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  1. Possible solution to set $user using a setup with multiple sites (multiple databases Option #1), module SessionHandlerDB and different session names for each instance. Put this code in your ready.php $xy = new ProcessWire($config->paths->root . 'site-xy/'); /** * if a session AND a challenge cookie is present we check if the user is still loggedin in xy * if yes we set the @var wire('user') to the xy instance * */ if ($xy->session->hasCookie() && $xy->session->hasCookie(true)) { // get xy session ID if ($xy>config->https && $xy->config->sessionCookieSecure) { $cn = $xy->config->sessionNameSecure; if (!$cn) $cn = $xy->config->sessionName . 's'; } else { $cn = $xy->config->sessionName; } $SID = $input->cookie->$cn; // set the wire('user') if loggedin if ($SID) { $SHDB = $xy->modules->getModule('SessionHandlerDB', array('noPermissionCheck' => true))->getSessionData($SID); if ($SHDB['user_id'] != 40) { // get fingerprint and session timestamp $fp = isset($SHDB['data']['Session']['_user']['fingerprint'])? $SHDB['data']['Session']['_user']['fingerprint'] : false; $ts = isset($SHDB['data']['Session']['_user']['ts'])? (int) $SHDB['data']['Session']['_user']['ts'] : 0; // validate fingerprint if ($xy->session->getFingerprint() !== $fp) { $this->session->error(__('Unable to assign XY user. XY-Session fingerprint does not match.'), Notice::debug | Notice::log); } // check if session timed out else if ($xy->config->sessionExpireSeconds && $ts < (time() - $xy->config->sessionExpireSeconds)) { $this->session->error(__('Unable to assign XY user. XY-Session timed out.'), Notice::debug | Notice::log); } else { $_user = $xy->users->get($SHDB['user_id']); if ($_user->id) { // session valid, assign user & user_id will be set correctly in DB via SessionHandlerDB::write() $xy->users->setCurrentUser($_user); } } } } }
  2. or simply ... $s = $modules->get('SessionHandlerDB')->getSessions(); // seconds = 300, limit = 100 $online_user_ids = array_filter(array_column($s,'user_id'), function($id) {return $id != 40;}); // with all arguments $seconds = 86400; // one day $limit = 200; $s = $modules->get('SessionHandlerDB')->getSessions($seconds, $limit); $online_user_ids = array_filter(array_column($s,'user_id'), function($id) {return $id != 40;}); Unfortunately this doesn't work if ProcessWire is bootstrapped https://github.com/processwire/processwire-issues/issues/1294#issuecomment-748057420 I have to correct myself. It works also if ProcessWire instance is bootstrapped $otherPwInstance = new ProcessWire($config->paths->root . 'site/'); $s = $otherPwInstance->modules->getModule('SessionHandlerDB', array('noPermissionCheck' => true))->getSessions(); $online_user_ids = array_filter(array_column($s,'user_id'), function($id) {return $id != 40;});
  3. // 'include=all' includes access restricted pages, check access via function viewable() before using render() foreach ($page->children('include=all') as $p) { if ($p->viewable()) $p->render(); } // without argument (selector) access restricted pages are excluded by default foreach ($page->children() as $p) { $p->render(); } Why do you want to render multiple pages?
  4. I have 2 ProcessWire instances running under the same domain, each with own session name and cookie. $config->sessionName = 'wire0'; $config->sessionName = 'wire1'; The assignment of the correct instance via url is done in index.config.php. One of the 2 instances is without frontend and accessible only under the related admin url. In this instance (wire0) the user with ID=14179 is logged in. If I check if the session of the related user in this instance is valid I get false. The user var returns unexpected results as well. $xy = new ProcessWire($config->paths->root . 'site-xy/'); var_dump($xy->session->isValidSession(14179)); // false, should be true var_dump($xy->user->isLoggedin()); // false, should be true If I use the $pages, the $users, $config or any other API of the $xy instance I get what I expect. $userIDs = $xy->users->findIDs('check_access=0'); var_dump(count($userIDs)); // correct number of users in related instance var_dump($xy->config->sessionName); // wire0 var_dump($config->sessionName); // wire1 How can I get the $user or $session vars of another PW instance?
  5. I think you don't need a workaround with a hidden field if you do the hook after and change the PageArray instead of the selector. $wire->addHookAfter('ProcessPageList::find', function($e) { $pages = $e->return; if ($pages->first()->parent->id != 111111) return; // quick exit if parent doesn't match $zeroDatePages = $pages->find("date=''"); // empty date pages $result = $pages->filter('date>0,sort=-date'); // pages with date, sort descending $result->prepend($zeroDatePages); // prepend empty date pages $e->return = $result; });
  6. try // ... $results->setStart(6); // index = 7 - 1 $pagination = $pager->render($results);
  7. I use a hook for something similar /** CUSTOM PAGE SORT * related for InputfieldPageListSelect, ProcessPageList (Page tree) * */ $wire->addHookBefore('ProcessPageList::find', function($e) { $parent = $e->arguments(1); $selectorString = $e->arguments(0); // modify $selectorString, remove, modify, add ',sort= ...' $e->arguments(0, $selectorString); });
  8. Do not overwrite the field object (loop item) with the field value. Try: foreach ($page->fields as $field) { $fieldValue = ''; foreach($languageFallback as $languageID) { $fieldValue = $page->getLanguageValue($languageID, $field); if ($fieldValue) break; } $page->$field = $fieldValue; }
  9. Example with 'body' field. Define a language fallback order in ready.php and render first match in template. (not tested ... ) // in ready.php $languageFallback = [1046,1042,1033]; // array of Language-IDs in fallback order $body = ''; $pageActiveLanguageIds = $page->getLanguages()->each('id'); $languageFallback = array_intersect($languageFallback, $pageActiveLanguageIds); foreach($languageFallback as $languageID) { $body = $page->getLanguageValue($languageID, 'body'); if ($body) break; } $page->body = $body; // in your template file echo $page->body; // render field body
  10. @LostKobrakai If the thread doesn't reveal any ListerPro secrets and provide interesting informations about FieldtypeSelector/ InputfieldSelector, it could be moved and made available to everybody, since FieldtypeSelector is not Pro. 🤔
  11. https://processwire.com/talk/topic/13116-or-selecters-for-different-fields/ Unfortunately the thread is not accessible for everybody. Why? ... which could be found here: https://github.com/processwire/processwire-requests/issues/317 For everyone who is interested in this function. Please vote or add a comment.
  12. Nearly nothing. Displays a warning in the backend and "HTML Markup Quality Assurance" displays a message in debug mode when sleepLinks() detects an absolute URL in a textarea field that does not refer to an allowed host. However, you can add functionality to check the current host. $this->wire('config')->httpHost https://processwire.com/api/ref/config/#pwapi-methods-HTTP-and-input https://processwire.com/docs/start/variables/config/#httphosts
  13. @fruid never touch the core (wire folder). If you need another Uikit version for the frontend. Install in your site/template folder.
  14. If minimum one field is present in the template the other field should be created/ added. No need to go on with the loop.
  15. Small remarks. You should break the loop when work is done: foreach ($page->fields as $field) { if ( $field->type instanceof FieldtypePageTableExtendedGrid ) { // ... break; } } Another approach without loop. Fields is an instance of WireSaveableItems providing a find($selector) function: $selector = implode('|',$fields->find('type=FieldtypePageTableExtendedGrid')->each('name')); if ($page->hasField($selector)) { // ... do something }
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