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  1. Small CSS Border (left) issue using UIKit AdminTheme
  2. This is a translatable string. Not a message.
  3. If $widget is a page object it should be possible to put outputformatting on just to grab the value and switch it of after. If not you can use the formatValue() function from the module. You need a page and a field object as arguments. $page can be any page in this case but $field should be the one where the OF type is stored. $FieldtypeColor = wire('modules')->get('FieldtypeColor'); $field = new Field(); $unformattedColor = "ff5a01fd"; $page = new Page(); $field->type = $FieldtypeColor; $field->outputFormat = 0; $color = $FieldtypeColor->formatValue($page,$field,$unformattedColor); var_dump($color); // string(7) "#5a01fd"
  4. @Macrura Page output formatting? $page->of(false); var_dump($page->color); // string(8) "ff5a01fd" $page->of(true); var_dump($page->color); // string(7) "#5a01fd"
  5. If you need a quick solution try in config.php ini_set('memory_limit', '-1'); // unlimit memory
  6. I have a similar module in use. For security reasons I verify if only one single user has the login email address in use. Emails aren't unique in PW like user names! Furthermore its useful to log login failures. Keep the ProcessWire Login Process safe!
  7. @rafaoski thanks for the video. Unfortunately I cannot reproduce. Could you check if the value is changed in the database? It looks like the setting is falling back to a previous default value. Could you unset the default value and try again? I made a screenshop of the fieldsettings. Is it similar to yours? Did you try custom js code?
  8. @rafaoski Are you talking about the field settings? Could you please explain more detailed what happened that I can reproduce the issue. Thanks.
  9. Have you recently made changes to namespaces in your templates?
  10. I played around a bit with custom JS based Input. Here are the settings for 3 individual JS based input options: ColorPicker by Stefan Petr ( initial JS $('#{id}').ColorPicker({ color: '{value}', onChange: function (hsb, hex, rgb) { $('#{id}').attr('value', '#' + hex); } }); include JS colorpicker/js/colorpicker.js include CSS colorpicker/css/colorpicker.css JSColor by Jan Odvarko ( initial JS var input = document.getElementById('{id}'); var picker = new jscolor(input); include JS jscolor-2.0.4/jscolor.js Color Picker ( initial JS $('#{id}').colorPicker(); include JS dematte/jQueryColorPicker.min.js Pull js file from here:
  11. If I understand you right you want to provide a simple file select if a user click the link icon in the CKEditor. I would do this with a hook in ProcessPageEditLink. Place the code in your ready.php wire()->addHookAfter('ProcessPageEditLink::execute', null, function ($e) { // exit if page OR template doesn't match (modify for your needs) $pageID = wire('input')->get('id'); if ($pageID != 1234) return; $templateID = wire('pages')->get($pageID)->template->id; if ($templateID != 123) return; $form = $this->modules->get("InputfieldForm"); $form->attr('id', 'ProcessPageEditLinkForm'); $field = wire('modules')->get('InputfieldSelect'); $field->label = $this->_("Select File"); $field->attr('id+name', 'link_page_file'); $field->icon = 'file-pdf-o'; // TODO: create an options array (path => label) from files stored in a file field (multi values) via ProcessWire API // example $options = array('/path/to/file/example.pdf' => 'nicePDF'); $field->addOption(''); // allow unselect $field->addOptions($options); $form->add($field); // we need something like this to get the nice JS generated preview $markup = '<span id="link_page_url_input"></span>'; $form->set('appendMarkup', $markup); $e->return = $form->render() . "<p class='detail ui-priority-secondary'><code id='link_markup'></code></p>"; }); Inside CKEditor?
  12. Updated to Version 1.0.3 with one more Inputfield Option which allows to use any custom JavaScript.
  13. Hi @bernhard I added some screenshots.
  14. Try lazyload: $pages->findMany();
  15. 2 approaches: Textformatter Use a textformatter like or create your own. Use this as a starting point: CKEditor Plugin Use a Filefield to upload files. Enable pwlink module in your CKEditor which allows you to link PW pages and files too. Add a css class to show the icon