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  1. Please check status and/ or permission $events = $pages->find("template=event, related_pages.template.name=exhibition,include=all,check_access=0"); include=hidden include=unpublished include=all Check if your template is accessible via API if it is not viewable for the current user!
  2. foreach ($page->produkt_repeat_field as $building) { $image = $building->r_galeria_image->first(); $thumbnail = $image->size(450, 250); echo "<article>"; echo "<a href='{$image->url}' class='fresco' data-fresco-caption='{$image->description}' data-fresco-group-options='preload: [1,2], effects: {spinner: {show:150, hide:150 } }' data-fresco-group='kolace'><img src='$thumbnail->url' alt='obrazok'></a>"; echo "</article>"; }
  3. It's not possible to set the following attributes via setOptionAttributes() function: value, checked, selected. https://github.com/processwire/processwire/blob/51629cdd5f381d3881133baf83e1bd2d9306f867/wire/modules/Inputfield/InputfieldSelect.module#L612 If you want to dynamically change a page field value: $page->selectfield = array(1030,1031);
  4. @bernhard https://all-inkl.com/ https://kasapi.kasserver.com/dokumentation/ I wrote a PHP class (SOAP API client wrapper) which is used by the ProcessWire module KasProcessEmail to connect with the API.
  5. I recommend to sanitize the input $moduleFilter = $sanitizer->pageName($input->get('f'));
  6. // find pages and sort $pages->find('sort=firstsortfield,sort=secondsortfield'); // Sort WireArray from newest to oldest $items->sort("-created"); // Sort WireArray by last_name then first_name $items->sort("last_name, first_name"); https://processwire.com/api/ref/wire-array/sort/
  7. It's not the same situation, but maybe interesting in this context. I work for a professional association with around 2000 members. Until recently the association had rented a root server to host web content, member management and email accounts for the members. Now we have switched to shared hosting including all the e-mail accounts. The members now can independently activate and deactivate their e-mail accounts via a ProcessWire interface (API to hoster) and further administrate via the webmailer provided by the hoster. The member management was transferred to an external cloud based service. Result: lower costs. less work (administration and support). Outsourcing responsibility for security and administration. The members are satisfied.
  8. // for editing $this->addHookBefore('ProcessPageEdit::execute', function($e) { /* ... */ }); // if page template = user $this->addHookBefore('ProcessProfile::execute', function($e) { /* ... */ });
  9. Notice. The script doesn't work with $config->pagefileSecure = true;
  10. I am not a guru, but: When you access $object->property, a magic __get() method is called that returns a copy of the value of this property. If the value is an array and you try to add an item, only the copy is affected, not the original property value. For this reason, an error message is displayed that your attempt to change the value has no effect. The magic __set() method must be used to change the (whole) value of the property. Both ways (yours and @horst 's) are fine to set the value.
  11. As far I can see you handle only the array version of the get parameter 'level', but not the pipe separated version. I didn't tried it out, please check: if($input->get->level) { if (is_array($input->get->level)) { // Level is an array. Code adapted from Ryan's snippet here: // https://processwire.com/talk/topic/3472-enable-pagination-for-search-results/?tab=comments#comment-38042 $level = array(); foreach($input->get->level as $id) $level[] = (int) $id; // sanitize to INTs $level = implode('|', $level); // convert to 123|456|789 string, ready for selector } else $level = "$input->get->level"; } else { $level = ''; } @flydev 👊🏻 ... one second quicker 👍
  12. @ttttim I have added new Fieldtype Select Color Options to FieldtypeColor package. Read more here: Furthermore, as @elabx already mentioned, if you use Spectrum Color Picker as Inputfield in FieldtypeColor it is also possible to configure it to a select with predefined options: https://bgrins.github.io/spectrum/#options-togglePaletteOnly
  13. kixe


    I have added Fieldtype Select Color Options to the package. Read more here:
  14. kixe


    @Hurme This looks like you have choosen the wrong input type: For your needs please use SpectrumColorPicker as Input and add the following code showAlpha: true, showInput: true in the color picker options field. This setup will provide something like:
  15. I have added a new field type to the FieldtypeColor package. It is still in beta, but is already working quite well. The module is an extension of the Core FieldtypeOptions module and offers colors as predefined selectable options via 4 different input field types (Select, SelectMultiple, Checkboxes and Radios). Please try it out and if you like it, recommend it in the modules directory 👍 2 Screenshots
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