7%, 0.98)' string 32bit raw hex value. Example: 'fa4496dd' int 32bit. Example: '4198799069' (unformatted storage value) The Fieldtype includes Spectrum Color Picker by Brian Grinstead SCREENSHOTS Input type=text with changing background and font color (for better contrast) Input type=color (in Firefox) Javascript based input (Spectrum Color Picker) Settings Output Settings Input
  10. WireMail::header() function accepts string values only. // setting additional headers in WireMail $recipientsArray = array('', ''); $recipientsString = implode(",", $recipientsArray); $wireMailObject->header('cc', $recipientsString); // OR $wireMailObject->header('bcc', $recipientsString);
  11. $pages->get("id=1216|1217|1218"); // returns a single page (first match) $pages->getById([1216,1217,1218]) // returns a PageArray and is similar to $pages->find("id=1216|1217|1218"); It should work if $sideMenuForms->render() function expects a PageArray as third argument and if the PageArray is not empty (check with $formnav->count)
  12. $current_user = $users->get(3085); $current_user->of(false); $current_user->galerias->add(2075); $current_user->save(); $existente
  13. @hellomoto This issue was fixed in late 2016 (module version 2.0.0 or 2.0.1). Please update to last version and try again. @PWaddict I pushed a fix and tested the module in 3.0.64. Please update to 2.0.8
  14. Try echo "<a href='{$page->child->url}'>first childpage</a>";
  15. You can get the original size via API: // a page has an image field named 'image' $page->image->first()->size(50,50); echo $page->image->first()->width; // returns (int) 50 echo $page->image->first()->original->width; // returns (int) 1000 (original size) // if there doesn't exist a variation of the image the $original property returns null Learn more: